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Chapter One.

Kate stood patiently at the bookstore, holding her new copy of Derrick Storms latest murder mystery, Storm Season. She wanted to open it and read it straight away but she was doing everything in her power not to, because in less than half an hour, he would be signing her book himself. Richard Castle, her favorite author would be signing her book. She'd always wanted to get her book signed when they came out but never had the courage, usually when she brought his new book, she would be wearing sweats, her hair up and no make up on. It would be early morning and she would be first in line at her usual bookshop to get a copy. She would basically run home so she could start to read it. It kind of became this ritual of hers but tonight she would be breaking it.

She could hear girls giggling and ogling over him. She turned the book over to look at the image of him. His blues eyes stood out and were piercing, she would admit he was handsome, she couldn't deny it but the attention he received was insane. The woman just flocked to him. She saw a flash of a camera and she looked up.

She had moved quite a bit in the line and hadn't realized it. Richard Castle only stood 6 feet from her. She was a third in line now and watched the woman all hand them his book and then giggle. He asked for their name and they had basically shouted it at him. He only smiled and politely wrote something in the books. She looked out the window and thought about what her Mom would say if she was alive, she would laugh at Kate waiting in line for this kind of thing. She would laugh that Kate actually got dressed up for this. Sure she didn't look like other woman who flocked to him, her short hair was dark, her side fringe swept across her face. She wore a casual black slip dress and her mother's ring around her neck. It was summer in New York City so her arms and legs were exposed. She had make up on, but it wasn't as obvious as the other woman around. It was simplistic and natural.

Suddenly the nerves hit her. What the hell was she supposed to say to him? Did she say anything at all? She contemplated walking out the door when someone brought her back into reality.

"Excuse me miss, you're next." the security guard said, ushering her over.

Richard castle lifted his head and smiled. She handed him her book and returned the smile.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Kate" she replied quietly.

She watched him scribble in her book and close it. He stood and handed it back to her, extending his hand. In all the time she'd watched him at the signing, he had never stood and greeted someone like he just did with her.

"Have a wonderful night Kate." He said, smiling.

"Thank you." She replied.

She looked over her shoulder as she walked away. There was a bunch of woman surrounding him like vultures, all pushing their chests in his face and he was most obliging to sign them all.

She grabbed Chinese take away on her way home and she had almost forgotten to even read what he had written until she was finished eating her dinner.


Don't let those eyes look lost for much longer, the world needs to see them.

Richard Castle'

She almost cried then and there, it had been years since her Mothers death but was it still all over her face? Could she be read that easily? She couldn't believe he had noticed something like a look in her eyes when he had never met her before.

Her index finger skimmed over his words as she curled up on the couch. She had to smile, they say to never meet your idol but after that night she thought whoever said that had never met Richard Castle before.

She flicked over the page and started to read, once again, like always his words sucked her into a completely different world. A world where she never had to think about her Mother's death, think about her Father and his problems with drinking, think about the stress of the job, think about her failed relationships and issues with trust. She became someone different, someone that could smile through the words he wrote, laugh at Derrick Storms adventures, be pained when he was hurt but he was always saved in the end so she could get herself off the couch and settle in her bed. He let her sleep a solid nights sleep, something she hadn't had in so long.

She would be able to get up in the morning, put on her uniform and go to work without trouble. She wouldn't spend the day thinking about her Mother's case instead she would think about Derrick Storm.


It had been eight months since the night of the book signing. Kate had worked long days and nights as a uniform. She had taken her detective exam and was waiting on the results. Captain Montgomery had smiled at her in the break room every morning so she thought she might have a chance.

It wasn't set in stone until he handed her an envelope. "Welcome to the 12th precinct homicide division, Detective Beckett."

She had smiled the entire way home, a big happy smile. Captain had given her the long weekend off, something about needing her well rested and ready to start as a detective for the new week. She knew that he had seen her shoveling coffee into her the previous weeks, seen her on basically no sleep running canvas searches as a uniform, she knew that he watched how hard she worked so it was a nice gesture to give her the weekend off. She had protested but he said it was an order and she was in no way ready to defy an order.

She couldn't believe her best friend when she showed up on her stoop only an hour after she got home.

"Do you want a glass of bubbly?" Kate asked, ready to celebrate but Lanie's face frowned.

"I'll have one sure, but you might want to keep your intake to a minimum." She said, handing her an envelope.

Kate was utterly confused, she had never seen Lanie like this before. She took the envelope from her and pulled out a piece of paper.

Kate Beckett was now a detective, she had just been promoted and to show her support, her best friend and now close work friend, Lanie parish, the medical examiner had given her a weekend voucher to a gorgeous hotel in Long Beach.

"What is this?" Kate asking looking up to her friend.

"A weekend away, everything is paid for. You deserve it." Her friend hugged and Kate felt her eyes well up. "Only thing is you have to drive. So I would keep the bubbly to a minimum."

"Lanie, I can't believe you." Kate was gripping the voucher in her hands.

"You might want to get going soon or you'll hit traffic and not get there until late."

"I wish you were coming." Kate said as she threw clothes in a suitcase.

Lanie laughed. "This is for you, you'll see me enough on crime scenes anyway. You'll be wanting to get rid of me."

Kate just rolled her eyes.

"I want a full report though, maybe you'll meet yourself a nice man." Lanie said handing Kate her bikini.

"Yeah right." Kate said, without even looking at Lanie.

Now it was time for Lanie to roll her eyes.

"Have a great time, girl." Lanie said, walking with Kate out of her apartment.

"I will, thank you so much, you don't know what this means." Kate said hugging her friend.

Lanie would never admit that Kate getting detective at this time of year was perfect timing. When Lanie booked her trip away she booked it the same weekend that she knew killed her friend every year. The anniversary of her Mothers death.

Lanie just smiled and squeezed her hand.

"If a guy asks if you want a drink or to go out for dinner, just promise me you'll say yes. Ok?"

Kate just laughed and nodded.


Kate couldn't believe her eyes when she pulled up the hotel. It was a two hour drive from the city and she managed to get lucky with the traffic. Kate had been out to Long island and Long Beach before but it always amazed her how something so close to the city could be so different.

Kate looked at the hotel that she would call home for the next two nights. It was big, a resort even but it looked like it had character. It wasn't a chain like the rest of them.

She scanned the beach as she pulled out her suitcase of the trunk. The hotel was basically right on the beach and she could see people walking up and down the stairs to the beach. She couldn't wait to feel the sand again, it had been far too long.

"Kate Beckett." she said to the reservation desk.

"Ah your friend rung and said you would be arriving soon. Your room is under Lanie Parish but come right this way." The woman said and took her bag from her.

She opened the door and let Kate walk in. Lanie had really outdone herself this time. She had the most gorgeous four poster bed and her view looked right out over the ocean. The room was huge, it had big chairs for reading and the most exquisite furniture.

"Is everything OK?" the lady asked and Kate simply smiled.

"It's perfect." Kate replied.

Kate didn't know what to do with herself. She pulled out her phone and sent a quick txt to Lanie.

K : 'I can't believe how much I owe you. Lanie, this is perfect. Thank you so much.'

Her phone buzzed almost immediately.

L : 'If you're happy, then I am too. Enjoy the weekend and I meant what I said about the guy asking you out. You have to say yes.'

She sat in one of the big chairs facing the open doors to the balcony. She could hear the ocean hit the sand, she could smell the sea mist and suddenly she felt sad. She thought about all the times she went to the beach with her parents, before her Mom was taken from her. She couldn't remember the last time that they went as a family.

She thought about the next day. It was the anniversary and she usually woke up feeling numb. She would sit at home and cried until she fell asleep again. Sometime during the day she would make her way to the cemetery and lay flowers down. There would always be a bunch of fresh flowers from her father. She assumed that her father had been in the morning. They had never crossed paths during the day, it would be far too hard on the both of them.

She would sit for an hour or two and talk to her Mother, she would cry more telling her what was happening in her life. Telling her Mother what she was missing out on was a horrible feeling. Finally she would walk home, usually in the rain.

She would go and get Chinese take away from her local and crawl into a ball on her couch and read her favorite book from her favorite author. She would call her Dad around dinner time, they would talk. Both of them would fall silent and Kate would cry every time, her Father would tell her a funny story about her Mother and it would perk Kate up. She would tell her father she loved him and he would return the love.

She would crawl into bed around midnight unable to sleep because she had slept all morning. She would set up the projector with slides her Father had passed down to her and lay on her bed. The images of her mother shone to the ceiling above Kate's bed. Images of her Mother laughing, when she was younger, images of her Mother and Father as teenagers kissing on the Brooklyn bridge, pictures of baby Kate and their little family, images of Kate growing up, that awkward stage and pictures of when she looked most like her Mother, Christmas, Easters and birthdays would flash by. She would click through the roll of slides over and over until the tears turned into smiles. She would fall asleep under the same image every year. It was when Kate was only four, she sat in her Mothers lap laughing at her Father. They looked so happy and content.

But this year would be different. She couldn't do any of those things and even though it scared her senseless she tried to feel good about it.

She opened her suitcase and mulled over what she would wear to get dinner.


The sun was setting on the beach as she walked down the stairs to the restaurant. She chose a light fabric dress, It was flowing to the ground and was the most gorgeous teal color. She had pulled her hair back, it was longer now. It was just below her shoulders now and it was a lighter brown.

She watched people as she ate her dinner. People watching was something she always did when she would go out. She'd pick people and try and guess their life story, make up stories in her mind about them and that's when she saw him.

Richard Castle stood at the bar of the hotel. He was leaning against the counter-top, one elbow resting on it and a beer in his other hand. Kate almost choked on her wine she saw him there.

He was talking to an older couple, they were laughing and he was oozing charm. The old man patted his shoulder as he walked away and he raised his glass to them.

She smiled as she looked down. Of course the next day was always the hardest day of year but somehow seeing the man that pulled her out from the dark hole of grief would make the whole ordeal a bit easier.

She looked back up but he was gone from the bar.


Kate woke in the morning and the light streamed through the windows, she stretched and realized that she had barely moved during the night, she usually would fidget all night. Roll over and back all night but today she actually felt stiff when she woke up.

Her mind immediately went to her Mother. She pulled the covers over her head and squeezed her eyes closed.

When there was a knock at the door and she got a fright. She paced across the room in her pajamas and swung the door open. There stood a man carrying a bunch of flowers.

"Detective Beckett?" He asked and she smiled at what she was just called. She signed for the flowers and closed the door behind her.

'Thinking of you today, Detective.


Kate simply smiled at the note. How did she deserve such an amazing friend?


Kate sat outside on the beach for most of the afternoon. She walked up and down the coast, letting the water hit her feet as she walked. She wore a sundress and had tied her hair back.

She thought about her new job, her new team, her friends, her Mom and Dad. She smiled instead of cried.

When she started to feel cold, she headed back towards the hotel. She climbed the steps going up to the hotel when she was knocked off balance by a running girl.

"Sorry." She heard someone speak as they grabbed her arm pulling Kate back on her feet. "She's had far too much sugar today."

She looked over at the man still holding her arm.

Richard Castle stood there smiling.

"It's fine." Kate said as Rick gave her arm back to her.

She looked out over the beach and watched the girl run riot on the beach. Her red hair flying in the wind as she spun around on the sand.

"Daddy!" She screamed, laughing and waving to her Dad.

"Sorry, I promised." Rick walked down the stairs and turned to Kate. "Sorry again." He smiled and she smiled back.

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