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Kagome gasped as she watched Inuyasha and Kikyou kissing. She couldn't figure out how he could do such a thing to her, she couldn't figure out. She couldn't figure out how he could make her think that he actually cared, and then betray her trust like that. She didn't want to think, didn't want to do anything, so she ran. Ran back to the well, not even bothering to say goodbye to the others in their group. She just ran. Down the well, and up again. Not even acknowledging her family in the living room. She just ran. Upstairs to her room, where she fell into her bed, and just lay there, and cried herself to sleep.


What the hell? Inuyasha thought, why in all nine hells was Kikyou kissing him? Here's what I get for trying to help, she takes it as a come-on! Only problem is, I DON'T WANT HER. Inuyasha pushed Kikyou away, and ran back to the village, ignoring the hurt look Kikyou was giving him. It was nearing sunset, and Kagome was due back any minute. Kagome. He smiled (A/N: I know this is kinda OOC, but things like this will only be in his thoughts, his actions will still make him out to be crude, selfish, and arrogant). Kagome's coming back. Two whole days without seeing her face, he was getting somewhat antsy to look at her again. Ah, sunset, she should be coming by any time now. any time now. soon. very soon. fuck. Where the hell is she?

He went over to the well and passed through the time portal into modern-day Tokyo. Inuyasha immediately left the well house, and climbed up the tree outside her window. It was open, so he crawled through, and was about to yell at her to wake up, when he saw something glistening on her cheek. Tears.

"Keh." She probably was crying over failing one of those stupid "tests" of hers. He would have yelled at her, like the big bad Hanyou he was, except she looked tired, yeah, that's it tired. And a sleepy miko wasn't worth much, and besides, what difference would it make if she slept here or in the past? Yeah. That's it. It wasn't because he felt sympathy for her or nothing. Nope, nothing like that. With those thoughts, he jumped out the window and headed back to the Feudal Age.


When Kagome woke, she felt no better than the night before. Ugh, the alarm said it was only 5:30. Might as well get up and make an apology breakfast for the family, since she had rushed in so abruptly last night. As Kagome got dressed and went downstairs to begin chopping veggies for the miso soup, she continued to must over her little dilemma. Kagome felt like she had no control over the situation, like she couldn't just say "no" and have it be Inuyasha and herself, with Kikyou a rotting corpse. Wait. Let's make Inuyasha a rotting corpse as well, then they could be happy together, and she could dance on their graves. Now, that sound like fun.

"Owe." Kagome looked down at her finger and saw a little bit of blood seeping out from a wound from her knife. "That sucks" she bent down to lick off the blood and noticed how the injury made her forget Inuyasha for a few moments. She smiled wickedly and gave herself another little cut. She found something to make her forget the pains she had from Inuyasha, something to make her. happy. And, as the blood bloomed from her skin, an idea blossomed in her head. This was something she had all to herself. This was a place where she had control.