Author's Note: I swear to God I'll be putting StH/MM/HoLV back on the market. These game honestly doesn't get as much praise as they deserve so excuse me while I show my appreciation and hopefully get others to love it as well~. Hopefully you guys will enjoy it! My target is: LYLA! Yes, Lyla. The pink haired florist/gift shop own. Oh how I love her~. Well, enjoy~!

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters you see in here. Just the plot. Based on HarvestMoonAddict's 100 Theme Challenge.

She was a florist. A good florist. Her parent's were florists and so were her parent's parent's. It was literally an entire family of florist. Oh but she loved it. But she hated the city. It stunned and ruined the growth of the plants. It was heartbreaking for her. So, when her family moved to a small town called Sugar Valley, Lyla was ecstatic. The people were nice, the air was clean, and most importantly her flowers grew without a problem. And to top it all off, there was a farmer there who grew crops!

Lyla had found her home.