Okay folks: This is story is part of what I am calling the Targeted Series. Each one can be a stand-alone but obviously it helps if you've read the previous story. This one picks up about three months after the end of Targeted. The ladies of R and I are headed to DC to visit with the gals from Criminal Minds.

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Hotch walked up to her and kneeled down, "Detective, Jane, we weren't going to leave without saying goodbye or celebrating." Squeezing her hand he stood up as the other members of his team came up to congratulate her on her release from the hospital.

Jane sat quietly and listened to the conversations going on around her and realized just how lucky she actually was. She was surprised when Maura came up with JJ and Emily in tow.

"What's up guys?"

Emily spoke up, "how do you feel about having some houseguests for a little while longer?" smiling she took JJ's hand in hers.

"What do you mean I thought you all had to leave?"

"Well technically, they do. We're on medical leave until ten days from now when we have to go back to the doctor to get our medical clearance." JJ grinned at her.

"Well I don't mind, but its Maura's house so…" she looked expectantly at Maura.

"Jane honey," Maura kneeled down and took Jane's hands in hers, "my house is your house."

"Really" the squeak in her voice was embarrassing and the meaning behind Maura's statement shocked her.

"Really," with a light peck on the cheek, she waited with JJ and Emily for Jane's answer.

"Well yes, of course, are you sure you want to stay?"

Emily brought JJ's hand up and kissed it, "yes on one condition, we have to satisfy Ms. Jareau's curiosity and go to the real Cheers bar."

Jane looked at Maura and took her hand, squeezing it tightly, she conveyed her feelings to her before smiling up at Emily, "Done!"

three months later

"Maura! Where's my bag?" Tossing aside another box of shoes Jane dug around looking for her overnight bag.

"Jane Rizzoli! Tell me you are not tossing my shoes around looking for a bag that is nowhere near my shoes."

"Shit!" Quickly fixing the boxes of shoes she scrambled out of the closet to find Maura standing there, arms crossed in front of her and a look of annoyance on her face.

"Jane…" she said plaintively. Looking at the mess Jane had made she knew they wouldn't have time to clean it up before they had to leave.

"Sorry hon I just…I can't find my bag…"

"Guestroom closet, top right shelf. You could've asked me before you decided to tear up the closet."

Flashing her a grin Jane raised an eyebrow at her "it's not torn up…just…messy…"

"We have less than two hours to make this flight and we're not done packing, Frankie will be here soon to take us to the airport, please let's not be late." She implored.

Jane grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close. "We won't be late..." Capturing Maura's lips with her own, she reveled in their softness and the taste of them, "mmm strawberries…" continuing her exploration she lowered her hands and pulled Maura in tightly against her eliciting a groan that did not go unnoticed. Slowly pulling back, she looked into Maura's eyes and noticing her flushed face, smiled seductively, "unless you want to be…"

"You're not playing fair Jane." Maura leaned into her and let herself be caught in Jane's embrace. She loved being held this way. It allowed her to listen to the sound of Jane's heart beating, knowing it beat for her.

Tipping her chin up, she kissed Maura's nose, "Of course I'm not." Letting her go, she walked toward the guestroom to get her bag, leaving Maura standing their touching her lips.


They just made their flight. Frankie had broken speed records to get them to the airport in time and once they checked in and got themselves situated in their seats, they sat back to enjoy their flight.

Jane sat in her seat holding Maura's hand, her thumb making small circles on the back of it and thought about the changes they had been through. Just three months ago she had almost died, again at the hands of another police officer.

So much had changed since then. Her relationship with Maura had intensified to a point she didn't think was possible. She had never loved anyone so fiercely or been loved that way in return.

The friendships that had resulted from that case with the members of the BAU team had enriched all of their lives and Jane and Maura had discovered in Emily and JJ a couple like themselves, opposites who had attracted, despite everything against them.

She was looking forward to seeing them again and she knew Maura was as well. Initially Maura wasn't going to attend the conference in D.C., wanting instead to stay with Jane, but when Jane had volunteered to go, declaring it a vacation before she went back to work, she had been more than happy to register for the conference.

Jane smiled to herself as she remembered Garcia's reaction when she realized they were coming down, Jane had caught the words drinks…and girls night…before she started making plans for the rest of Jane and Maura's time there. JJ had reigned her in by telling her she would scare Jane away if she kept talking like that.

Maura looked at Jane as she smiled, wondering what she was thinking about. She loved it when Jane held her hand and traced circles on the back of her hand. They had been through a lot together and she was looking forward to getting away with Jane before she went back to work.

She frowned as she watched Jane unconsciously rub the center of her chest before putting her hand down. Jane didn't talk about the pain she still experienced. The cardiologist had explained that the myocardial contusion Jane had suffered was healing and her ribs had knitted themselves back together as expected but also that ongoing pain would be a problem. Maura found herself wanting to ask her about it but thought better of it.

Putting her head on Jane's shoulder, she was glad that Jane had offered to come. Getting away from Boston for a while would be good for them.

Emily watched as Maura and Jane walked down the corridor. They looked so different from the last time she had seen them that she couldn't stop smiling. Maura looked beautiful and so carefree it was hard to believe it was the same woman, and Jane, well she certainly wasn't in a wheelchair anymore. Her swagger as she walked with Maura let everyone know that Maura was with her. This was the confident Jane she had first met.

"Hey ladies!" approaching, she took Maura's bag and was surprised when Maura hugged her. Stepping back she saw Jane grinning at her and put a hand out. Shaking her hand, Jane pulled Emily into a hug.

"Good to see you woman." Jane let her go and was surprised and how close she felt to this woman.

"Good to see you too, walking around and everything," she teased.

"Yeah well, I had this task master at home who didn't cut me any slack, you know." Jane's snarky grin almost made Maura laugh.

"Jane are you really talking like I'm not here," Maura's indignant tone put a smile on both women's faces.

With a quick peck on the cheek, she replied, "of course not honey" and winked at Emily as they walked to the luggage carousel.

Maura looked around "Where's JJ?"

"She got called in to review a local case" seeing the look of disappointment in Maura's eyes, "no we haven't been called in on anything, don't worry. Sometimes we review a case a couple of times before seeing a pattern or before higher ups call us in." Emily looked knowingly at Jane.

"So are we still on for tonight?" Jane asked, as she grabbed Maura's luggage. "Damn Maur what's in here? Jane wasn't able to hide the grimace of pain and Emily quickly moved to grab the bag, but Jane waved her off. "It's fine, I got it…"

Emily caught Maura's eye and she shook her head, Jane was still stubborn as hell"

"Well, lets head out shall we? Are you both sure you don't mind staying at my condo? I know you could stay at the hotel and be closer to the conference…"

"Of course not," Maura said, "we're looking forward to it, aren't we Jane?"

"You have beer?" she asked

"Of course and wine"

"Then of course we are," Jane proclaimed.

Emily shook her head and smiled at the brunette, happy to see her so full of life again.

"You're an ass Rizzoli."

"Ahh you love me…" Jane's grin matched Emily's as Maura wondered to herself just how much trouble these two could get into during a ladies night out in D.C.

JJ reviewed the file in front of her and wondered how the Metro Police had missed this. Four women, all gay had been found gutted in the area around Dupont Circle. The last had been almost two weeks before. Because of the time between murders, the cases hadn't been connected to one another. Even now, this was just a courtesy review for Garcia. There was really nothing linking these women except the fact that they were lesbians.

She sent an email to the inquiring detective, asking that he come by the next day to discuss the case and any further evidence they may have. As she glanced at her watch, "shit!" picking up her phone, she dialed Garcia's extension "are you ready Pen? We're late!"

"Coming my sweet I'll meet you by the elevator."

Grabbing her keys JJ texted Emily and let her know they would be there shortly. Ladies night…they hadn't done that in quite a while. She was looking forward to it.

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