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Eight months Later

"Are you ready mija," Santana looked up from her place in front of the mirror, meeting the man's eyes behind her.

"Sí papá," Santana smiled, as she turned around to meet her father's eyes, whose face immediately broke out into a big smile.

"You look perfect, so incredibly beautiful, I can't even...that you weren't in my life for so long...I can't..." Mr Lopez trailed off as a tear fell from the tall man's eye, Santana approached him, her hands taking his as she made shushing noises.

"Stop apologising, I forgive you, I have forgiven you, the fact that you and mamá are back in my life, and for this day, is more then I could ever have hoped for," Santana finished with a smile.


Six Months Earlier

Santana let out the breath she had been holding as Brittany released her from the safe warm hug she had been enjoying.

"Babe, it will be ok, they wouldn't have gotten in contact with you if it wasn't to fix the mess they made, if you had seen them in the hospital, they were devastated and scared, the fact that they came through me too, it only means they are fine with who you are. They've accepted it and they want to get to know you again, stop worrying, I will be by your side the entire way, I promise," Brittany stated, as she placed a soft kiss to the Latina's nervous lips.

Santana nodded numbly as she took Brittany's hand, who squeezed hers back gently, before leading her inside a small coffee lounge where they had agreed to meet Santana's parents, parents she hadn't seen for more than ten years.

Santana kept her head down, letting Brittany steer her through the restaurant as she continued to take small panicked breaths, why had she let Brittany talk her into this!? Oh yeah, because Santana always gave Brittany everything she asked for.

Santana let out another sigh before bumping into Brittany's back, not realizing the blonde had stopped in front of her, looking up into soft blue eyes, Santana willed herself to calm down and looked to the table they had stopped in front of.

Santana's parents sat in front of her, they both looked a little older, their hair spotted with grey flecks, a little more worn out, but other than that, they still looked pretty much the same. It was a very different sight from the last time she had seen them, yelling, red faced, spewing profanities and hate, all in the name of god, the same god she had grown up to fear and later despise for what he had done to separate her from the parents she had loved more than air. Now they looked nervous, their eyes filled with unshed tears and what Santana could sense as relief, relief she had come at all, she wagered.

Brittany had been the one to set up the meeting, Santana refused to talk to them, so Brittany said she would organise it as long as the actress came.

Santana let out another shuddering breath at the sight of them, a small tear falling down her cheek, as much as she tried to hold it in, as much as she thought she was all cried out over her parents betrayal, the sight of them brought it all back. She was a scared sixteen year old girl again, just wanting her parents approval in the most nerve wracking moment of her life and receiving nothing but seething hate, being thrown out of the only home she had ever known, to grow up alone and become an adult far earlier than any child should have to.

Santana stood stock still, unable to move, fear of what her parents would do or say and fear that she would fall apart in front of them again, in front of Brittany, in front of the public sitting around them made her do the only thing she could do at that moment, run.

Santana fled out of the cafe, gaping like a fish out of water as she gulped in large intakes of air, trying to stop the panic attack she could feel coming. Running out of the coffee shop, her face immediately chilled by the cold sea breeze that hit her tear strewn face with a vengeance, bringing the fact that she was sobbing uncontrollably to her notice.

Santana saw a bench a few metres away and hobbled towards it, dropping herself unceremoniously into its support, her shoulders hunched, she let the sobs wrack her body as she felt a tender arm wrap around her shoulder, she flinched momentarily before recognising Brittany's scent. She pushed her head into Brittany's neck as the taller girl wrapped both arms around her and held her close, continuing to issue small words of comfort into the brunettes ear.

"I'm sorry I made you come baby, I know how much they meant to you, I just wanted that for you, I wanted you to have all the love in the world, all the love you deserve, I'm sorry," Brittany stated, as she rubbed slow circles onto Santana's back.

They sat in silence for what felt like years to Santana, but was really only five minutes, as the brunette cried out all the emotions she felt at seeing her parents again after so many years without them in her life. Brittany felt her phone buzz in her pocket and she reached her free hand in to look at it.

Brittany sighed, "Your parents want to know if you're alright and if they could meet you another day if you aren't ready. They said they understand and hope they can get the chance to tell you in person how sorry they are and that you look more beautiful than they remembered and they are so grateful to see your face again," Santana let out a sob as Brittany pulled her closer.

After a few more minutes of soft muffled crying, Santana let out a sigh and sat up, wiping her eyes with her hands staring down at them in her lap. Brittany took a hold of her hands and ran her thumb across her palms in a soothing manner Santana loved.

Santana let out a sigh and looked up into oceans of blue, a small smile easing onto her face as she sighed again at the way her heart hammered in her chest whenever she saw the love stemming from those endless pools of blue.

Swallowing, Santana nodded, standing up she wiped her eyes again, trying to get her breathing under control and not looking like she had been crying, which was pretty much impossible, but she still gave it a go.

Reaching out she took Brittany's hand and pulled her up next to her, turning she pulled Brittany in the direction they had come, a look of determination in her eyes as she walked slowly through the restaurant and took a seat opposite her parents, Brittany's hand still firmly held in hers.

Looking up, she looked to both her parents and gave them a grim smile. Both of the older Lopez's eyes brimmed with tears as they stared at their only daughter, both seemingly unable to believe it was really her in front of them again.


Six months later

Santana smiled at her father as he looked back up into her eyes with a huge smile to match her own, pulling her in for a hug, he let out a sigh and a small laugh that made Santana giggle. Hearing her father laugh was now her new favourite sound...well other than the sound Brittany made when she... wow, she thought, probably not the best thought to be having when she was in her father's arms.

Laughing again at her inner dialogue she straitened up and her father took her arm.

Pushing open the door to the small hut and letting her feat step onto the sand, the afternoon sun hitting her face, Santana felt more at peace then she had ever felt.

Looking to her left she saw Quinn standing up from the seat she had been perched on and walk towards her, wearing a pale blue summer dress, she looked more beautiful than ever. Her face no longer drawn and weary as it had been for months, the dark circles gone from under her eyes and a faint line of freckles sprinkled her nose.

Quinn let out a huge grin at the sight of Santana and swept her into a hug.

"You look beautiful Santana, are you ready for this?" Quinn asked as she passed Santana a small bunch of tropical flowers, slightly larger than her own.

"So do you Quinnie, lead the way, I'm so ready," Santana said, giving Quinn a little kick with her bare foot.

Walking through a small group of huts, past some palms trees and onto her favourite beach in the world, miles of blue glittered in front of her eyes as they swept along the beach in search of a blue even more dazzling than the ocean in front of her.

Her lips transformed into a wider smile as a girl started to play Santana's favourite song (sweet disposition) and Quinn took off in the direction of the music. Brittany stood before her, smiling brighter then Santana had ever seen her smile in a white cotton top and loose black pants, her hair floating around her in the soft breeze. Family and friends were standing either side of Brittany, but Santana didn't even see them. All she saw was the most beautiful eyes staring at her in exactly the same way she was looking at her, like nothing else in the world mattered.


Eight Months Earlier

When Brittany and Santana finally pulled themselves from the shower, Santana just as handsy as Brittany had predicted, Brittany's heart started to race again.

Walking into their room, Brittany pulled on her underwear and a pair of dress pants and top from the wardrobe, turning, she saw Santana give her a wink, she had obviously been watching her get dressed, Santana grabbed some things from her wardrobe, skipped over to Brittany giving her a soft kiss and disappeared into the bathroom, closing the door.

Fifteen minutes later, Brittany looked up as the door to the bathroom opened, the blondes breath caught in her throat as she gazed at the Latina in front of her.

"You are so beautiful San, that dress on you..." Brittany's mouth went dry as she continued to stare Santana up and down. Santana gave her signature smirk, as she smoothed down non-existent wrinkles in her tight red dress that hugged every curve of the brunette's body to perfection, low cut and short, she gave a giggle when Brittany's mouth started gaping like a goldfish.

Blues eyes came back up to meet hers, with a cheeky grin, Brittany stalked over to Santana like a lion stalking its prey. Before Santana had time to react, Brittany had pinned her up against the wall, her hands running all over the brunettes body as her eyes followed the same path.

"Brittany!" Santana squealed as the blonde started kissing the actresses neck, down her collar bone and in between her breasts.

"Aren't we supposed to be going to some fancy dinner or something," the Latina chuckled as she brought her hands up to weave them through the blonde's hair.

Brittany pulled away momentarily and looked into the brunette's eyes, a dark blue looked back at Santana, "honestly, you are my favourite thing on any menu San," Brittany said as she dove back in and continued to place sloppy kisses back up Santana's neck.

"Not that I don't mind, but if you honestly don't want me to push you up against that wall and fuck you, I would stop what you doing right now Britt," Santana said in a half whimper.

Brittany let out a frustrated sigh and pulled back, looking Santana up and down again, she shook her head.

"It's ridiculous how hot you are, that red dress should be illegal," Brittany said as she licked her lips and continued her leering.

"Britt, stop, your freaking killing me here, I'm gonna have to change panties!" Santana breathed deeply, looking straight into blue eyes.

Brittany smirked again and pulled Santana tight up against her, the blonde's hand running up Santana's inner thigh, Santana let out a loud moan.

Brittany's hand continued up Santana's inner thigh and brushed against wet cotton, Brittany moaned at the mess she had made of her lover and wanted nothing more than to kneel and finish the job.

Swallowing deeply, Brittany run her hand around to Santana's hip and tugger her underwear down, causing Santana to gasp in surprise. Brittany stepped back as soon as Santana's underwear hit the floor.

"Underwear is definitely not compulsory for dinner San, come on babe we're already late," Brittany grinned at her incredibly turned on girlfriend as she grabbed her hand and led her out of the room, Santana whined theatrically, causing Brittany to giggle even louder in response.


Eight months later

Santana felt like she was going to explode, never had she been this happy. Brittany looked so beautiful, she was on her favourite beach in the world, Mayan ruins reflected in the afternoon sun on the cliffs in the distance and the slight sea breeze tossed her curls as her heart beat wildly in her chest.

Her father took her arm, she had completely forgotten he was there, as they started to follow Quinn down the makeshift sand isle. She didn't see anyone else, she heard gasps and whispers around her, but all that mattered, was her Britt.

All of a sudden she was standing next to the most important person in the world, she smiled even larger if that were possible, the blue eyes in front of her smiling back just as large, if not larger.

Her father pulled her close and hugger her tight, kissing her on the cheek. Santana hugged him back, "I love you mija, I'm so proud of you," he stated as he pulled back to look into his only daughters eyes.

"I love you too papá, I'm so glad you're here," she finished, smiling back. They turned to see Brittany smiling at their interaction, but looking only at Santana.

Santana's father took hold of Santana's hand and then took Brittany's, putting their hands together, "I'm so glad she found you Britt, welcome to the family, mija," he smiled, kissing Brittany on the cheek.

"Thank you," Brittany said whole heartedly to Santana's father, a single tear falling from her eye.

Brittany looked at Santana as if she were the most important and precious thing on the planet, Santana felt her breath catch in her throat, "you look more beautiful than I could ever imagine San, even more than when you wear your red dress," Brittany whispered to her, giving her a small wink, as they walked forward, hand in hand to the celebrant waiting in front of them.

The ceremony went by in a blur for Santana, all she saw was Brittany's beautiful eyes, her smile, her blushing cheeks, she echoed the words the celebrant told her to say, but all she noticed was Brittany staring back at her.

"You may now celebrate your union with a kiss," the celebrant finished as Santana started to come out of her own overwhelmed happy Brittany bubble. She smiled happily at her new wife, who pulled her close, wrapping the Latina in her arms and pressing her light pink lips against Santana's darker lips, they melted together, like Santana knew they always would.

The clapping and cheering broke them out of their love haze, Santana blushing, as she may have gotten a little too into their kiss for public consumption, but what the hell, she just got married to the women of her dreams and she was bloody happy about it.

Santana continued to stare into Brittany's eyes as the blonde stared right back, "I love you for always Santana," Brittany whispered in her ear as the bodyguard pulled Santana into the still cheering group of family and friends.


Eight months Earlier

Dinner was a blur of lusty stares, quick touches and pecks. Santana had never been more turned on in her life, but dinner was amazing, it was an interesting blend of Moroccan and Latin American, two of her favourite cuisines.

Brittany had reserved a private rooftop bar that looked out over the ocean, not too far from the resort they were staying at. Santana vaguely wondered how much she had been paying her to afford this, but the thought was only fleeting, it really was incredibly beautiful, with a lady singing softly in the background to the accompaniment of a piano tropical flowers and candles, if she wasn't in such a lust filled haze, she might have noticed how special it really was, how anyone with eyes would know what's coming next.

As beautiful as her surroundings were, the only person she could see was Brittany, she barely took her eyes off the girl, except for on the rare occasions when she had to cut her food or duck to the ladies. She really couldn't think of a time when she had been happier.

She smiled widely as Brittany pulled her up into a slow dance, she couldn't wait for tomorrow night, this moment only reinforcing how badly she wanted to propose to Brittany. She had planned the whole thing, a private boat, romantic music and a ring she took weeks to pick.

Sighing contentedly as Brittany ran her hands up and down her back, Santana laid her head on Brittany's shoulder, wrapping the blonde tighter in her arms.

Brittany tilted her head and whispered into Santana's ear, "I love you Santana, you're the most beautiful, funny, sexy, intelligent, talented and difficult woman I have ever met. Words cannot express how grateful I am that we met, even though the circumstances were less than perfect, I could not imagine my life without you, and I never want to," Pulling out of their embrace, Brittany dropped to her knew in front of Santana.

Santana let out a gasp as she saw what Brittany was doing. Brittany never took her eyes off Santana, as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small jewellery box.

"Santana, nothing in this world would make me happier than waking up by your side every day and falling asleep beside you every night, to experience the rest of my life with you by my side. I never had the faintest idea what love really was about until I met you, you complete me in every way and nothing would make me happier than you doing me the honour of being your wife, Santana Lopez... will you marry me?" Brittany finished, opening the small box in her hand.

Santana gaped like a fish at the beautiful blonde on her knees in front of her, Brittany was proposing to her, to her!

She couldn't believe they had both set up the same trip away to propose to the other, but then again, they had, since being together, always had a really bizarre unexplainable bond that let the other know without words that the other needed them or needed alone time or needed anything really. They were so connected.

Santana let out a surprised giggle as she continued to smile down at Brittany, a single tear fell from her eye as she started to nod vigorously.

Brittany jumped up in excitement, "you had me nervous there for a minute Sanny," she said smiling as she slipped a beautiful, single cut pear diamond ring onto her now fiancées finger. Santana giggled as she looked at the stunningly beautiful ring her fiancée, hehe, fiancée, had bought her, it was perfect, but then again that wasn't a surprise, Brittany knew her inside and out.

Pulling Brittany to her, she crashed their mouths together and wrapped her arms around the girl of her dreams, "yes," Santana said, as she pecked Brittany again, "Yes," pecked her again, "yes a million times," Santana finished, pecking the blonde again, before pulling her into a tight hug.

"I love you fiancée," Brittany giggled in Santana's ear.

"I love you too fiancée," Santana returned the giggle, as they started again to sway to the music still playing behind them.


Nine years later

"Emily, we are not having this discussion again, stop being a wise guy and get your bag," Brittany stated, the brunette pouted, Brittany hated when she pouted, all she saw was Santana pouting back at her, Emily knew the power of her mama's pout on her mom, so she only used it when she really wanted something.

Brittany grumbled at the small girl who had her twisted around her finger, and she knew it.

"We will talk about this later Emily, go tell you sister to hurry up," Brittany finished as she grabbed both the girls back packs and walked into the kitchen to pour herself a huge bowl of decaf coffee.

"Morning hot mama, what's got you all grumbly?" Santana asked, noting the grumpy look on her wife's face as she poured herself a real, Brazilian, non-decaf bowl of coffee, Brittany grumbled more.

"Aw baby," Santana pouted at the blonde as she pulled her into a hug, her arms barely fitting around her eight months pregnant wife. Santana pulled her wife tighter into a hug, resting her head on the girls shoulder, inhaling her familiar scent.

"Don't Santana, I'm gross and fat and sweaty and Emily is being difficult about her dance classes again and I'm just..." Brittany let out a sob into the Latina's hair, causing the actress to let out a giggle accidently.

Brittany pushed away, wiping her eyes and folding her arms across her chest in indignation at her wife's lack of sympathy.

"Oh baby, don't be like that, your beautiful, so beautiful, you got this way just before Spencer was born, it just means little Sebastian is nearly ready to come meet his mama and sisters, it's your hormones sweetheart, everything will sort itself out and you are sexier than ever," Santana growled, pulling her wife into her arms and kissing down her neck.

"Eww! Mom's, stop it, I think I just threw up in my mouth, twice!" Spencer stated as she grabbed her juice off the bench, her blonde pony tail whipping her younger sister as she passed her.

Santana pulled away from Brittany with an amused smirk on her face.

"See Santana, look what you have done to our daughters, they are bigger smart mouths than you are, girls finish your cereal and then we are off to school, Emily, you can take karate next year, Spencer had to wait until she was six, so it's only fair you do to," Brittany finished as she stormed off to grab her daughters clothes for their after school activities.

"See Em, told you mom wouldn't make you keep doing dance if you didn't want to, it's cool though, you should do both like me, I think dancing and karate are both awesome," Spencer stated, knowing the influence she had on her younger sister and how much she took in her words.

Santana walked over to her daughters and gave them both a hug and a kiss.

"Emmy, you know you can do whatever you want to do, but you have to be patient, your only five, give everything a serious chance before you decide it's not for you, your Mom's an amazing dancer and I've seen you dance and you really take after her," Santana said to her little girl.

"Yeah, but Mom's also really good at karate and kicking peoples butts and that's way cooler," Emily's eyes lit up at her admission and she gave an excited skip on the spot.

"We'll talk about it next year, in the meantime, give dance a serious go, your very good at it sweetheart," Santana said as she finished her coffee and started tidying up her daughter's cereal bowls.

"Will Sebastian have to do dance too, or will he get to do karate straight away 'cause he's a boy, because that's not fair!" Emily stated with the same pout as her mama, crossing her arms.

"Of course he will, he will do all the same things as you, Spanish lessons, soccer, dance, t-ball, singing, it makes no difference that he is a boy," Santana said, running her hands through her daughters long, thick hair.

Standing behind her youngest she pulled her hair back and started to braid it, Santana knew how much her daughter hated having her hair out.

"Mama, can I take Japanese classes next year, I already speak really good Spanish and Japanese is super cool, I learnt how to count to ten in class and how to write it, their letters are way cooler than ours!" Spencer asked loudly as she put her cup into the dishwasher.

"We'll see Spence, you already have no afternoons after school free, I don't want you to get too tired baby," Santana smiled at her daughter who gave her a similar scowl she had seen on Brittany many a times.

"We'll talk about it next year, if you can prove that your Spanish and English writing and reading are perfect and that it's not going to be too much for you to take on, especially with a little brother on the way, you might want an afternoon free," Santana smiled at her eldest, she was a real fire cracker, she was so perceptive and wanted to know everything about everything, she was already way ahead of her fellow class mates at seven. Brittany and her were talking about her skipping a year at school, but didn't want to remove her from her friends.

Brittany walked into the room, looking slightly disorientated, with a bag of her daughter's clothes in her hand.

"Sanny, can you come here for a second," Brittany asked as the Latina nodded, looking at her wife with confusion.

"Girls, go and brush your teeth, PROPERLY please and make sure you have everything for school," Santana stated, as she followed Brittany into the other room.

Once the girls were out of earshot, Santana looked at her wife nervously.

"Britty, what's wrong baby, do you feel ok, you look a little clammy," Santana stated as she ran her hand along Brittany's forehead, testing her temperature.

"Something feels weird San, I don't..." Brittany trailed off as she felt pain in her stomach and looked down at the ground as wetness encompassed the floor, falling down her leg.

"Britt was that your water breaking!" Santana said loudly.

Brittany just looked at her with a confused and pained expression as another pain shot through her stomach.

"San, he wants out and he wants out now, let's go!" Brittany stated, as she wrapped her arm around Santana who immediately sprung into action, pulling her wife out the front door to their car in the drive way, settling her in the front seat.

Running back inside, she grabbed the girl's bags and the hospital bag they left at the front door during their pregnancies, screaming out to the girls to come now that their brother was ready to meet them.

The girls bolted into the room and grabbed their bags off their mother nervously and ran out the front door, jumping into the back of their car, Santana quickly strapping them in as she heard her wife moaning in the front seat.

Jumping in the driver's seat, she pressed the front gate button quickly, closing it behind them she sped off as fast as she could towards the local hospital.

Santana parked haphazardly in the emergency zone at the hospital, having made a call to the hospital, informing them they were en route, as well as to her parents and Brittany's mom on the way, as well as to Quinn, informing them what was happening, all the while assuring her wife and daughter's that everything would be fine, that Sebastian was just too impatient to meet them and wanted to see them sooner than they had thought.

They had a calendar on the wall that the girls crossed off, counting down to the days until Sebastian was due, like an advent calendar and the girls would fight excitedly over who would get to cross off the next day or who would get to hold him first, she loved how excited they were to meet their brother.

A nurse came barrelling into the emergency bay and helped get Brittany into a wheelchair as she gave another loud screech, gripping Santana's hand tighter.

Santana told her girls to put on their backpacks as she draped Brittany's bag over her shoulder, hold hands and not to let go of her hand, as she continued to grip tightly to her wife's hand.

They were ushered through the hospital into the first vacant room, where their exhausted looking midwife, Kate, bustled her way into the room.

"Brittany, Santana, girls, this is a bit earlier than I expected to see you all," she said with a relaxed air about her, that was something that always got to her about Kate. She always seemed beyond exhausted, but she was always calm, never stressed.

She remembered when she was having Emily how all she wanted to do was rip out Kate's hair when she casually informed Santana to push harder, when she thought she was already going to bust a kidney with how hard she was pushing.

"Yeah, that's what I said, but it seems Sebastian wants out now," Santana said with a slightly irritated sigh as she gripped Brittany's hand harder as her wife let out a grunt of pain as her contractions started to get worse and closer together.

Brittany's mom burst through the door, causing both Emily and Spencer to run to her in a frenzy.

"Susan, thanks for coming, could you take the girls, looks like Sebastian is a little more impatient than the girls were," Santana smiled at her mother in law.

Before looking down again at Brittany, who was breathing loudly, Susan came up beside her daughter and kissed her on her sweaty forehead, "love you Britt, can't wait to meet my first grandson," she said, before giving Santana a quick hug.

"Come on girls, give your mom's a hug and let's go see what mayhem we can cause around the hospital, don't know about you two, but I feel like hospital jelly," she said, as both girls flew over to their mothers to get a quick hug before tearing out of the room, grabbing their grandmother's hand and pulling her with them.

"How are you feeling, my love?" Santana asked, holding Brittany's hand tighter and placing a light kiss on the inside of her wrist.

Brittany just gave her a look, before, letting out a small whine, the contractions were really close together now, it was happening, Santana smiled with excitement and nerves as Kate came bustling back in the room, taking Brittany's temperature and giving the other nurses in the room instructions.

"Alright Britt, you know what time it is, time to start pushing, he is in a bit of a rush it seems," Kate said as she sat down between Brittany's spread legs, giving her knee a comforting pat.

Santana leant forward and placed a light kiss to Brittany's sweaty forehead as she squeezed the blondes hand tighter between her own.

"Alright Britt, let's meet your son," Kate said, as she looked up to Brittany. Brittany nodded and grit her teeth as she pushed, squeezing her wife's hand hard in her own.

Brittany breathed in small gasps as she pushed again, harder this time, a single tear falling down her cheek, but she was never loud, Santana noticed, not like herself when she gave birth to Emily, all screaming and swearing.

Britt was pretty quiet, Santana wasn't sure if she preferred that or screaming, it was kind of eerie with only Brittany's hard breathing, Kate's encouraging words and her occasional words of reassurance in the blonde's ear.

Brittany pushed, giving a grunt as she gave a long drawn out push, ending in a small squeal.

"That's it Britt, he's crowning, just another couple more and he will be out, deep breath and push," Kate encouraged, as Britt squeezed Santana's hand so hard it started to turn white, but Santana just held on tighter whispering words of encouragement in her lovers ear.

"And again Britt, one more big push," Kate said, Brittany let out a small whine, before taking a deep breath and squeezing her eyes closed as she gave a final push.

A loud high pitched cry echoed around the room, as Kate held Sebastian in her arms, cutting the umbilical cord and handing the baby to an awaiting nurse, who cleared its airways and briefly bathed and weighed him, taking his temperature and checking his heart beat, before wrapping him in a space blanket and handing him to Brittany.

Brittany took their son in her arms and kissed his head with a weak smile. Santana leant down and kissed her wife, before giving her new son Sebastian, a kiss on the head, as he cried in his mother's arms, so very tiny.

"Perfectly healthy little boy you two have there, a little small, only five pounds, but that is fairly normal for a baby born this early, he will have to spend a little time in an incubator, but I will let the family know to come in and meet him and allow you a little time before we move him there, ok" Kate stated, as she smiled and left Santana and Brittany happily with their newborn son.

Both mothers smiled down at their new son, giving each other goofy smiles, Brittany's a little weaker than Santana's from exhaustion, but both woman couldn't have been happier with the new addition to their family, he was perfect.


Seven years earlier

Santana giggled as Brittany pulled her into her body, both girls stumbling slightly in the lift as they tried to swipe the card over the sensor in the lift, to take them to their penthouse apartment.

"What are you giggling at San, I'm not that drunk," Brittany stated with a pout, as she finally managed to work the lift and press the button for their floor.

"You are pretty drunk Britt, but don't worry, I am too, I just can't believe you proposed to me..." she giggled again, as she pushed Brittany up against the wall of the lift, her hands going either side of Brittany's head as she leant in and kissed Brittany, hard.

The girls kissed until the lift opened to their room, Santana pulled away from Brittany, who pouted again at the loss of contact.

Santana grabbed Brittany's hand and pulled her into their holiday suite.

"Why can't you believe I proposed to you?" Brittany asked curiously, as she followed Santana into their room.

Santana pulled Brittany faster into their bedroom, before pushing her onto their bed.

"Stay," Santana ordered as she ran into their bathroom. Brittany fell back on their bed in a huff, her eyes watching the bathroom impatiently.

Santana came out moments later, if Brittany had thought the red dress was her most favourite thing Santana owned, she was incredibly wrong.

Santana slunk out of the bathroom, her red lipstick re-applied, after Brittany had kissed it all off her, the brunette's red heals still on, but that was pretty much it, Santana had put on red lacy underwear that left very little to the imagination and looked amazing against the Latina's skin tone.

"Do you want to know why I'm so surprised you proposed to me?" Santana asked as she came towards Brittany, who was now sitting up, she straddled Brittany her hand going behind the blondes back.

"Mmmhmm," Brittany managed to let out in a groan.

Santana smiled sheepishly, her cheeks tinging red, Brittany had never seen Santana so bashful, Brittany's chest swelled with happiness, she was the cutest.

Santana brought a small box around in front of Brittany, looking into Brittany's eyes.

"Because Baby... I wanted to propose to you, I was going to ask you tomorrow night, this whole romantic boat trip planned and all and then you come along and best me, your soo amazing, you always surprise me and I'm just," a tear fell from Santana's eye, she looked away, trying to discreetly wipe her eye.

"I love you baby, and I'm just so happy, I want you to know, I'm so excited to be your wife," Santana blushed again, as she pulled out the ring, putting it on Brittany's ring finger, as Brittany gazed at her in surprise, with love and excitement in her eyes, staring down at the simple silver band, with their names and a love heart on the inside.

Brittany watched Santana put her ring on in awe, Santana smiled as she leant forward and kissed Brittany's new wedding band on her finger.

"I love you too Santana, soo much, you're so beautiful, please kiss me already, I think I'm going to melt," Brittany stated with a cheesy smirk, Santana leant into Brittany, who was rolling her eyes at the blonde as her arms went around Brittany's neck, fingers running through blonde hair.

Brittany ran her hands down Santana's thighs as she dove in and kissed her wife with all the emotions she was feeling, her hands grabbing onto the Latinas behind, pulling her as close as physically possible.

Santana's tongue ran around Brittany's mouth, feeling as much of her fiancée's mouth as was possible. One of Brittany's hands ran up her new wife to be's back, the other still clutching onto Santana's behind.

With a quick flick of her wrist, Santana's bra came undone, Santana pulled away from Brittany, who whined as she tried to follow the dark red lips with her own light pink ones.

"You are one sneaky fiancée, Britt, Britt, why are you pouting at me like that Britt? Something you want?" Santana teased, as she held her bra to her body.

Brittany nodded, staring, still pouting at the Latina's unexposed breasts.

"Oh! You wanna see the twins?" Santana asked in a teasing tone.

Brittany nodded her head eagerly, as Santana stood up off Brittany, who whined loudly at the loss of contact.

Santana turned away from Brittany, looking over her shoulder at the clearly, very turned on blonde, waiting (im)patiently for her on their bed.

"You know Britt," the Latina said, as she dropped her bra on the floor, her back still to the blonde, glancing seductively over her shoulder.

Hooking her fingers onto her underwear, the brunette played with the fabric at both her hips, bending forward, she pulled the underwear down her legs, her eyes never leaving Brittany's as she dropped them at her feet, still bending completely forward, her hands touching the ground, giving the bodyguard a spectacular view of her core and displaying how flexible, Brittany knew she was.

Wearing only her heels and a cheeky grin, hands splayed on the floor in front of her, Santana's eyes locked on Brittany's, she saw the blonde groan in frustration as her eyes took in all that was Santana.

"All this is yours Britt, you can take whatever you want, whenever you want it, all you have to do," Santana licked her lips as she stood straight up and turned around to face her fiancée.

"Is take it," Santana smirked, running her hands down her sides and attempting to look innocent.

Brittany growled and stood up, picking Santana up, she forced the Latina's legs around her waist as she pushed her roughly up against their bedroom wall, latching her mouth onto Santana's right nipple, she bit it roughly.

Her other hand, not holding the Latina up, came around the brunette's front, running briefly over Santana's clit, before roughly pushing two fingers into the shocked brunette.

Santana led out a moaned, "Yesss!" as Brittany started a quick pace, thrusting her hard against the wall behind her, inserting a third finger, she swapped nipples, giving the other one equally as rough treatment.

Santana squealed at the extra finger inserted into her and at Brittany's rough bite of her other nipple.

"Fuck Britt, Fuck, ay dios mio!" Santana continued to moan and grunt loudly as Brittany's speed picked up, pushing the girl harder, her own, still clothed centre, pushing hard into Santana's, adding extra friction to her clit.

"Britt!" Santana squealed as she came, all the foreplay making Santana come faster than she would have liked, her mouth biting into Brittany's neck as her orgasm was drawn from her, Brittany started to slow her pace, gradually bringing Santana out of her high, kissing her collar bone and neck softly.

Santana's head fell back against the wall, as she tried to slow her breathing, Brittany smiled up at her as Santana pulled the blonde closer.

"Fuck Britt, you are so amazing baby, I love you so much," Santana said happily as she gave the blonde a short kiss, still trying to get oxygen into her lungs.

Turning around, Santana still clutched securely in her arms, Brittany walked them over to the bed, she laid Santana down as if she was made of glass, the most precious thing in the world, even though moments before, she had been slamming her against the wall. Santana admired how Brittany knew exactly how to treat her, to make her feel like the most special girl in the world.

Smiling at the blonde who was still standing looking down at her, the brunette reached out her arms for her fiancée, Brittany gave a lopsided grin, as she moved to lie on the darker girl.

"Wait Britt, you are wearing way too many clothes for my liking, off!" Santana demanded, her hand held up to stop Brittany climbing on the bed with her until she had done as Santana asked.

Giving a slightly shy smile, God this girl was amazing, Santana thought, Brittany started to slowly undo her pants and slide them down her hips, stepping out of them, she undid her buttons, throwing the shirt across the room, her eyes never leaving Santana's.

She wasn't wearing a bra, Santana was glad to see her pink nipples were hard as a rock and Santana couldn't wait to get them in her mouth.

Brittany slowly slid her underwear down her hips, then, in one quick motion she was straddling Santana who hadn't moved from her spot, lying down on their bed.

Santana smiled up at her girlfriend as her hands came to rest on the blondes thighs.

"You are soo beautiful Sanny, all sexy and dishevelled, I just want to eat you all up," Brittany said, as she leant down and Kissed Santana's neck.

Santana let out a giggle, quickly followed by a moan, as Brittany started to suck harder, she could feel Brittany's need on her stomach, wet and glistening, she moved her hand around to Brittany's front, touching her clit once, Brittany nearly jumped through the roof, she was soo sensitive.

"Oh fuck San, warn a girl, I'm soo turned on I think I'm going to combust," Brittany whimpered into her neck.

Santana smirked as Brittany's head remained in her neck, Santana ran her fingers two more times across the blonde's clit, before entering her quickly with three fingers, Brittany groaned at the intrusion, her head snapping back quickly, sitting up on the brunette.

Santana watched as Brittany started moving herself up and down on Santana's fingers, her eyes locked on the actresses. Santana pushed her thumb into Brittany's clit as the girl started moving herself faster up and down, her breasts bouncing with the quick motions.

"Oh fuck, yes, San, oh baby, I love your fingers in me!" Brittany managed to get out in short whimpers, their eyes locked, as Brittany got higher and higher.

Santana pushed harder into Brittany's movements, her thumb pushing harder against her clit and her hand clutching Brittany's backside with ferocity, guiding the girl's movements viciously onto her hand.

Brittany let out a squeal as her eyes briefly closed and her head started to roll back.

"Look at me when you come Brittany," Santana ordered as Brittany grabbed onto Santana's breasts' as she started to come, her eyes snapping back open, looking down at the woman she loved in front of her.

After a couple more thrusts, Brittany came undone, eyes searing into Santana's as she did, mumbled incoherent sentences fell from her lips that made the brunette smile, she loved the way she could make the blonde completely lose it, she was always such a stoic person, but she knew how to make Brittany completely bow to her senses.

As Brittany started to try and get her breathing under control, Santana softly removed her fingers, bringing them to her lips, she sucked on them softly, causing the blonde to groan, as she laid her head in Santana's neck, intertwining their legs, Santana wrapping the taller girl in her arms above her as she continued to try and get her breath back.

Santana purred in Brittany's ear with a chuckle, "my fiancée tastes amazing."

Brittany lifted her head, reaching down, she grabbed Santana's hand and kissed the newly acquired ring that adorned her ring finger, Santana did the same to Brittany's as their eyes stayed locked together.

Leaning forward, Brittany kissed her wife to be so tenderly that Santana's body went all floppy and warm, filled with more emotions than she could describe, her chest got tight and she thought she would cry from happiness and how sweet Brittany was, she loved her so much, it honestly hurt.

Brittany pulled out of the kiss, whispering into the brunette's ear, "I can't wait to taste you for the rest of my life," Santana let out a giggle, trust Brittany to turn something soo sweet into something so dirty, god she loved her for it.

Brittany was grinning cheekily at Santana below her as the brunette continued to giggle, "I love you so much Brittany Pierce, and I can't wait to be Mrs Santana Pierce," Santana smiled up at the girl, who looked at her with shock.

"Do you honestly think I'm not going to let every person in the whole world know that I'm married to the most amazing woman in the world, Hells no! You are mine and I'm yours and the whole world is gonna know how much I love you," Santana said, continuing to smile up at Brittany.

Brittany's smile looked like it was going to break her face, "I would be so honoured to be Mrs Pierce-Lopez," Brittany giggled cheekily to Santana,

"I love you so much, baby I'm so glad we found each other."

"Me too baby," Santana said, as her eyes started to get heavy, Brittany nuzzled into her neck as the brunette pulled her closer, both girls dozing off in each other's arms, with ridiculously huge smiles on their face, more than excited to start a life and family as the Pierce-Lopez's.


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