There you are, Leper,

Unfocused, mystified.

Taggling along,

Earnest and amazed.

Unsuspecting of the lies

And so carefully polite;

Don't let them know

You're afraid.


As you always feared

You met the horror face to face:

Your white warriors of winter

Tainted in the end.

Leper, why can't they see

It's all turned inside out?

They're thinking you're psycho

And it's all because of them.


Tears tremble in your eyes,

Your story never finished.

No one cares what happened

And poor Leper never could fight.

"I guess I am psycho,"

Never argue or refuse.


"I guess they must be right."


But let's not talk about Leper

And his tainted Vermont heart.

Leper's gone crazy

With his arms and legs and heads.

Who really cares about Leper?

Leper'll be all right.

He alone knows the truth,

But no one wants to hear it said.