Bold – Kyuubi, Bijuu
Underline - Jutsu/Spell

-Outskirts Surrounding the Pillar of Cocoon-

It had been almost a week since the group conversed with their Pulsian friends, but that was bittersweet reunion. Ever since the warning Fang had given, Lightning had all the citizens on high alert in case if Cocoon would be destroyed. All of the supplies were moved to the base that was located roughly 10 miles away from the Pillar. If the Pillar were to fall, then the citizens would be safe from the debris.

There was only one final task remaining, retrieving Fang and Vanille.

"Sazh, is the ship ready to go?" Lightning asked.

"She's more than ready soldier girl."

"Alright, let's get them back so we can have a real reunion!" Snow said.

Everybody from the group couldn't help but smile, because they could finally repay the two Pulsians for saving them and the people of Cocoon.

The airship engines whirred to life and all the systems went online.

"So how are we gonna get them out?" Hope wondered. "Them being stuck in the center of Cocoon is going to be pretty hard to dig through."

"It'll be fine." Lightning reassured. "Sazh already came up with the solution for that problem. All we have to worry about is making sure they're alright."

Hope smiled and didn't ponder any more questions after that. When they finally evacuated everyone from Cocoon, he asked Lightning to train him so that he could fight for those important to him. Both Lightning and Serah saw him like a younger brother from that point on and doted on him to his slight annoyance.

The trip towards the Pillar was silent and anxiety was rising within the former l'Cies. Although they were going to save two of their closest friends, the very thought of Cocoon being destroyed kept them on edge. None of them ever thought that their focus of destroying Cocoon came from trying to save it.

After 10 minutes of flight, the airship pulled through the crater and entered the interior of Cocoon. Once the airship loaded, the group brought all the equipment necessary to drill into the crystalized planet.

"Okay, I suggest you kids stay back before you hurt yourselves." Sazh said. "Don't want you to lose some fingers."

With that, he put on what looked like a gauntlet onto his right hand. Turning on the device, he aimed his arm towards the base of the crystal where Vanille and Fang were lodged into. A bright green laser fired from the gauntlet and cut straight into the crystal. The laser flowed through the crystal like it was butter and all of the l'Cies were thoroughly impressed.

"How did you make a laser that cuts through crystal old man?" Snow asked.

"What do you mean how? And I'm not that old!"

"Wouldn't lasers usually reflect off the surface and land somewhere else?"

"I'll put in a way so that even you can understand Snow, magic."

"Alright, don't tell me. I'll figure it out eventually."

From that point, everyone was waiting until Sazh finished cutting through the crystal. Instead of waiting, Lightning pulled Serah away from the group for small discussion.

"Serah, is everything set for Cocoon?"

"From all the info PSICOM sent, all the citizens and equipment were moved to the base. Why?"

"If anything happens to me when the Pillar comes down, I want you to take the rest of the group and flee from this area immediately," Lightning requested. "Whatever happens, you must promise me this."

"I…I understand. But why are you telling me this? You sound like you know what's going to happen." Serah pleaded.

"Fang and Vanille have been connected Cocoon ever since the Fall. I don't know what will happen if we remove them from it. Worst case scenario, the pillar supporting Cocoon will collapse and people will get hurt." the elder Farron explained.

"But Fang said that something else would destroy Cocoon."

"Let's hope she's right."

-A Place with no Meaning-

Silence was the only presence in this Void. The flow of time was altered beyond understanding and nothing surrounded it other than darkness. In this endless Void, was the crystallized form of a young man and his Tailed Beasts. Far above them was the divine Goddess of Death, Etro.

'It is time.'

With a single command from her mind, the dark void was filled with blinding light.

-Somewhere on Pulse-

All was silent in the room and this eerie feeling kept attacking a young man sitting upon his throne with relentless force. This young man is Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, heir to the country of Runon, and only remaining member of the Caelum Dynasty. His striking cobalt blue hair mixed with his dark blue eyes would be easily noticed throughout all of the Runon. Ever since he was a child, he had been blessed with talents normal people would never understand. These talents were given to him by the crystal, the last of its kind on all of Pulse.

At twenty-one years of age, he didn't really have the same views as many of the nobles that reside throughout the kingdom. Unlike the typical spoiled child of a high class family, he never ridiculed those that were below himself. Instead, he chose to help the public with all the power at his disposal. But despite his kindness, not many ever saw him in person because of his decision to seclude himself from the world.

Although he was the perfect age to become king, only one obstacle is preventing it from happening. A prince can't become a king without a queen.

'What should I do, Father?'

"Yo, Pulse to Noct! You there buddy?" a voice said.

Broken from his thoughts, Noctis turned his attention to the owner of the voice. It was a man the same age as him and one of his closest childhood friends, Prompto. He had blonde hair that is cut similar to Noctis' but slightly longer and didn't stick up on the back of his head. Unlike the prince though, he had a much more joyful complexion.

"Seriously, Noct, you need to leave this place eventually. Some of the people are starting to think that you're dead. When was the last time you left the palace?" Prompto questioned.

"Three months ago. Why are you here Prompt?" Noctis replied.

"Fine I'll cut to the chase. Remember that report Ignis sent in several weeks ago about Cocoon?"

"The one about it turning into crystal before crashing into Pulse?"

"Yeah, apparently, most of the citizens managed to escape from the thing and are trying to settle down on Pulse." Prompto explained. "Although most of Pulse is wild, doesn't it mean we're being invaded since Cocoon is entering our kingdom's territory?"

"I don't think the people of Cocoon know we're even here to begin with."

Although Pulse was wild in most parts, there were still civilizations on the planet. Kingdoms like Runon and Tenebrae are prime examples.

"What? Come on, Pulse has fought in wars against Cocoon so many times; there is no way in hell they wouldn't know about us."

"That was more than 500 years ago Prompt. Ever since then, no one from Cocoon has been to Pulse because of their fear of l'Cie." Noctis said. "If I had to guess, the people of Cocoon probably think they're the only ones on this world."

'Who would've thought all those boring history lessons were actually useful.' Noctis thought.

"So are we going to do anything? I mean they are technically in our territory without permission." Prompto asked.

"For now, just keep surveillance on them. If anything suspicious is spotted, report to Ignis."

"What are you going to do?"

"Visit my parents."

As Noctis left the throne room, Prompto could sense he was troubled by something other than the arrival of Cocoon's citizens.

-Royal Family Memorial-

The walk to the memorial was silent like the rest of the palace. The memorial itself wasn't a grave but treasures and portraits of past kings and queens. Noctis looked forward with a solemn expression until he came upon the marble wall that had the name and portrait of a young king and queen.

In memory of

Cyrus Domitius Caelum

Layla Destiny Caelum

May their souls remain in our hearts forever

"Mother, Father. It's been a while."

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