A dreary mansion stands at the end of a lone wood

It is a container of hidden, never-ending suffering.

Ignore the black dove's warning and the white raven's cries,

and tomorrow shall mark the first day of hell.

Paintings, mirrors, beauty

Mystery stirs in the mansion.

But beyond knowledge and beneath the wood,

The gods laugh.

The wound and the locked entrances and exits

Are not warnings; they are signs

Signs that they are approaching, waiting

Don't sleep, don't daze off, don't die.

If you can

Today or tomorrow,

No one knows when they will strike

Will they consume their prey quickly, painlessly and upon their own hollow hearts,

Or will they kill and bestow blood upon the moon?

You ignored their warnings,

So one of you died

They are not satisfied, for they want more than souls

They want blood to spill.

Human's blood

Before the five assembled as humans no more,

First who lusts, second is the puppeteer, third of intelligence and grace, and the fourth and fifth that should be one who are weapon and wielder,

Even they were humans, countless handfuls of hundreds of years ago,

All one has to do is turn back the clock…

They swore their loyalty to someone important,

There is a promise they must fulfil.

But to wake up the sleeping soul, takes more than just courage and apologies.

It is and was a choice between loyalty and devotion to someone and yourself.

To jolt humanity once more,

Takes sacrifice.

What used to be just a place where souls cry and weep

Is now just another building

But even so, mysteries still lie and linger about

Not needed to be answered

After how many years the mansion will still stand

Or maybe it would have died

Just wait, but there may be no need to fear,

For one question is still left to be asked


The ink was faded, run off from the middle of the old paper. The wind blew and the pages fluttered, bringing the book back to the first page. The wind was persistent and continued blowing, until the book was shut, revealing the cover.

Aside from it being brown, it was empty.