The Mistress of Death

By: The Fanfic Stealer

Summary: We've all seen fics where Louise summons all kinds of awesome familiars. Here's another one: Louise summons the Master of Death, Harry James Potter. Will this be kick-ass? Do you even need to ask? Harry/Harem Godlike!Harry

A/N: My new Harry Potter fic, utilizing the awesome potential of Familiar of Zero. I'm actually somewhat surprised no one's tried this one yet, seeing as how much it makes sense: Louise is a void mage, which means she draws her magic from the void, while it has long been speculated by those who crossover Harry Potter with Stargate that the magic of the Potterverse is Zero Point Energy, or rather, energy drawn from the void. Maybe it's just me, but after reading through the Familiar of Zero manga and some of the better fanfics, this crossover just sort of... clicked.

Disclaimer: I do not own either works. If I did, I wouldn't be worrying about what I'm going to do after I graduate college.




Prologue: Once More, Into the Breach

What's this?

A portal? Here?

What a coincidence.

No, it's never a coincidence, is it?

And I had thought that you would let me live the rest of this miserable existence in peace. Silly me.

So, what is this about, Fortuna? Another job for me? Something else for me to gain and lose?

Was it not enough that you took my parents away from me? My friends? My Angels?

Why will you not take my life? Is it really so amusing to see me suffer?

Heh. Look at me, whining like a little bitch, even after all these years. I really don't know why I continue to do so. I mean, you don't give a flying fuck anyways. As long as your Chosen One can do your will, right?


Fine, then, let's do this. One more crazy-ass misadventure. One more job in the name of Destiny.

Once more, into the breach.


"…Heed my summoning, and bring forth my familiar!"

Poof! Ribbit.

"Ah, a frog! So your affinity is water. A job well done, Miss Montmorency."

"Thank you, sir."

A box was checked, and a note on the affinity made.

"Alright, and the final person is… Louise! Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere!"


Louise was rather proud of the fact that she didn't stutter her reply. The other students already thought she was going to fail at this, too, just like every other spell she had ever attempted. No need for them to know she half-thought the same.

She could already hear the whispers.

"I wonder if she can manage?"

"I'm curious on seeing what she'll summon."

"She'll probably just mess up again."

Gulp. A deep breath in. Out. She unconsciously raised her wand in preparation.

I can do this!

"My name is Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere…"

A magic circle flared into existence below her.

"…Pentagon of the Five Elemental Powers, heed my summoning…"

Founder, let this work!

"…And bring forth my familiar!"

She waited with bated breath for the puff of smoke that usually signified a successful summoning. When none was forthcoming after the first heartbeat, she felt her heart drop; once more, she had failed. Once a Zero, always a Zero.

Then a column of light lanced down from the sky and struck the earth before her, knocking her down and blinding her with a flash of dazzling light. When the spots from her eyes cleared, all she could see was dust, probably kicked up from the impact of… whatever that was.

A cough came from within the dust cloud, followed by a male voice speaking in a language she didn't understand.

"My, my, I wonder where that portal brought me…"

And, like some kind of wraith, a figure gradually appeared before her: swathed in a cloak the color of the night sky, a youthful face that couldn't have been a few years older than herself, and eyes the color of emeralds, boring into her soul.

"Who… who are you?" she asked, those eyes rattling whatever little composure she had regained from her successful summoning. Despite seemingly not knowing Halkeginian, the stranger tilted his head in a way that gave the impression of observation, rather than confusion. Louise felt like she was being studied by someone… no, something that was just as beyond her as a mage knight was beyond a commoner. His intense gaze, in no way diminished by the small pair of spectacles that rested on the bridge of his nose, continued to hold her own.

"French? Haven't used that in a while. Let's see if I've still got it…" he sighed, before clearing his throat. To her shock, his next words were not in the strange tongue he was using before, but in perfect Halkeginian, with a touch of an Albionion accent.

"My apologies for not introducing myself earlier, ma'am," he said with a small smile. Her heart skipped a beat. "I am Harry Potter, a humble traveler. How do you do?"




A/N: Harry, despite being much older than he appears, plays the humble traveler, both because he doesn't like attention, and because I wanted a somewhat legitimate reason for Louise to treat him like a commoner. That'll change soon, though, probably at the Guiche duel, when Harry shows off some of the skills he picked up after Hogwarts.