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After All

Maka glared into her locker, yet another day with not one letter. Yet another day of Soul's falling all over the ground next to her. He doesn't even bother to pick them up now, tells Maka that he doesn't read them either when she asks. He probably does when she isn't around, she thought slamming her locker door harder than needed. She turned on her heel and left her partner with his clean up while she blew off some steam in the training room.

It wasn't like she was looking for another partner or anything, she thought storming through the D.W.M.A hallways. She just wanted to know that people thought her talents were just as good as Soul's. That people had noticed her to. She wanted to feel wanted.

It had surprised her by the amount of letters Soul has received. To think that he hasn't giving another thought to them.

Or was he?

Maka paused in the entry way of the training room, this new fear freezing her in place. What if he was considering them? Just thinking of an easy way to ditch her. Maybe he was with them now, trying to connect to each other's wavelength.

Maka slammed her fist into the padded wall next to her, "Damn it Soul." She cursed under her breath.

"What? What did I do this time?" A familiar voice asked behind her. She snapped around facing her white haired partner. She was frozen again. Could he feel her wavelengths before?

She took a deep breath, regaining herself, "Don't sneak up on me like that Soul." Maka warned before pivoting around again removing her jacket and boots. If she was lucky Soul will let the whole thing drop.

"Cool guys don't sneak." He calmly replied.

Luck was on her side.

"So why did you punch the wall while cursing my name? That's not cool you know." While his voice was serious, his month pulled up into a small half smile showing his teeth. Almost warning her not to lie.

Maka was wrong she had no luck. Of course he would hear that and see her anger. And he knows that she can't make up lies when she angry. All luck was on his side.

"I was simply annoyed because you took so long getting here." Maka told him, keeping her voice level. It wasn't a complete lie, she really was annoyed at him.

"Whatever." Soul look away annoyed. He striped his jacket off, throwing it on the ground next to hers. A small envelope slid along the floor.

Maka stared at the envelope for only a second before recognising it. It was one of the partner invitations Soul had gotten. Her cheeks instantly heated up with anger and jealousy. Why would Soul keep it? He said he always threw them out!

Soul noticed the envelope and Maka's expression at the same time. "Wait!" He yelled not wanting her to jump to bad conclusions. He bent down then held it out to her. "It's yours, you missed it before."

How could Maka of missed it, she searched her locker. But surely enough there was her name scribbled on the other side in very neat handwriting. Soul watched her as she carefully turned the small package in her fingers, carefully lifting the opening.

Maka took a deep breath and paused after ripping the opening.

"What are you waiting for?" Soul ask sitting down in the corner watching his meister.

"I'm just wondering if it's for real or if it's like the last one I got." Soul got a sour look on his face remembering the letter one of his pushier fan girls sent Maka. It was threatening note telling her to back off, the day after reading it they came up to Maka and apologised. Maka never figured out why they suddenly changed her mind, but she has a good idea.

"Just read it. It's not like that one." Soul finally replied, a slight edge in his voice. His cheeks brightened as Maka unfolded the note.

Maka read it over carefully, eye's growing wider with each line.

Dear Maka

I'm sorry to say this isn't a letter asking you to become my partner, for you already are. This is letter asking to remain my partner.

I notice the way you react when I get all the letters and notes, but they don't mean a thing to me because I already have a cool meister. And I don't plan on changing anytime soon.

If you're wondering why you don't get any it probably 'cause I scare most of them off... On purpose, sometimes.

I just don't want to risk losing you.

So her'se asking you to stay my meister, even if you are flat chestered.


Maka folding the note back into the envelope before gliding over to where her, very red, partner sat. She knelt down so they were eye level. "Soul," She began, "MAKA CHOP!"

Soul did not expect this reaction. "Damn it Maka." He held his head where a new indent had been made. He looked up again to see her leaning in again. "Not another!" he yelled ducking.

Soul froze as Maka's lips brushed against his temple.

Maka smiled, Soul wanted her and only her as his partner after all.

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