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The shift had been close to hell. Sam finding out about the engagement before she could tell him in person had really put a mark on the day and defined his, very, foul mood. Walking to the locker room she was mentally considering killing Luke, for spilling their announcement despite her asking him not to, but also killing Sam. He had no right to be so pissed. He was the one that pushed her away. He was the one that had sent her back to Luke after the black out. She had wanted to talk to him, telling him she needed him and all he had said was; "It was what it was."

He had made it very clear that he had no interest in her at all. She had felt like such a fool for thinking he actually wanted her too, the way she wanted him. She had been right, he was the one who could break her heart. Luke was the safe one. She didn't want him like she wanted Sam, but at least he wouldn't be able to hurt her. Gosh, how can I be thinking about Sam and what I want from him when Luke is in hospital fighting for his life. This is bad! We haven't even been engaged for 24 hours.

The slamming of the door distracted her from her thoughts. She saw Sam walking in to the locker room and scowled. "What are you doing here sir, this is the women's locker room after all."

"Well, I thought I'd return the visit. It never was a problem for you before, why is it now? Because you are engaged?" He turned around and locked the door, not wanting to be interrupted. This was something between the two of them, but he did hate himself for his bad timing. It couldn't have been worse.

He had to talk to his former Rookie, not only to apologise for his behaviour of that day. He had wanted to talk to her sooner, but both the hospital and the ride back to the barn hadn't been the right place. After some convincing he had gotten Andy out of the hospital and in to the cruiser. Taking her back to the barn, so she could change out of her uniform.

Andy remembered their very first locker room encounter and how he had tried to scare her off by stripping off while they were talking. She smiled remembering the beautiful body that surfaced after the layers of clothing came off. How she had craved him and still did. She put her eyes on him, daring him to start talking. The locking of the door hadn't gone unnoticed to her, so she knew she was in for a rough one. With the night shift out on the streets, the barn was empty so she didn't think Sam was going to be easy on her. Not after today. In a way this hurt, because she did have a rough day. With Luke being shot, Sam not speaking to her because of the engagement. Two can play that game she decided. And she started by undoing the laces of her boots.

"McNally, I am sorry for being such an ass today. But you did kind of get me off guard with this engagement thing. Are you sure you want to do this? You have only just moved in with… McNally, what ARE you doing?" Sam took another look at her. Oh no, she isn't he thought. Recognising the game he played with her months ago after she had arrested him and walked in on him in the locker room. Oh God, I am in trouble now, focus Sam he thought as Andy looked up at him with eyes full of mischief.

"Why would you care Sam? You are my former TO, my partner on the streets and a friend. You made it clear it was nothing more than that after the black out. You pushed me to Luke and I made my choice." As she continued, taking off her undershirt enjoying the look of discomfort Sam had. Did she just see a light blush? Was the bad ass Sam Swarek uncomfortable? He had seen her in her underwear before.

"Because I care about you Andy." Using her first name took away all the formality he had in his voice before. "I care for you and I don't want you to get hurt. I am sorry for hurting you. I still don't know why I did it and I keep smacking myself for doing it. Stupidly enough I didn't realise all this before it was, is, to late. With you being engaged to Callaghan now, I can't keep it up anymore. So I'm going to ask for a transfer and another partner until then." He kept his eyes diverted as he saw she now was only wearing her bra and panties. The one second he allowed himself to look at her, his eyes travelled up to hers. They portrayed hurt, confusion, anger, but most of all amazement. Her jaw dropped as he finished his words and he thought he could spot a tear forming in the corner of her left eye.

"This. Isn't. Happening." She stammered, looking him straight in the eyes."You can NOT be doing this. You have no right, nothing. You let me think I meant nothing to you, you hurt me, you set me aside, pushed me away. Telling me it was what it was. Letting me know it was nothing more than us getting caught up in the moment. That you were horny and I was the one take it out on. Telling me that Luke was good, stable, what I needed. Giving me the idea that you just tolerated me because we're partners and some kind of friends. And now, while I've finally accepted that the one man I have ever had genuine feelings for in my life doesn't want me and I'll have to settle for okay, you tell me that you don't want me to do that. WHAT DO YOU WANT SAM!" She fell down on the floor sobbing her heart out.

Sam stood there, not knowing what to do, it really didn't seem like the right time to crack and bad jokes. He wasn't going to get her to smile. Not now. He got down on the floor next to her and pulled her up to his chest. "Andy, I'm so, so, so sorry. I thought I could manage. I thought you were happy with Callaghan, I only wanted the best…"

Andy pushed him away. "Shut up Sam. You had no right to do this to me. And now, after today, you just decide to throw a bomb on me? You had no right. You didn't know a thing. It was you all along, I wanted you."

She got up, took her towel and walked in to the shower thinking Sam would leave. They were in the locker room at the barn after all. At some point someone would start to notice the door had been locked for quite a while. What she didn't expect was for Sam to follow her in. With out looking back she took her bra and panties of and stepped into the shower, the water was nice and warm, as it had already been running for quite some time. She let the water run over her face, washing away the tears that had been running over her cheeks. She turned around to reach for her shampoo and got the shock of her life. "WHAT! The nerve of you…" Sam, still fully dressed, stepped up to her and pinned her to the wall, boxing her in with his strong arms and kissed her. Hungrily, longingly. And she gave in, opening her mouth to let him enter.

Sam still had his clothes on, something that bothered Andy, as she was stark naked. She started to take his shirt of, Sam moaning in appreciation while her hands gripped his chest. Trailing them down to his belt, she unbuckled his belt and pulled down his uniform pants and boxers at once. Taking it slow was not on her mind today. His boots spoiled the fun; they were still laced and tied to the top. She started fumbling with them, but couldn't get the knot out. She understood why Sam never had lose laces to trip over. "Damn it, I can't get them of." On her way up she kissed and licked every part of Sam she could reach, making sure to avoid his growing erection. She'd save that for later. Sam kneeled down and quickly untied his boots and kicked them of. He too, was now naked in the shower with her. He got back up and kissed her again, their tongues battling around each other. He felt her hands all over his body and she felt his. "What are we doing?" she asked, her voice almost gone with lust. "Don't over think now McNally." He whispered as his hands slid between her thighs. She whimpered as her knees buckled, almost losing the little power she had left to stand up. His member was pressed up against her stomach and she wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her.

He picked her up, wrapping him around his waist, getting ready to enter her, when all of a sudden she stopped. "Sam, take me home. To your house. Now. Not here, not like this." It snapped him out of his trance, realising where they were. "Get dressed." He said, forcefully but loving. "I'll see you outside in five." He gathered his uniform, stalked out of the shower grabbing one of the towels. She heard the door to the locker room slam a couple of seconds later.

Andy got out off the shower, towelled of quickly and near jumped into her clothes. Glad to be alone. She didn't feel like answering to anybody about her flushed state and Sam leaving the locker room naked, wearing just a towel, soaking wet.

Sam stood by his car, he had avoided Best's eyes when he walked out of the station. Not knowing for sure if Best had seen him walk out of the women's locker room. He still didn't know how he pulled of barging out of there without anyone noticing after the locker room had been locked for over twenty minutes. He had stuffed his wet uniform in the laundry bag, quickly putting on his street clothes. Running out to his truck, waiting of her. Please don't let her run. Not now we are so close to finding each other. He thought.

After a minute or two the door opened and Andy walked towards the figure leaning against his truck. He opened the door on the passenger side and helped her in. Running to the driver's side he jumped in and started the engine, pulling out of the parking lot at once.

They got to his house and both flew out of the truck, Sam just remembering to lock it. He fumbled with the key, pulling Andy in to the house. They barely made it in, Sam kicking the door shut, before her lips were on his again. They had to break apart for air and Sam just had to ask; "Andy, why are you doing this? Are you seeking comfort again? You did have a rough day, but I can't do that again. I can't be the other guy again."

"I want you Sam. That is why. The timing is bit off, but I'll sort that later."