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Summary: Two years after Breaking Dawn. It all started with an intense kiss and a hard slap to the face in the woods. But now… things have changed and someone wants so much more…

Warning: If your not old enough to buy cigarette's or vote you shouldn't be reading.I really probably need to put my dirty mind to bed. But then again…

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Ch1:Bring It On

Embry had a bouquet of flowers in his hands when he went to Leah's condo the pack had helped build in La Push. Each flower had a different special meaning he made sure to Google and to even ask a few flower shops on his way back from Seattle just to make sure he was getting the right ones.

He probably had gotten on Seth, Quil and Jake's nerves asking for help on what Leah might like to begin with, but that didn't matter now. He couldn't just show up empty handed when he had missed their two year anniversary, a date he wasn't even sure she had placed in her memory; but he sure did.

Right after what the guys liked to call 'the war that never happened' Embry couldn't hold back his hidden feelings anymore. . Not when he thought that their lives were all but over and never having the chance to voice how he really felt about her. She was who he and his wolf wanted even with her bitter snarky attitude and all the more so when she moved her attentions from Sam to Jake. With both men that she had been moping after imprinted, he went in for the kill.

He didn't understand his wolf's fascination with her but he never ignored it, never ignored her. He just gave her the space and time she needed in hopes that she would notice him. But a closed mouth never gets fed and it was time she knew some part of his desire for her.

He all but tracked her down after she had disappeared into the forest that day and kissed her. He hardly remembers what was said that day but he damn sure remembered that kiss. A mind blowing kiss that was all tongue and teeth sending his head reeling from the impact. Her body looked hard and lean but at the touch was soft and supple. How anyone could ever give her up? He had no idea, and he didn't want to know.

She slapped his cheek after, hard as fuck too, leaving a hand print on his face for a few hours. But it didn't take away the shock that ran through him, when she melted into his body kissing him for all she was worth for the five minutes he refused to let the grip on her hips go. She tasted so delicious he hardly found it fair but he wanted so much more. She tried ignoring him as if nothing had ever happened, but he was always patient and persistent.

He knew what her fear was and she had every right to be afraid of imprinting after all that happened to her. But he had refused to deny his wants anymore. So he may have followed her for a while until she snapped one time he thought he was being inconspicuous 'patrolling' near her house when it was raining. "If you're going to lurk out there any longer… you might as well come in."

After that it was a done deal. She may have tried to pretend that she hadn't really cared, that him coming over did nothing to her, but every time he brushed her arm on 'accident' she would shiver and close her eyes for an instant. Even if it was only for that one second it was all he needed to keep him going.

He remembered telling her the one of the times they hung out with a wide grin on his face, "If you wanted me to go away then I think you really shouldn't have ever invited me in."

Her eyes rolled dramatically, "So you could keep stalking me? Yeah, because that worked so well for me." Then she hit him in the arm with a card he needed as she took a quick swig of the beer he had brought over, "You'll go away soon enough… when you imprint."

There was the wall he was waiting to show up but he knew what to do to break her down. "Come on have just a little bit of faith Leah."

She narrowed her eyes looking up at him. "Faith is for suckers. I believe what I see and clearly I don't deserve to be happy."

He looked down at the card in his hand just to make sure. "You don't even believe that. I can see it in your eyes."

She wasn't getting it back even if she attacked him for it. She sighed in irritation. "What will it take for you to go away?"

He leaned in a little closer keeping his cards down so that she wouldn't see that he had the upper hand. "If I win this game you give me what I want… and if you win I go back to leaving you alone, for real this time. Deal?"

She cackled, a laugh he had never heard before that day but absolutely adored. "You know I'm never one to give up on a challenge Call, you're so on buddy."

It may have stung that she called him 'buddy' but he didn't let that derail him knowing he was going to win with the card he needed thrown right into his hands. When he placed the set of cards down her eyes widened. Before she could even think about accusing him of cheating he kissed her and held nothing back. He can recall the number of times it took for them to hang out before he finally grew a pair and took her the way he wanted to. Day eighteen, his age and favorite number when she lost a 'Call of Duty' game she had no business playing to begin with. He doesn't remember how their clothes came off nor does he care because all he could recollect was trying to erase that look of fear off her face that she spent all her time trying to hide from him.

Little did she know he had spent a lot of time studying her very expressive face and read her like an open book without her even speaking the words. He knew for a fact that he was never the same after that day she had first let him into her home and he knew deep down no matter how much she openly denied it, neither was she.

He shakes his head with a small smile on his face breaking himself from the memory. It had been almost a week since he had last seen her, and he missed her so much he ached inside. Now he stood at her door, her scent strong in the air, with what felt like idiotic flowers in his hands.

How ridiculously pathetic was he? He was never a flower giving type of guy and Leah was never the flower taking or wanting kind of woman. They both loved their own bottle of liquor maybe, especially if Leah had a tough day, which now happened far less when he finally had gotten his hands on her and she stopped bringing up the idea of him imprinting.

But flowers? Embry only brought flowers when it was Mother's Day and only for his mother. He thought about going back to his car and tossing the damn things in the backseat.

He knew she would just laugh at him. After breathing in deeply for the fifth time through his flared nose he thought, fuck it, she's going to take them and she better like them.

After several moments he rang the doorbell even though he could feel her by the door. She answered a few seconds later, a beautiful bright smile on her face. His half hard dick was immediately cocked and loaded when he took in the full length of her.

Fuck, she looked so amazingly breathtaking that his jaw almost went slack by the sight of her. He viewed the black sundress with tiny blue print on the fabric. High heels of course, placing her a little bit more than a head shorter than his six foot-five frame. And her hair was down, which he loved especially since she was letting it grow again. Even though it had taken a while for Leah to warm up to the vamp—uh Cullen's, it looked like Alice's shopping spree paid off on Leah's wardrobe.

He was growing more weakened by that smile on her face. It was becoming one of the things he lived to see her do and she never failed to surprise him whenever she did so.

Her eyes zeroed in on the bouquet and her smile brightened. She lifted her wide hazel eyes to his. "You brought me flowers?"

"Yeah, beautiful."

She grabbed his free hand and pulled him inside, shut the door, put her lips on his, wrapping her hand around the nape of his neck, her thumb brushing against the underside of his jaw, which sent him further into his spiral of arousal.

All he'd done for the past week was think about her—her smell, her taste, the way her lips and her body fit so perfectly against him. He thought about her smile, her laugh—the real one she only seemed to give him and a few other lucky people. He even thought about the way they argued with each other, and how much she irritated him.

She tasted like mint and sweet wine, and he sucked in a breath at the same time he was gut punched by how much he had really missed her. He swept his arm around her and pulled her close, his body and his mind swamped with sensation and emotion.

When she pulled back, she licked her lips and took the flowers from his hand, laid them on the table next to the door and wound both her arms around him. "I'm probably going to regret this as soon as the words are out of my mouth, but all I've done is think about you."

He loved hearing it, reveled in it. "Why would you regret it?" he asked running his fingers through her raven hair groaning as her scent hit him head on. "I've thought about you so much Jake banned me from phasing for a few hours just to get out of my head while we were handling the leech problem in Seattle. I'm pretty sure Seth wants to pummel my face into concrete after seeing some of my thoughts. Not to mention me blowing up your phone in text messages and voicemails." He rumbled letting his hand fall to from her beautiful soft tresses to the side of her beautiful neck.

She shuddered out a sigh at his touch. "I know, I saved them all. I feel like a love sick teenager. How pathetic are we?"

"I think I should probably just dump my balls into your hand and have you hang them up for the world to see." He chuckled.

Her lithe neck was out for his full view when she bent her head back as she laughed. "If you do that then I should probably hand over my feminist card because I think they kicked me out the club a while ago."

He chuckled sweeping her into his arms and carried her up the stairs, two steps at a time, all the way to her bedroom in record time. It was still early enough that sunlight streamed in through the gauzy curtains at her windows. He stood her in front of them and admired the halo of light around her hair.

I'm getting all poetic now? If I don't take her soon, I'll probably start crying like a little girl asking her to paint my toenails.

"Remind me to thank Alice later because you look so fucking gorgeous right now babe, but I'm going to strip your dress off and get you naked… like right now. And don't argue with me."

She didn't argue, in fact she moved closer wriggling her hips. "Hurry it up then."

He pulled the straps of the dress down her arms and reached behind to unzip it. It floated to the floor soundlessly and she stepped out of it. His heart began beating faster as his eyes drunk in the sight of her in the black and blue bra with matching panties. Shit, even her expensive shoes matched.

Yup, I'm definitely going to have to thank Alice.

She fell onto the bed and spread her legs leaving those dangerously sexy heels on. Embry stepped forward and skimmed his hands along her calves and luscious thighs, lifting her legs to get a look at her shoes.

He kissed her right ankle nipping softly before placing a butterfly kiss there as his eyes raised connecting with her lust-filled ones. "You buy underwear to match your shoes now?"

She scoffed as if offended. "Occasionally… I do have a few nice things Em."

"You never fail to surprise me, woman." He chuckled at her low growl.

"If this is your way of complimenting me Call, you are such an ass... and so fired."

He trailed his hands down her smooth soft tanned legs, then laid them back on the bed, spreading them apart so he could stand between them. "I'm what?"

She planted her heels in the side slat of the bed and lifted her hips to him. "You heard me."

He slid his thumb over the bright blue and black silk of her panties, found her clit. "No, I think I want you to tell me. Come on, enlighten me babe."

She hissed as he brushed his thumb back and forth over the hard bud. "Your complimenting… skills n-n-need… work."

At least she took the 'fired' part out of it. He remembered being without Leah for two days when she had 'fired' him for talking to her baby brother Seth about why he spent so much time with her. He definitely did not like that word or being denied her sweet heaven for any amount of time, short or not. He needed his daily Leah fix and he knew she needed him too even if she never voiced it with her words.

"Is that right?" He broke out in a smirk at her already heavy breathing and clenched teeth. He didn't know why she even bothered to fight it. He was going to win this time like he had been winning the past twenty times before he had left her for the week. He was on a roll and refused to lose now, not with so much at stake.

Her response was a soft cry when he tucked his fingers under the lace to touch her soft flesh. When he moistened his fingers with her juices and circled her clit, her hand shot around his wrist. "There… right there…don't stop."

He rubbed the bud back and forth and she arched against him dancing against his finger. "Tell me what you want."

"Embry… if you don't let me come I'm going to kick you out." She grated out still grinding her hips to meet his teasing hand.

He chuckled. "Will you now?"

"I've held off all week just waiting for you, so yes, it's either you or my new toy in the left d—ooohh." Her eyes closed momentarily as he pushed down harder on her bud causing her to break off mid-sentence.

She wasn't going to be using a damn toy, not after he finally had her in his arms where she belonged. There was a power he loved in a woman challenging to be pleasured, especially Leah. But he really wanted to taste her, wanted to rip off her panties and bury his face between her legs and stay there if she would just let him.

He pulled his fingers away and she whimpered/growled, but when he drew her panties down her legs with his teeth, her eyes blazed with a new fire.

She lifted up on her elbows and widened her legs for him, panting as he shouldered his way between them.

"Embry…" Her fingers found his head and she slid her fingers through his ruffled hair, pulling him down to her sweet smelling pussy.

His heart thudded as he looked up into her stunning eyes. He loved her like this... he loved her period. But when she was this open for him it always made him fall in love with her all over again. Too bad she didn't know it...yet.

She really wanted him though. Her desperation made his dick pound, because that meant she had really waited for him, that she needed him just as much as he had needed her. The ego boost made him want to slide his dick inside her, made his need to come almost as strong as hers.

He still wanted her to come first, that's the way he always was with her since the very first time.

He traced his tongue along her soft delicious flesh, inhaling the sweet aroma of her arousal, licking every secret fold as he made his way to the tight button that would whiz her into a climax. She tensed, arching her back off the mattress and shoved her pussy against his face.

"Oh, god," she muttered, her knuckles turning almost white with strain.

"Wrong name Leah..." he chastised blowing on her center as he spoke to her. "I'll get it to the point where you're saying my name and only that." He hooked his arms under her thighs and lifted her pussy, then drove his tongue inside her, fucking her with long strokes, using every part of his face to rub against her.

"You were... always such... a talker." she sounded as if she were trying to hold back her moan. He didn't bother with a response just kept at his task trying to reach the goal he had been dreaming about for a whole week.

When he felt her trembling alerting him with her body that she was close, he swept his tongue across her pussy lips and up to her clit, then covered it with his lips and sucked, sending her over the edge.

She came with a wild call, springing up against his face and tearing at the sheets with her beautiful nails. He lived to watch her come apart; her sweet flavor filling his mouth and knowing that he was the only one who could give her this. When her grip in his hair became slack, he crawled up her body, peppering it with light kisses, giving her time to catch her breath.

"All talk huh?" he asked tugging on her bra with his teeth for a second. He wanted that off her, he didn't like his favorite twins covered from his view but he continued his journey trail of kisses and nips up her body that was still shaking until he could look into her eyes.

He leaned over her and she took a big breath sighing as she sunk down lower into her now ripped comforter. "That so wasn't worth waiting a whole week over…"

He arched a thick dark eyebrow, "Keep talking shit, see where it gets you Leah." he bared his teeth playfully as he thought about biting her. "We were far from being done…I hope you didn't have any plans because you're all mine for tonight."

"Bring it on Bry…" her eyes brightened at the challenge before she smirked raising her own sexy brow to mirror his, "I play to win."

"And I play for keeps." he waggled his eyebrows before kissing her addicting mouth.

He definitely planned to bring it with everything he had in him because before she tried kicking him out as she always done forcing him to go back to his own apartment; he was going to make her completely and utterly his. Not just sexually, but emotionally, and physically as well. He just hoped he had enough time to finally show her all the things he had waited so long to tell her.

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