Hey everyone! This is my first fanfic to The Vampire Diaries. I am so excited to write it, however, before reading, let me point out a huge warning about the mature material. If you do NOT like, blood, gore, or mature settings, then I advise you NOT to read it because I do not sugarcoat anything; but if you do, then happy reading. ^_^

So before I actually put my fanfic up, here is some basic info you should know:

1. I advise readers to watch the series' first, just to get a background basis of the characters and locations.

2. I use my own character, so that means it's in her POV mostly.

3. I like interacting with my audience so if there is something you want to see happen, then message me. I love hearing what others have to say.

4. I write these stories on my time! I have school, so I don't have a lot of time I can spare, but when I do, I'll write it and post it. If I lose readers that way, then so be it.

5. Just have fun reading it =)