Darren Shan/Cirque du freak and Harry potter crossover

This fanfic is set after Vampire prince. Darren knows Steve is the Vampaneze Lord. Darren can flit, he looks about 15 years old, and he has fangs. I KNOW vamps don't have fangs in the book but i think they're cool so live with it. ;)


"I still can't believe I agreed to this," growled Darren.

"Technically you didn't agree; we forced you," Mr. Crepsley pointed out.

"But still, a wizard school?" he whined.

"Oh, come on! It will be just like high school!"

"That's what I'm afraid of," Darren muttered darkly.

"Well, you're going whether you like it or not!"

And Crepsley would not listen to any further argument.

*line break!*


"Sire? The other Princes wish to speak with you."

Darren sighed and rolled out of his hammock. "This can't be good," he thought.

He was right.

"A nation of witches and wizards. You've got to be kidding me."

"It's true, Darren. You see, Steve and the Vampaneze have joined the dark wizards," explained Arrow, "And we need to form an alliance with the... um... What would you call them? Light wizards? Oh, never mind! The good ones!"

"But why do I have to? Can't a general go?"

"Not in this particular case. Because it is a school, and you are the only vampire who can pass for a teenager. Larten will accompany you to this school and act as your 'protector', but he will have to leave you on your own for a couple of weeks for a scouting mission. Don't worry, you'll survive," said Mika, seeing the anxious expression on the youngest prince's face.

Sorry I know it's really short. Don't kill me! I'm putting the next chapter up now!