The Bodyguard ch.1

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Brittany was always nervous when she started any new job, although it was something she loved to do and was very good at it, the first day always made her nervous. Brittany had been a personal body guard for close to 7 years now, usually to famous or rich children, but with some past heroics she had managed to widen her clientele base. The lady she was to begin to work for today was without a doubt the most famous she had ever worked for.

Brittany had never before met the starlet, but she did own several of her albums and owned all her movies and miniseries, she would definitely be classified as a fan, that's what made her so nervous. Even more so was the fact that Santana Lopez had asked her manager for her directly.

Brittany Pierce had been in the papers the world over after running down an assailant who attempted to kidnap one of the children she was assigned to protect, not only was this man much taller than Brittany he was also found out to be an athlete, an Olympic hurdler in fact, who was relieved of his place in the Olympic team by the CEO, this child's father, after the CEO found out he was taking drugs. Brittany was labelled a hero and for the first time in her life, she got to pick who she was to protect.

She had many famous people ask for her, but it wasn't until her favourite celebrity was nearly killed by a shooter, with no bodyguards in sight that the blonde was asked to take that position. Santana wanted a live-in Bodyguard, and Brittany was more than willing to accept.

Brittany straightened her hair and her suite in her office mirror, Santana was en route and would be there any minute. She sighed and straightened her hair again, giving herself a pep talk. "You can do this Britt, it's what you do best," she sighed and straightened her hair again before walking out towards the conference room. She walked in and took the seat next to her boss.

"You'll do great Brittany, you honestly think I would let you take such a high profile client if I didn't think you were ready?" Her boss Beiste stated, giving her a reassuring smile.

Brittany gave a small nod and a half smile, she knew she would be ok with the job, it was more meeting someone like Santana that had her nerves frayed.

Brittany stood as she heard the elevator in the hall ding and a few pairs of feet walk out in her direction. Walking first through the door was a large man, Brittany recognised as one of the intermediary guards the office supplied. Followed by a blonde girl carrying too many bags for her stature, immediately followed by Santana who handed the phone she was carrying to a small man right behind her who seemed to be checking things off with her on his Ipad.

"Miss Lopez, it's an honour to meet you, I'm the manager Beiste, we spoke on the phone," Santana smiled at Beiste in recognition before glancing over at Brittany, Brittany swallowed, "and this is Brittany Pierce, she will be your bodyguard," Santana gave Brittany an award winning smile and shook her hand.

Brittany gave a grim nervous smile in return and almost curtsied, but stopped herself just before she made a fool of herself.

"It's a pleasure to meet you miss Pierce, you come very highly recommended," Santana smiled again as Brittany did her best not to blush.

"Thank you Miss Lopez, but the pleasure is mine, please call me Brittany," she managed to mumble out.

"I will Brittany but only if you call me Santana, Miss always make me feel old," Brittany gave her a smile and nodded.

"So, can you start tonight Brittany? Ever since the incident I find it hard to sleep at night or do much of anything, I used to jog around my block in the morning but I'm too nervous now," Santana finished with a grimace.

"Of course Miss Lop... I mean Santana, I have my car ready to go in the garage and can follow you at your leisure," Brittany blushed again, what was it with this girl that made her blush like this, she had been around celebrities before but none had made her act like a two year old, she had to straighten up and pull on her professional face.

"That would be great Brittany, thank you, would you mind if we headed off now, I'm incredibly tired, I had a big day on set," Santana stated trying to stifle a yawn.

Beiste nodded and shook Santana's hand, "it was lovely to meet you Miss Lopez, we will be in touch, Brittany please check in as usual," Brittany nodded to her boss and followed the young starlet to the lift.

Holding the door open for Santana and her two assistants, her interim body guard being relieved, she pushed the parking garage button and lent against the wall.

"Brittany these are my personal assistants and very dear friends Quinn and Kurt, they will spend nearly as much time with me as you do," Santana smiled at her friends, helping Quinn by taking a bag from her.

"Who else would dress Santana and put up with her diva antics but us, right Q," Kurt replied dramatically, Quinn laughed and rolled her eyes. Brittany looked at Santana for any signs of anger, but only saw her giggle and nod her head in agreement.

"The only diva around here is Kurt, if my accessories don't match or my hair isn't fixed, beware Kurt and his diva like temper," Quinn nodded in firm agreement and Santana laughed, Kurt gave Santana a playful whack.

"Well you do need someone to dress you or you would happily wear your combat boots and tank tops all over Hollywood."

"What exactly is wrong with that Kurt?" Quinn asked with an eyebrow raised as the lift dinged and the four of them stepped out and walked towards the awaiting car.

"Absolutely nothing, if your Joan Jett," replied Kurt as he pushed the two girls into the car and looked to Brittany rolling his eyes.

"See you at Santana's, we will make sure Blaine doesn't drive like a led foot so you can keep up," Kurt finished as he got into the front seat next to the driver, leaning over to offer him a hello kiss.

Brittany nodded and walked briskly to her car, they seemed like a really close and happy bunch, she was glad the rumours of Santana being an absolute diva didn't seem true, but it was only the first half an hour, there was still plenty of time for that to be proven wrong, she hoped she wouldn't be.