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But what really prompted me to post it was learning of the untimely passing of Andy Whitfield on September 11, 2011. This is dedicated in his memory.

I do not own anything save for the new characters I have created from my own imagination.

I return my attention forward, eyes set on the road, feeling that familiar tug again. However, something is different about it…the pull is stronger than before, but why? I glance down to the girl and find that her dark blue eyes haven't left my face since I began walking with her still cradled in my arms.

A new sensation occurs, one of many that have so far caught me off guard – my heart is racing, palms sweaty, and something swirls about in my stomach. Am I sick? Injured? My brows knit together as I try to figure it out.

"You're new here," she says after a moment - it's a statement, not a question - her voice causing my pulse to quicken, but not in the same way it had when I was facing off against her attackers.

I look away once more, trying to focus more on the pull I was feeling.

"A strong, silent type, hmm?" she says and she lets out a light chuckle, a sweet sound in such a desolate place.

"Yes, I am new," I reply, knowing that it'd be useless to lie.

"And you came here?" she asks, her voice full of surprise. "You chose to come to hell instead of stay where you were, Obediah?"

Hell. This young girl already has a sense of what hell is, deals with it every day, and gets lucky to get home alive. She's not meek. No, I can sense a strength in her, something that feels oddly akin to my own. A battle begins to duel in my head, she's human and though I have a human body, I know I am not.

"Those men, who do they work for?" I ask in a tone meant for her ears alone and I feel her stiffen in my arms, shifting her weight so that she might jump out of them and take her best shot at freedom. "I meant what I told you before, I mean you no harm."

She lets out a snort. "Look, Obie, it's not that I'm not grateful for your help back there with those two scumbags but no one does something like that without wanting something in return, something that isn't harmful."

Hostility. My mind registers it quickly and I cannot blame her for acting in such a way. Her mindset of their being a hero to save the defenseless girl was a long forgotten dream in this cruel world. The Darkness had seen to that, had mad sure that no one dared dream of their being any good left in people.

Despite the strong pull to quickly get to my destination, to find Gabriel and Amatiel, I stop. Watching the young woman closely before I set her down on her feet, moving a hand out to try to steady her only to have it be swatted away.

"Not everyone is bad," I say after a moment.

"Bullshit." Her small hands wipe the dirt from her clothing and she puts her arms about her chest to compensate for her ripped shirt. "I can go on from here."

She begins to walk off and I follow behind her.

"I said that I can take care of myself. I don't need a shadow," she hisses angrily.

The right corner of my lip quirked upwards. "I was your Guardian Angel only moments ago."

"Yeah, well, stuff changes. I know that all too well," she says as she turns back around and starts walking away.

I watch her, already knowing that once I set her down I'd made the decision that I was going to follow her whether she liked it or not. Yes, I'd be her shadow for now. After all, I was still being pulled in the direction she was going.

She didn't need me to watch out for her. Fine. I would simply stay far enough behind that I wouldn't arouse her suspicion.

My orders remained the same – Find Gabriel and Amatiel – and I needed to complete at least that one task for now.

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