Spike Summers was lying in bed, having nightmarish visions of what was to come. He tossed and turned, writhing in agony. The visions hadn't troubled him this much since he first became a slayer. He was seeing demons, vampires, and other terrifying entities. He hated having the visions, they were so horrible, the sick, twisted things he was forced to endure…


Joyce Summers was downstairs, cooking breakfast.

"Spike!" Joyce called, "Time to get up!"

Spike's eyes shot open. He was freed from the terrifying dream. The young slayer shot up in bed, the covers falling off his bare chest.

"Five more minutes, mum?" Spike pleaded


Sunnydale High…


Joyce stopped the car by the front of the school. Spike opened the door, and got out, throwing his backpack over his shoulder.

"You'll be fine, Spike," Joyce assured, "I'm sure you'll make lots of friends right away."

"OK," Spike nodded

He began to walk away. Joyce felt like she had to say something else.

"And…honey?" she added

"Yeah?" Spike turned around

"Try to stay out of trouble?"


Spike walked into the school, and surveyed it. It seemed alright. A bit cold, but then again, all high schools were. He decided not to waste any time and get his books.

"Hey, mate," Spike tapped a teenager on the shoulder, "Can you tell me where the library is?"

"Dude, don't fucking talk to me," the teenager growled

Spike threw his hands up sarcastically and defensively, and walked away. The teenager continued to rummage through his locker. His friend looked at him nervously.

"So Oz," his friend began, "How's your anger management class going?"


Spike walked into the library, and looked around. The place didn't feel like a high school library, there was too much of an intellectual vibe, as if you could actually learn something here.

"Oi! Any librarians present?" Spike called

No one answered. The slayer sighed, and drummed his fingers on the desk counter. There was an interesting article in the paper that caught his eye, about some murdered schoolboys. Someone tapped Spike on the shoulder rather suddenly.

"Ah!" Spike exclaimed

He saw the librarian standing behind him, looking eager.

"About bloody time," Spike said, "Look, I'm new here, so I'll need 'Perspectives on the 20th century'…"

"Mr. Summers?" the librarian asked

"Just call me Spike," he corrected

"Ah…well, 'Spike', I'm Mr. Giles. I have what you're looking for."

Giles walked behind the desk, and slammed a book down on the counter. It was a large red volume, with 'Vampyr' written on it in gold letters. Spike rolled his eyes.

"I take it you're my new Watcher?" he asked

"Yes," Giles nodded

"Can't you people introduce yourselves normally?" Spike groaned, "How hard is it to say 'Hi, Spike, I'm from the Watchers council'?"

Giles was surprised by Spike's blunt manner of speaking. Spike could tell that Giles was judging him.

"I've been told that you've already accepted your duty, that you've slain vampires before?" Giles said

"Yeah," Spike nodded, "I've killed a few vampires in my time. Don't like to brag."

There was a brief silence. Then Spike sniggered.

"Who am I kidding? I love to brag! Let's see, there was this big vamp who I decapitated with an X-acto knife…that was a smashing homecoming. Then there was the one I killed at the railroad…"

"I'm glad you're enthusiastic," Giles interrupted, "But there is something that the council is still having issues with."

Spike knew where this was going. He had had this conversation with the watchers he'd had in England and LA, and was sick of it.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" he cursed, "Yes, I'm a male slayer! That doesn't make me some kind of criminal! There's no rule saying that the slayer HAS to be a girl. Even if there was…"

"Spike…" Giles began

Spike ignored him and kept ranting.

"…what makes you think that I couldn't have accidentally been chosen? Magic makes mistakes all the time! I once ran into this coven of witches, they tried to teleport me out of the room, ending up sending me to bloody Denver, Colorado!"

"Spike, would you just…?" Giles attempted

"And why is it that only girls have been slayers until now? Bloody affirmative action finally kick in?"

"We don't have your full name!" Giles interrupted

Spike stopped his rant.

"What?" he asked

"That's what the issue is I was trying to tell you about," Giles sighed, "With the Watcher's council. They're not sure what your middle name is."

"Oh…" Spike attempted to hide his embarrassment, "It's, um, William. Spike William Summers."




Willow sat on a bench in the quad, taking her lunch out of its brown bag.

"Willow, right?" Spike asked

Willow looked up, and let out a nervous squeak. A boy was talking to her.

"Why?" Willow asked, "Um, I mean…yeah?"

"I don't fancy getting kicked out of this school," Spike said, flatly, "Any chance I could look to you for help catching up?"

"Uh, sure, yeah. We could, um…" Willow avoided Spike's glance, "We could study together?"

"Nah. If I could just get the notes, that stuff…"

"Um, sure."

Willow tried to think of something smart to say.

"So, um…are you new?"

"Yeah. Just moved here from LA."

"You d-don't sound like you're from LA."

"Well, I'm originally from England."

"Which part?"

"Manchester," Spike lied, "I grew up in the rough part of town. Had to fight for…"

Xander and Jesse walked up to Willow.

"Hey, Wil, who's the bleach-head?" Xander asked, interrupting Spike

"Sod off," Spike snapped

Xander was surprised by the quick comeback.

"Y-you can't tell me what to do," was all Xander could say

"Spike, this is Xander and Jesse," Willow said, attempting to defuse the situation, "Spike transferred here from LA. He's English."

"LA, huh?" Jesse asked, "You're that guy who burned down his old school?"

Willow gasped.

"I didn't burn down the whole school, just the gym," Spike sighed, "And in my defense, it was filled with vampires."

"What?" Jesse laughed

"Vampires. Bloodsuckers. Creatures of the night," Spike said

"I knew he was a psycho," Xander muttered to Jesse, just loud enough for Spike to hear

Spike was sick of Xander already. He got up, and gave Xander a powerful shove, using all of his slayer strength. The boy crashed through a bench. Willow let out a terrified scream.

"Damn it!" Spike groaned

He only wanted to knock Xander down, he hadn't intended to hit him that hard; this wasn't good. People were staring.

"Um, I can explain that," Spike began, "You see…"

Mid-sentence, Spike abandoned the idea of coming up with a convincing excuse. Instead, he sprinted inside the school before any authority figures showed up.




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