A/N: This oneshot is meant to be a followup to The Silent Astrophysicist Conundrum. This will make more sense if you have read it but should still be funny even if you haven't. It is AU after the season 4 Finale. Shout out should go to clint bolr for suggesting a sequel so blame him for this little mental lapse. *insert evil laugh here*

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The Relationship Addendum

The day after Penny and Raj decided to make their relationship 'official', Sheldon approached Raj with a stack of papers. Setting the papers down on the coffee table next to a thick binder, Sheldon motioned for Raj to have a seat in the armchair.

"I have drafted an addendum to the Roommate Agreement. This paperwork will set the terms regarding additional time spent here by Penny as you have now engaged in a relationship paradigm." Sheldon stated.

"OK, what are these 'terms'?" Raj asked.

"Well, here in this section you will find the policies regarding displays of affection in the common areas. This forbids coitus, kissing lasting longer than five seconds, and groping. Cuddling will be allowed so long as it is kept within reason as defined here. Also, though in this case she is already aware, she cannot occupy 'my spot'." Sheldon started while pointing to each policy as he talked.

"The next section covers dress code. At minimum a shirt and undergarments must be worn while in the common areas, though bottoms are strongly preferred. Sign here and here, and initial here acknowledging these first two sections." Sheldon continued as Raj nodded and signed.

Sheldon flipped the page and continued, "Section three outlines the weekly schedule. It also states that reasonable notice must be given if your relationship will in any way impact the schedule. Acceptable forms of notification in order of preference are: Email, the official apartment forum, US postal service, facebook message, text, instant message, phone message."

After having Raj sign again he continued, "This section deals with overnight visits. They must be preceded by notification of at least 36 hours in advance. Acceptable forms of notification are the same as in the previous section. In addition, if she stays for three consecutive nights, an additional emergency preparedness bag must be provided for her. Also covered in this section is policies regarding coitus, such as volume levels allowed during certain hours."

This continued for another hour and a half. The agreement covered bathroom schedules, breakfast rules, and television policies (no Top Model or Oxygen network while Sheldon is present). Raj continued to blindly sign wherever Sheldon pointed. The agreement was finalized and added to the binder, after copies were made and given to Raj.

Raj was over at Penny's apartment later that night. He showed her the copy of the Relationship Addendum and she started to laugh as she skimmed through it. As she got to the end, a devious smile crept onto her face. She turned to Raj and grinned.

For the next week, Raj and Penny would find excuses to stay in while Sheldon was out. They occupied their time by breaking as many of the contract rules as they could. This culminated in defiling both Sheldon's spot on the couch and his room. Sheldon remained oblivious to this, though he couldn't figure out why his REM cycle was disturbed and he wasn't finding his spot as comfortable.

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