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Ch5: Heat Lightning

Leah was lying on her stomach with her head half on Embry's chest, half on the rumpled bed, while his large arm was wrapped around her. It was on the top of her list of being one of the best sleeps she had ever had in her life, hands down. After Embry had finally stopped playing with her, she had fallen to sleep effortlessly in a bubble of exhaustion, love and contentment.

Well, that was until she felt Embry's heat roll away from her when his cell phone chirped. Leah reallocated herself to her other side facing away from him, kicking the sheets away from her body. It wasn't all that hot but the sheets were sticking to her skin uncomfortably with the moisture her warm body was emitting.

She could feel Embry's confusion and frustration as he looked at his phone. It seemed all the thoughts and feelings she had vaguely felt before she had bitten him were now strong, clear and slightly overwhelming. His thoughts were full of love, slightly perverted, caring and habitually switched from her, food, his family, friends or running as a wolf. Mind you, she couldn't hear every single thought of his but the ones she did hear or feel made her love him all the more.

Her wolf was utterly happy about the situation and if Leah was being completely honest with herself so was the human side of her. Embry really did belong to her. She now knew without a doubt that if something crazy was to happen to either of them, he would always have a piece of her, just as she would always have a part of him.

She heard him throw his phone back on the dresser before the bed dipped as he scooted his body until he was directly behind her. He wrapped his large arm back around Leah, tugging her into his firm body. She could feel his half hard cock nuzzling right at her backside as he spooned her.

After a moment his hand caressed her covered breast down her stomach and rested right between her warm thighs. Her breathing began to pick up and she moaned at the heat of his hand alerting him that she was partly awake, although she was pretty sure he already knew. His next words confirmed her thoughts.

"I know you're up love I'm probably going to have to leave in a little bit," he whispered kissing the shell of his ear.

His fingers brushed up and down, from her knees to the top of her thighs lifting his T-shirt that was on her body more and more with each sweep of his hand.

"Hmm," she heaved a sigh loving the sensation of his hand on her even though he wasn't anywhere close to where she wanted him.

She wondered why he had to leave but was too tired to really open her mouth to talk. Embry seemed to catch on though answering her question out loud.

"Jake has been texting me for the last hour." Embry kissed her mark gently before nuzzling his head into the crook of her neck.

"What does he want?" Leah asked keeping her eyes closed.

"Just to make sure I'm at Second Beach by ten." Embry crooned pulling down the neckline of his T-shirt she was wearing so he could steal kisses along her collarbone.

"Sucks to be you. I would push you off the bed to get you moving but I'm too lazy." Leah lifted her neck slightly to give him more access but didn't move any more than that. "You better get going, before he invites himself over. It's already hard enough to get rid of you," She yawned before finishing her sentence. "…on a good day."

"That's because you don't really want to get rid of me." He nipped at her mark in reprimand.

She hissed silently as a soft moan escaped her. "I don't know where you got that lie from."

He chuckled pressing a sweet caress underneath her mark. "I'm just glad I don't have to go to the vampire palace." His lips formed into a pout against her skin as he whined. "…it smells."

Leah's lips twitched fighting off an oncoming smile as she snuggled closer to his warmth, still refusing to open her eyes. "You are such a baby."

"That's not what you were saying last night." His teeth nibbled on her earlobe a second before his mouth began trailing a string of kisses down her vulnerable neck.

He had a point and based on his smug mood he caught on to her thoughts of him being right.

"Don't you have an Alpha to go kiss up to?" she breathed when his stubble grazed her cheek.

"I'm more concerned about the beautiful Beta in my arms right now. He can wait for a little bit." Embry rumbled wiggling his fingers semi-trapped between her thighs. His hot breath at her ear caused a little shiver of excitement to race through her.

She grabbed a hold of his massaging hand and stopped him before things could get carried away. Even though deep down, she really wanted him. Then again that was nothing new, she always seemed to want him.

Her eyes fluttered open slowly adjusting to the light streaming in from the partly cloudy weather outside her window. She twisted her torso, to frown at him. "Remember what happened last time?"

His russet skin shined in the dim room and his brown eyes smoldered her as his gaze raked over her entire body. He was only wearing a large smile since he didn't bother putting on any clothes after their rumble in the sheets hours earlier looking completely comfortable in his nude glory. His bed hair was sticking out in all random directions causing her lips to twitch again as she fought off another smile. He looked slightly ridiculous but undeniably sexy.

Embry grinned leaning on his elbow to look down at her. "You didn't like Jake sending Quil over to make sure that you didn't kill me last time?"

"I don't care about that, but that big doofus you call a best friend just about obliterated my front door thinking that I had finally lost it and was on the brink of murdering you." Leah said as Embry kissed her lips softly to erase the frown from her features.

"The studded collar around my neck, leather matching outfits and the fact that you were pulling me around by a chain was probably a bit much babe. Quil mentioned something about being traumatized." Embry chuckled when she put her palm in his face shoving him away from her.

"He wasn't too 'traumatized' when he ransacked my fridge…and that whole dominatrix mess was all your idea." Leah rolled her eyes, glancing over Embry's head to his bedside table.

Leah squinted at the digital clock for all of ten seconds before frowning. No wonder she was still sleepy, it was only seven-thirty in the freaking morning. She might have only gotten about three hours of sleep, if that and the bonfire wasn't until way later. Jake was out of mind if he thought any wolf who wasn't patrolling was actually up at this time. That kind of explained why Jake had texted Embry instead of her because she would have just told her Alpha to 'fuck off' and then rolled over back to sleep as if nothing happened.

"Not all of it, you're the one who got all into character refusing to let me go answer the door when he came. You got a little too happy when I gave you that leather whip." Embry said haughtily causing her to glare at him.

She couldn't deny it so she tried twisting her torso back into her former position away from him. "Have fun with Jake I'm going back to sleep."

His hand between her inner thighs raised and cradled her outer sex halting her movement instantly.

"Oh no you don't, I'm not going anywhere yet." He murmured gruffly using his hold on her to keep her still and pushed himself off his elbow until he was hovering over her, forcing her to lie flat on her back.

His words from yesterday popped into her head: When I win, I can get you anytime, anywhere, anyplace when I want you.

She narrowed her eyes at him as her legs opened eagerly on there on accord to accommodate his large body. "You still don't play fair."

Leah was giving him a hard time just because she knew she could. She wasn't going to put up a real fight, not when he kept touching, talking and looking at her like that. She was pretty sure Embry wouldn't even let her move even if she was serious. But for some reason she always wanted him, even if she had already had him seconds, hours or days before. She was utterly addicted to all of him.

"You always say that kitty but you and I both know you want it just as bad as I do."

Before she could give him a retort his head lowered and he pressed his soft full lips against hers. His chocolate brown eyes caught her gaze and she felt a demanding physical power surpass her. Her lips parted willingly as she fought to keep her eyes open, and her heart began to drum in heavy erotic excitement. His middle finger and thumb curled up meeting at her clit at the same time, exerting just the slightest pressure the moment his lips brushed hers. Leah hardly found it fair that her body felt like it was about to fly into tiny fragments at just that one touch.

The caress, though delicate, was like heat lightening. A tiny moan escaped her lips giving him the perfect invitation to kiss her the way he really wanted—assertive and intense.

His kisses were always brazen, confident, and deep, which always awakened a dormant craving in her that never ceased to surprise her. Every touch that had felt incredible before was absolutely mind blowing now. She pondered if that had anything to do with marking one another the night before or if it was just Embry. Whatever it was, needed to be packaged and put in stores, the world would definitely be a better place if people experienced a second of how she felt right now.

Embry only broke the kiss long enough to pull off the only piece of clothing between the two of them—his T-shirt on her body.

His tongue trailed her lower lip demanding entrance then he drew it between his teeth, playing and nipping at it for several moments as he glided two fingers inside her. Parting her lips even more, his tongue slipped inside in a teasing manner against hers, retreated and came back as she twined her arms around his neck to pull him tighter against her.

For some strange reason he always worried about crushing her, but Leah wasn't a regular girl so his definition of 'close' was never close enough to her. She wanted more…needed more of the skin to skin contact.

Between her thighs his talented fingers continued to stroke, curl up and down, pinch and finger her pussy as he continued to kiss her thoroughly. Leah could feel herself shaking and trembling in his arms. There was such a sense of need and desire mounting inside her; she wondered why she wasn't crying out from it.

His other arm slammed down next her on the bed, when she walked her fingers up the nape of his neck into his hair. They both broke the kiss to pant while they both struggled to breathe. His head fell into the crook of his neck groaning when her fingers tugged at his wild unruly hair she loved so much.

He began placing light kisses randomly on her skin as he picked up the pace of his moving fingers inside of her. She tilted her hips, pressing the hardened bud of her clit more firmly into his calloused thumb.

So much love and emotion consumed her in that moment, causing her to muse why she had ever questioned his love for her. All the signs were there and she ignored every one of them sticking to her own negative toxic thoughts. And yet, even through all the shoving, pushing and screaming fights she created just to keep him at a distance, he had matched her so completely never giving up, not once. His passion and affection should have been obvious to her but she really didn't fully understand it until now. It was so powerful that he didn't have to say it loud, she could feel it and that was enough for her.

She wondered if it would always be this way, the desire for him never stopping only building more and more each time they were together.

Leah looked up into Embry's penetrating gaze, smiling at him as he beamed down at her, his disheveled hair falling into his left eye. He fueled her hunger to its highest peak as she swiveled her hips against his fingers. Her stomach coiled letting her know how over close to the edge she was and she could tell from his breaths that he was just as close as she was, even without her really touching him. His phone made another buzz of annoyance but both of them were far too gone to pay any real attention to it.

Her head twisted to the side on her pillow as the passion rose higher and higher, consuming her with a fire unlike any she had ever experienced. Embry removed his brilliant fingers from her slit causing her to whimper at the loss of connection.

"Shh, shh, relax babe I got you." He gripped her hip drawing her closer and they both shuddered.

She loved the feel of his hot, hard body covering her limbs. He nuzzled her mouth as one hand grasped her bottom pulling her even closer. She could feel the heat of his cock resting on her inner thigh. Her aroused nipples brushed against the smooth heat of his chest, forcing a groan from her mouth. Hunger and need poured through her veins and her thighs dampened even more.

"Bry," she panted, breaking free from his tender kiss. "I want you inside me now."

"Patience, love," he crooned as he trailed kisses along her jaw. "I'll give you want in a second."

"No, you'll give me what I want now." She grabbed him by the ears and yanked his head up, bringing them nose to nose.

"Fuck," he yelped only for effect since his eyes were gleaming with laughter.

"Now," she gritted between clenched teeth.

He made a quick, enrapturing attack of her mouth and then settled in the cradle of her thighs. She pulled her legs up around his hips to accommodate his muscled girth.

"As my kitty commands," he said in a rumbling voice.

He flexed his hips, nudging the broad head of his cock into the opening of her body. Holding her head between his hands, he gazed into her eyes as he surged into her. She gasped at the blazing assault that stretched and filled her to the limit. He stilled and his head dropped to her shoulder, his breath a pant on her skin.

"Leah—" he choked out as she wiggled a bit, loving the feel of him inside her.

She never found out what he was going to say next as she enjoyed the feeling that pierced up from the place where they were joined. She felt absolutely wonderful.

With a satisfied hum, she arched her spine, rubbing her breasts against the hardness of his chest. He began to move in long, fast and hard thrusts that probably would have hurt a regular human. She greedily absorbed every sensation, running her hands over the broad contours of his shoulders, tracing the rippling muscles down his back and across his lean sides.

Her touch spurred him on. He tilted her hips, moving deep, setting off a delicious, frenzied ache in her most sensitive flesh. His mouth locked on hers, his tongue hot and caressing between her lips.

Leah pulled her knees up, opening herself as wide as she could. She was desperate, moaning against his mouth, longing for completion.

Breaking the kiss, Embry lifted on his elbows. She whimpered a protest, needing all of him—on her, in her, bringing her to ecstasy. Murmuring comfort, he brought his hand down between their bodies, slipping two fingers through her damp folds to find her swollen clit. She dug her heels in his thighs and cried out as a shuddering release trembled through her limbs.

In response, his muscles began to spasm. He lunged into her, pressing down as he shook with release. A deep groan broke through his throat, and he collapsed, curling around her. Her heart lurched as she felt everything he felt in that moment it was love— selfless, full of joy, adoring love.

As they lay there a panting tangle of arms and legs, Leah slowly came back to herself. The pressure of Embry's body lifted from her chest just as he glided his cock out of her.

She lay there drenched, spent and boneless, completely and utterly relaxed with her eyes closed.

He kissed her mark, and moved to sit on the side of her hips as she closed her legs. Another yawn escaped her just as her stomach grumbled in complaint. She heard his soft chuckle when he had languorously ran his fingers up and down her arms in the even more tousled bed.

"Now I'm too hungry to go back to sleep," she told him, opening her eyes so that she could stare at him. To her, he was the perfect example of masculinity, dominant but gentle in caresses, sweet but never a push over. His eyes were filled with that intense devotion she was sure she should have seen there before.

"Good then you can come with me to see what Jake wants." He waggled his eyebrows hopping off the bed.

"You wish!" she scoffed. "I still want to sleep some more, not to mention my mom comes back today and demanded that both her children ride down to the bonfire with her, plus I have to find something to wear tonight."

"If you even think about covering my mark we're going to have problems Leah." He growled causing her heart rate to pick up.

Her eyes widened while her body shivered involuntarily under his darkened, possessive, dominant scrutiny. She hadn't even considered covering it up not until he had said that. But after looking at his serious expression she knew for sure to not even think about it. He wasn't Alpha by any means but he sure did act like one when he wanted to. She didn't know if it was the human side of him, his wolf or both, but he never failed to put her wolf in her place even though technically she was above him in ranking.

After a moment Leah rolled her eyes laughing the tension that seemed to come into the room away. "I don't even own anything to cover this monstrosity that you've created on my neck."

"It's not that bad. It looks kind of cute actually." His grin screamed satisfaction as a quick flash image of him ripping every turtle neck shirt she didn't have, popped into her mind.

She glared at him knowing that wasn't her thought, it was all his. "Em I'm going to kick your ass if you try ripping any more of my clothes, even if a Cullen was the one to buy it." She sat up and wiped up her face pushing the slight sheen of sweat into her hair. "I just don't know how everyo—"

He interrupted her with a quick kiss to her lips. "Everyone else will just have to deal. Now come join me in the shower."

It didn't sound like a question he already had a leg off the bed and his stare had suddenly turned mischievous. Leah shook her head opening her mouth to deny him but he was already reaching for her.

She yelped trying to shuffle off the bed, but her legs were still recovering from being locked around his waist. He got a hold of her ankle and tugged her into his body before she got a hold on the headboard. He picked up her up as if she weighed nothing and threw her over his shoulder as he stood on his feet.

"Oh my god, you are such a fucking brute. I said N-O. No, no, no, no!" Leah pouted crossing her arms over her breasts. Her swinging dark hair shielded a majority of her view but from what she could see her room was a topsy turvy mess.

"I'll be good, I just don't want to shower alone and you just said you have time to kill." Embry said walking towards the bathroom with a tight grip on her thighs. Leah bit into the middle of his back smiling in victory as he almost stumbled. He played it off well never loosening his hold on her.

"I didn't say that, I said I wanted to sleep! God damn it Embry Call!" she huffed as he laughed at her. "I'm not having sex with you again." Leah said wryly trying to turn twist, and shift her body every which way so she could see his face.

She was sure he had a shit faced grin on it and she wanted to slap it off. But his grip on her thighs didn't relax so her attention went to the tight muscles of Embry's smooth toned back, ass, thighs and calves as he strolled out the bedroom to take the long way to the bathroom. She hardly found it fair that he looked just as amazing behind as he did in the front.

"Says the woman who was just admiring my ass…" he snickered biting her thigh playfully rubbing his warm nose into her skin.

She made a choked noise of surprise. "I'm still not having sex with you again." she grumbled.

"You want to bet that you won't be begging me to have sex with you in the shower babe?" he slapped her bottom before pushing the bathroom door open from the hallway.

Her eyes closed at the jolt of pleasure she felt hissing at the slight stinging sensation she felt. She ignored his first statement with a roll of her eyes when she decided to open them again.

"You just said, 'I'll be good'." She tried to deepen the tone of her voice to mock his words from before, as he turned on the shower water one handed making sure he still had a good grip on her.

"Yup, I'll be good alright." He stepped into the shower and Leah gasped as he gripped her hips and slid her down his body on her feet and held her by the top of her arms.

Leah sputtered and tried to dodge the water, but he held her firmly, letting the water sluice down. "I don't get the point of this."

She gazed up at him when he brought his hand to his forehead and inattentively brushed away the damp hair that had fallen into his eyes. He looked even more glorious, naked and wet but she wasn't going to tell him that, he ruined her plans of sleeping in.

Smug Bastard, she thought stomping her foot, a light splash of water splattered on her ankle and his foot before going down the drain.

"I just wanted to see you wet." He dropped his gaze to her soaking body, lingering at her breasts then lifted his concentrated stare to hers.

She swallowed already feeling her pint-size control slip. She wasn't going to be begging him for sex that was for sure. She would hold out for days before she begged him.

"If Jake makes his way over here because you're taking too long to get to him I'm going to throttle you." She threatened feebly.

His eyes lit with laughter as he leaned down so that his lips were only less than an inch from hers. "Promises, promises love."

Two hours later Embry grudgingly left Leah when she had in her own unique way kicked him out of her house. Embry had squeezed in another round with her in the shower after hearing her beg for a minute and he even got a nice cooked breakfast out of the deal so he couldn't complain. It was way more than what he would have gotten a while ago.

He had left his car parked in front of Leah's house and walked to Second Beach where he planned to meet up with Jake. He still didn't know what he was going down there for since Jake's texts were nebulous and the bonfire was usually held on First Beach, but he just shrugged it off.

Embry touched his mark gently, smiling to himself as he strolled through the woods in human form. He didn't know why he kept thinking that the scar was going to heal over or disappear into a thin pink line. He already knew if it hadn't mended by now that it was never going to; both he and his wolf loved that. He was proud of it and wanted the world to see that he was all hers.

It was still taking some time to get used to her intense emotions streaming along with his. Not that he had any grievances about it especially now that he was apart from her. He liked knowing that she was safe even though Leah could handle herself. Embry felt like he could protect her better, having an invisible key to the inside of her beautiful brain.

He damn sure knew it was good for him to know if something were wrong with his girl. Leah never liked to admit when she needed help, unless it involved sex. She was as stubborn as a mule thinking she could handle any and every situation alone, particularly when they were wolves. She purposely selected what she wanted to share with him when they were phased. But with this new mark, her mind was pretty much free for him to access whenever he pleased.

Embry bent his head down when he had to get under a large branch to continue his trek. He could hear Jake on the phone tapping away, the waves of the ocean brushing against the sand, the breeze of the cool air brushing past him and he could taste a tang of salt on his tongue. He pulled off his shoes holding them in his left hand as he listened to where the tapping sound was coming from.

Embry's bare feet hit the cool sand as he strolled over toward his bestfriend who was sitting on a large piece of driftwood. There was literally no one else was on the beach because it was still early in the morning and the sun hadn't come out which made the cold air unbearable to a normal person.

"Hey man." Jake nodded his head in a 'sup' motion, but he kept his eyes locked on the small black device that looked extremely small in his large palm.

"This is what the incessant texts were for?" Embry raised his eyebrows, tossing his shoes down next to the driftwood, and then sat down a few feet away from Jake on the driftwood.

"Quil stole my phone and sent some of those texts." Jake said keeping his attention on his phone tapping at the delete button repeatedly with his eyebrows furrowed.

"And he's where?" Embry looked over his left shoulder before glancing over his right even though he knew they were alone.

"Probably hiding behind Nessie since he knows I'm coming after him as soon as I leave here," Jake tapped his phone angrily one last time grimacing. "I needed to talk to you alone anyway and Quil said the only way to get you out of Leah's lair, was to ah—woah…" Jake finally looked up from his phone, his eyes widened as he zeroed in right on Embry's neck. "You weren't kidding when you said you were going to tell her how you felt. It looks like she didn't take it well." Jake chuckled punching Embry lighting on the arm. "I would ask what happened but I know you're going to fill your awesome Alpha in right?"

Embry tried socking Jake back but with Jake's quick reflexes he dodged it almost falling off the driftwood in the process. Jake barely caught himself by gripping onto the old wood with both hands before he could tumble onto the mixture of dirt, sand, leaves and sticks. After Jake resituated himself trying to play it off as if nothing happened and Embry stopped snickering they went back to the conversation.

"She took it well alright—" Embry waggled his eyebrows.

Jake scowled, holding his hands up to stop Embry. "Just explain what you can, without the mental picture of you and Leah doing the do. I got enough free porn of you and Leah to last me a lifetime from your memories and fantasies while we were phased last week." Jake placed his phone in his side pocket.

Embry disregarded Jake's look of disgust and went on to clarify some of what happened. "I actually bit her first before she did this to me." Embry said with pride. "It was as if our wolves took over or something. I don't know how to explain it bro but I can feel her thoughts running through me right now. And everything between us is like twenty times more intense. I thought I wanted her desperately before, but now…" Embry trailed off looking out at the waves that were crashing against one another. "it's like I'll never get enough."

"Sounds like a fun mystery for Old Quil and my dad to figure out. I swear they live for this type of stuff." Jake chuckled scratching his knuckles against his jaw. "Tonight's bonfire should be really interesting. I know the guys will have some words," Jake paused causing Embry to look at him questioningly. "especially your brother."

"Sam has no claim to her, that was made loud and clear as soon as he imprinted. Leah has been my girl for so long—" Embry cut himself off his jaw tightening before he took a calming breath and continued, "She's mine and nothing will change that."

"Chill out bro, I was just saying to be prepared." Jake reached out and gripped Embry's shoulder squeezing down on his shoulder blade, effectively calming him down.

"I'm good, I just hate this imprinting bullshit, uh no offense to Ness or anything." Embry scratched the back of his neck.

"None taken," Jake's hand fell back to his side, "You do have to wonder though, if either of you will join the team, it's not that bad over here on the imprinted side Em."

Embry held back his scowl as he thought about it. He couldn't even imagine himself imprinting now, it just didn't sit right with him. He had never noticed it was such a hot topic to talk about until then. No wonder Leah was so freaked out about it.

"If you say so, but I don't think I'll be joining that crew and I'll be damned if Leah does." Embry said vehemently. "Leah is it for me, she's the only girl that my wolf has ever shown any interest towards. And even though I tell her all the time that there is nothing wrong with her, she still believes that she won't imprint. And now I have to believe that she won't either because if I lose her—" the rest of Embry's sentence died in his throat, it was painful just thinking about it. He smoothly tried changing the subject. "Are you going to tell me what I'm doing here at ten am in the morning?"

"Sure, sure I was getting there." Jake nodded his head in the direction of the long stretch of sand where the waves were still pushing to the shore, "Let's go for a walk."

"Why do I feel like you're about to tell me something I'm not going to like?" Embry said as neither of them moved from their position.

Embry really hoped that it wouldn't wind up being another mission to a city hours away for another week. Because someone from Jake's small pack always ended up having to stay behind to keep an eye on Nessie. Odds were Embry would be separated from Leah for a while with there only being five people in the pack. Embry didn't care if it was selfish, he really didn't want to be away from her any longer than a few hours. Especially with finally getting Leah to say that she loved him. He didn't want to give her an opportunity to think about running away from what they were turning into.

"I already talked to Quil and Seth about the situation. Quil wasn't any help, Seth at least tried to offer some ideas but it involves asking Sam if we can combine the packs again. I really don't want to involve Sam yet when he's been trying so hard to stop phasing. I thought about calling Leah to ask what she thought about it but I haven't had the chance to talk to her yet. Not with just getting back home yesterday and finding out all this new information that keeps making what we already know more complicated." Jake pulled his phone halfway out of his pocket checking to see if he had any new messages, before slipping it back inside.

"What has Alice said about it?" Embry asked frowning at the fact that they relied so heavily on her precognitions to help them.

"She's been keeping a watch out but whatever leech is creating the newborns know about Alice's visions and they are playing with her blind spots like crazy."

"Which means that Seattle mess wasn't just random?" Embry asked dryly.

"No it was not random but then again I could be wrong those leeches are tricky as hell. All I know is the newborns are getting closer to Forks and La Push. And from the small glimpse that Alice saw they are double of what we saw out in Seattle. Without knowing who the leech in charge is or what they want we're just killing while they continue to make more in random cities. Edward said there might be more than one mastermind to this whole thing but Jasper doesn't agree. Blondie mentioned something about the Volturi even though Alice immediately said no to that. Everyone is all over the place it's confusing as hell. This was probably the worst day to have this bonfire and it's too late to cancel it."

"We have to have a pack meeting with the Cullen's because I'm sure they know a bit more info that they haven't shared with you yet. And I know you don't want to, but it might be good idea to talk to my brother about combining the packs. We need all the help we can get. It would make us sixteen or seventeen in total if you include the younger ones who have been itching for a good vamp to run into. Instead of just five against however many of those red eyed vamps are out there now. Sam doesn't even have to do anything and it might actually help him with the whole retiring as temporary Alpha wolf. Because we all know he was only supposed to be temporary." Embry stressed the word.

Jake gave Embry a strange look. "The guys were right Leah has been rubbing off on you. You never would have said anything like that a few years back."

"That's why you put me third in charge. But I rub off on her too, if you know what I mean." Embry massaged his hands together a few times, winking as he broke out into laughter.

"Ugh! What the f—" Jacob shuddered shaking his head really fast. "I said no mental pictures. Where's the bleach when I need it?" he slapped his right hand to his face wiping his eyes for a few minutes groaning in irritation.

"You practically live at the Cullen's. There should be enough of that bleach odor they reek of, embedded in your system that anymore would probably be detrimental even to your health." Embry kept on laughing at his friend maneuvering himself away from Jake who tried to pull him into a headlock.

"Har, har, har, I see you got jokes man." Jake chuckled sarcastically. "I'll get you back though. You and Quil are on my hit list." Jake stood up stretching before he said. "Come on, I have to talk to Bells and Edward to see if they'll spill anything else and I'm sure you want to do whatever it is you do with Leah."

"Sure, sure." Embry pulled Jake's infamous line on him as he scooped up his shoes in his left hand, and let his bare feet sink into the sand with each step he took.

Both Jake and Embry walked towards the short cut in the forest that none of the humans knew about. Embry still had to get home to change his clothes since he was only wearing cutoffs and a T-shirt he had left over Leah's place. He loved that his clothes smelled like her laundry detergent, it was another thing that added to her addicting, sweet smelling, powerful scent. But he wanted to look good for Leah and that required changing out his usual attire even though she had seen him in far less and at his worst.

He knew he was going to have to tell Leah about this new information but he didn't know when he would have the time to. They were already going to have everyone on them for their marks on their necks. Plus Sue had been out of town for a few weeks traveling with Charlie Swan and she would probably be stealing Leah away the whole night. The bonfire that was going to happen a few hours from then was definitely going to be an interesting one.

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I'm working on updating my other stories before Tuesday now that I have my internet set up and all my unpacking is done.

Wooo hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! (^,^)

Review :)