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Darren sighed in exasperation as he tried to get a semblance of order in his 'class'. Really! They were the ones that had wanted to ride dragons. So Darren and Shadow had flown out to the nearby mountains and gathered some feral dragons, and had herded them back to the castle. It wasn't without struggle, though. It had taken Darren to the ends of his dragon-controlling abilities to convince them to fly straight.

So far his class consisted of: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, Draco, Pansy, Padma and Parvati, Fred, George, Seamus, Dean, Crabbe, Goyle, three hufflepuffs he could not for the life him remember the names of, and Luna.

And they all refused to go near the dragons. This was going to be harder than he thought.

"Alright, listen up! If you don't have your sorry butts next to a dragon the next ten seconds, I'll be selecting your mount for you! Bear in mind that you will be partnered with the same dragon for the whole course!"

That got them moving.

Slowly but surely, they moved towards the group of dragons, making sure they weren't going to attack before gaining confidence. One by one they chose a mount. Of course, Malfoy went for the biggest.

"Now please; don't antagonise them. I may have them all under control, but it's hard work, not to mention it's giving me a headache, and if you irritate them my concentration might just slip," I said. It was true; controlling the beasts meant hearing their thoughts, and having a dozen minds that aren't your own clamouring for your attention can give anyone a migraine.

Once everyone had a dragon, I went around to check if everyone had the right size dragon. After all, if you had a massively fat person on a dragonling, problems could arise.

"Everything seems to be in order," I said after checking everything over. "We aren't going to be flying today; just getting to know your dragon. Then I'll do a quick demonstration, and we can go to class; Umbridge is already at my throat, and I don't want to give her any more reasons to curb my blood privileges. A vamp's gotta live, right?"

They looked faintly disturbed at that. I have to say, it was rather fun to spring random vampire info on them. Kind of like a hobby.

The young wizards gazed fearfully up at their new 'pets' and the dragons looked intently back. A lot of them had never seen humans before, and were probably thinking 'ohmygosh-there's-an-ugly-two-legged-no-tail-smelly-thing-in-front-of-me-I-must-eat-it-NOW'. I could hear one thinking which way was best to marinade Crabbe. That made me laugh.

"Um… What do we do?" asked Ginny after an awkward silence.

"Just talk to them," I replied airily, and slithered up onto Shadow's back, her black scales rustling against my clothes.

"HELP!" came a sudden cry. My head shot up to see Neville getting a thorough bath from the young coppery female he had chosen.

"Don't panic; that's good! She likes you, and probably won't eat you from now on."

"Great," said Neville hoarsely, before sliding to the ground in a dead faint. The dragon looked like she was about to cry.

"Someone take him to the hospital wing, Before the dragons mistake him for dead and eat him," I called out. Dean and Seamus gladly stepped away from their own, rather menacing beasts, and dragged him in the direction of the castle.


"Now for the demonstration," I announced about half an hour later.

I grabbed the spine in front of me, and quickly told Shadow the routine I had thought up. She made a few adjustments, and then off we went.

The first part of the demonstration was a simple corkscrew, to gain height. When we were a good few metres from the ground, Shadow opened her mouth and let loose a steady stream of fire, still spinning, The result was spirals of flame travelling in circles around us.

After that, it was mostly free-style flight, with a few dips, rolls and even a well-executed stall ( that wasn't supposed to happen, but I pulled off). Eventually, when I was dizzy to the point of falling off and Shadow's wing muscles were protesting, we landed amongst the awed students.

"On a final note," I instructed as I jumped off, "You must always remember to rub oil into your dragon's joints, to stop them stiffening, especially after doing that many dives. Now off to class, the lot of you!"

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