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A soft, familiar, sound woke Andy from her dream. She turned over and watched her husband snoring softly. Extending her finger and softly poking him in the ribs she waited until he opened his eyes.

"Sam? Can you…"

"Yeah, sure. Just a sec…"

"Sam?" Andy carefully whispered as she walked into the bedroom. She heard his soft snoring when she approached the bed and decided to let him sleep. They had both worked the night shift, but she got stuck with a pile of paperwork before she could go home.

She was not surprised to find Sam in her bed. The pregnancy scare had changed their relationship and although they both still had their own lives; they were spending more and more time together. Sam would mostly sleep at her place during rotation, as it was closer to the barn. Their days off were mostly spent at his place, as it was more spacious. It was a routine developed within the next few weeks.

They still hadn't told anybody, except for Traci, so Jerry knew and Oliver; although she was pretty sure that by now their colleagues had put two and two together. They kept coming in together, leaving together and people had been commenting on Sam's change of attitude.

Leaning against the doorframe she took in Sam's sleeping form. Andy felt her heart skipping a few beats. God that man… Unconsciously her mind returned to those weeks of uncertainty and the week after the test. She fell even more in love with him than she already had been.

He had been there for her, listened to her and comforted her, put up with her. Loved her. And that was the key. He loved her and showed it to her in every possible way. He loved her, just the way she is. He kept telling her that as much as she needed him to, and more. There was never a single day she would not know that he did.

She slipped into the bathroom to brush her teeth. She had long stopped changing into her pyjamas, as she loved the feel of their skin touching. Andy slipped into the bed, nestling against Sam and as if it were a reflex, his arm slipped around her pulling her in tight.

"I'll miss you Sam," she whispered as she threaded her fingers through his. It did not take long for Andy to fall asleep in the safety of Sam's arms.

The next morning it was Sam's touch that woke Andy up; his hands resting on her abdomen, his mouth kissing her neck.

"We still have a conversation to finish," he whispered in her ear.

"Yes we do," she answered, turning to face him. "Now where did we leave the conversation?"

Sam ran his hands over her back before propping himself up to lean over her. He lowered his mouth to her abdomen. "I was telling you how I think your beautiful belly here will be a perfect place for our future kids to grow." His lips moved against her skin while he spoke, causing her to wriggle and giggle.

Andy felt the butterflies flutter around in her stomach. Where a touch like this would usually arouse her, this time it made her feel on top of the world. Sam talking about their future, about kids; it rocked her world. Knowing he wanted all that with her. Because she wanted it too. With him.

"I was ready. I am SO ready!" Andy had blurted out while they were cooking dinner about a week after the negative test, tears rolling down her face.

"I know McNally, I know," Sam said as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. "But I want to do it the right way."

"I know Sam," Andy hiccupped. "Just don't wait too long. You never know what will happen. We have been seeing much more of Boyd than I would like to."

"Don't worry about Boyd," he replied showing off the dimples. "You can always chase me down an alley, tackle me and kiss me again."

Andy had smiled, but could not let go of the feeling she had that something big was going to happen; involving Boyd.

"McNally? Andy? Earth to McNally."

"Yeah, I'm here."

Shoving her body back into Sam's she nuzzled her face into is chest, taking in his smell. She had been right, her gut feeling was always right.

"Andy, listen to me. I will be back. Soon. And then? You and I are going to make babies... I'm looking forward to that," he said grinning broadly.

He placed another kiss on her abdomen. "Maybe we can have a small practice run now?" he crawled back up, tracing his lips over her skin as he waggled his eyebrows. A pair of dark eyes full of lust met his gaze.

"We can't Sam. Not today. I don't want to take any risks. We have no idea how long you'll be gone and I am not doing this without you. I want to. But we can't," she ended her statement in a whisper.

Sam nodded in understanding, as he lowered his lips to hers. Cupping Andy's face with his hands, he assured her, "I'll be back. Soon. Very soon. It's just recon."

Sam had been right. He came back soon. About five weeks into his undercover stint Oliver, her partner since Sam had left, insisted they'd check out a tip he got from an informant. It took them to the other side of town, a side they hardly ever went to.

"You drive McNally, Izzy kept us up all night," was all he said as she had the keys flung at her. Oliver got in to the passenger side and took his phone out of his vest.

Andy started the cruiser and drove off to the address Oliver had punched into the centre console's navigation. He was uncharacteristically quiet during the drive. Andy, being lost in her own thoughts, hardly noticed when Oliver suddenly sat up during the drive.

"We are having breakfast. Here."

"But we just started shift. I just had breakfast."

"NOW McNally," he said, causing her to slam the breaks. "You know me, I'm always hungry," he added, smiling broadly. He threw off his seatbelt and nearly jumped out of the car.

She could not help but nod in agreement as she followed him into the shabby looking diner. "And how do you know this place?"

"I don't, it's just the first place I saw. Let's order McNally," he said as he scanned the diner.

Andy followed his gaze, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Picking up a menu she noticed that Oliver still seemed to be a bit restless and he kept staring at his phone. Without even looking at the menu he called the waitress over to place an order.

"So, any news on Sam's whereabouts?" he asked her.

"I think I know as much as you do, maybe even less," she said, playing with her fork. She looked up at him from under her eyelashes, trying to hide tears that were starting to form. Letting out a deep sigh, a weak smile formed on her face. "I miss him so much."

"I know….."

Something about his tone made her think he had wanted to say more. She was about to ask him when their food was served.

"Aaah, food's here," Oliver exclaimed as he grabbed his knife and fork and started eating. He kept an eye on Andy, which in a way, made her feel a little nervous.

"How's your food McNally?" he asked, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

"I wouldn't know, I'm still trying to cut through this fried egg. It's impossible," she said as she gave it another try. As she picked it up with her fork and sniffed it, she noticed a small, round, metal object hidden underneath it.

Oliver chuckled as he saw her eyes nearly pop out of their sockets from amazement, as her mouth fell open. If it were physically possible, she would have to gather it off the floor in order to close her mouth.

"Is… Is that… Is that what I think it is?" she stammered looking up at him.

"I wouldn't know McNally. I'm married. So if it were, I wouldn't know. I, obviously, am not the one proposing to you."

"But I am."

The low, husky voice startled her, causing her to drop her fried egg to the floor. Hitting her knee against the table as she jumped up from her chair, she flung herself around his neck. Needing to touch him, feel him to believe it was real. When realisation hit her that he was really standing there, she smashed her lips to his. It was Oliver's throat clearing that brought them back to reality.

"You're back? Right? Done?"



"Huh? What?"

"Yes Sam, I'll marry you."

"Good, let's go," he said as he wiped the ring clean. It had gotten grease all over it from being hidden under the egg.

"Excuse me?" she managed to get out as he slipped the ring around her finger.

"Let's go get ready to get married,' he said as he led her out of the diner. It was only then that she noticed his truck.

"But I'm on shift Sam. And isn't it a bit fast?"

"No you're not McNally, I arranged for you to have the day off so we can go and arrange our marriage license," he helped her in to the passenger side of his truck. "Marriage license, move in with me, marry me and then the other thing we spoke about," he changed his wording as Oliver approached the truck with Andy's bag.

Andy blushed as Sam took her bag from his best friend. "Thank you for bringing my bag, Sir."

"No problem McNally, it's a good thing Nash knows your locker combination," Oliver mentioned, before he walked back to the cruiser to continue his shift.

When she was sure Oliver had gone around the corner Andy threw herself at Sam, pushing him up against the truck in surprise. Her arms ran around his neck and she grabbed his hair as she pulled him in for another kiss. They could both feel their bodies respond to each other.

"I'm so happy you are back."

"Seriously Sam," she asked him while running her hands over his back, "aren't we moving a bit fast?"

'Yes and no."

"What is it? Yes? Or no?"


"Both? Enlighten me."

"Well in any other circumstance I would say yes. But we have known each other for a very long time; been trusting each other with our lives since the day we met. I can't imagine a day where I am not partnered with you. At work and at home," he said as he stared at her, lacing his fingers through her hair.

"I am in love with you and have been for a while. I want to share my life with you and have kids with you. The pregnancy scare we had a while ago clarified one thing for us. We are ready to take the next step. To have kids. And I want to marry you… because I love you Andy. You and I both understand that our jobs can be dangerous and we put our lives at risk everyday. If something happens to either of us in our jobs, we can be assured that there is a plan in place for us to be taken care of," he used his thumb to wipe away the tears that ran over her face. "I am making plans Andy. For the future. Our future."

He opened his arms for her as she crawled up against him and curled up like a baby. Sam felt her body shake as she tried to swallow her tears. He kissed the top of her head, held her tightly against him and started to murmur against her skin. Soothing her, calming her.

After a couple of minutes she calmed down enough to speak.

"So what are we waiting for? Let's do it," she murmured as she crawled on top of him. She stretched out over him, locking her hands with his. Every inch of her body touching his.

"Hmmmm, feels good," he whispered back as he touched his lips to hers.

"Frank, you have a minute?" Sam asked as he walked into his staff sergeants office.

Best motioned him to come in as he ended his phone call.

"Happy to have you home Sam."

"Happy to be home Sarge. I need to talk to you about something."

"I was expecting you today. So I take it congratulations are in order?" Best stood up from his chair, extending his hand to Sam.

"Yes, they are," Sam said as he took Best's hand and shook it, "but I need to talk to you about riding partners. Again."

Knowing that now the relationship between Andy and himself was taken to the next level their sergeant would be more reluctant to let them ride together.

"I understand Sam. But I can't keep you together anymore. McNally will be registered to your address too and it won't take long for HQ to realise you are spouses and they will have my head if you two are still riding together."

"I understand Frank."

"Now… I was thinking of partnering McNally with Shaw, maybe let you ride together one shift every rotation. I think I could work my way around that."

"Yeah, yeah… Sounds like a plan, she's safe with Shaw. He can protect her. Keep her away from trouble. Thanks Frank."

He nodded to his Staff Sergeant, thanking him and spun on his heels, ready to leave the office.

"I'll have you riding together 'til the wedding."

Sam couldn't help himself and grinned. "Thanks Frank," he replied with out turning around.

"As long as you keep focused on the job Swarek!" Frank called after him.

The last warning from his Staff Sergeant could not stop him from pressing McNally, his McNally, up against the wall when he ran into her. "Talked to Frank, job's done," he whispered in her ear before crashing his lips against hers, his hand suggestively running up her side. A "Swarek, McNally! Focus!" sounding through the barn caused them to jump apart.

"So, we've got some planning to do," she said matter-of-factly as she took a bite from the pizza she had just taken from the oven, hissing as she burned her tongue. She licked a drop of sauce from her lips.

Sam looked at her, as she sat on the kitchen counter, feet dangling against the cupboard. She was wearing nothing but his police academy shirt and a pair of boy shorts. 'Sexy as hell and she has no idea,' he thought.

"I guess we do," he said as he took a slice from the baking tray, while his other hand tucked a couple of hairs behind her ear.

"Let's move to the sofa," he said as he picked up the pizza and walked into the living room.

Andy trailed him, quickly taking the calendar down from the fridge. It had both of their rotations and any other important dates marked on it.

"Sooo, let's see… Ugh, Frank really needs to put us on the same rotation soon. There is not a day we are off together for the next month. This is so not going to work," she said pointing at the calendar. "One of us will have to take a personal day if we want to move my stuff into this place anytime soon."

Sam pulled Andy into him, wrapping his arm around her shoulder and pulled the calendar slightly towards him. "Let me see…" he squinted at the calendar "okay, I guess I could talk to Frank, request a personal day next Thursday so we can move and have a long weekend together. Get you settled. After that our rotations should line up. How does that sound?"

"Perfect! So, what about the wedding?"

"Uhm, depends. How big do you want it to be?"

"Small and simple; Just us and our friends."

"And that is what you want? Nothing big?"

"That's what I want. Just you, me, our friends and our family. A small ceremony and dinner afterwards. Nothing Fancy. Although I would not object to seeing you in a well fitted suit… at all," she said as a twinkle formed in her eyes.

"And will the lady be wearing a dress?" he asked as he pulled her in close, placing a kiss on her temple.

"Maaaaaaaybe, but not a wedding dress," and as if a realisation hit her, "I have to go dress-shopping!"

"Yeah… Let's pick a date first so everybody can make sure they have the day off."

"Well, that's easy since we have all been on the same rotation. Only Jerry's and Frank's schedule might be different, but I'm not sure about that. We'd have to ask them."

"Okay, let's pick a date."

"Sam?" Andy called out balancing the last two boxes while trying to open the door, "SAHAM? You know, a little help would be appreciated."

They had been moving her belongings into Sam's place for the past few hours. He'd been so intent on making it their house that he'd thrown out part of his furniture for it to be replaced by her furniture. She had spent the past few days packing her things into boxes with Traci, realised it had been a good thing they had sorted through everything when she moved into her new place after leaving Luke.

As she finally managed to fumble the door open she stepped into the house only to be met by a wide smiling Sam. "I knew you'd manage without me."

"You. Were. Standing. There?" she panted, "the whole time? And not for a second, did you consider opening the door for me?"

He chuckled at her scowling face, taking the boxes from her and setting them down. He placed a soft kiss on her forehead. "I did Sweetheart, but I was making sure we have somewhere to sleep after all this hard work," he explained as he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into him.

"So it's Sweetheart now?" she smiled against his lips, snaking her arms around his neck, "I move in with you and we lose the McNally and I become Sweetheart? Or are you just trying to let me forget the fact that I just had to struggle with two boxes and a …. "

He quickly covered her lips, pressing her into him. "No… I just thought I'd try something new," he said as he broke for air.

"But I like you calling me McNally."

"Well…. McNally," he whispered, "let's go see if I did a good job assembling the bed."

She jumped him and wrapped her legs around his waist before he could properly brace himself. He stumbled against the wall, trying to prevent them from falling over. When he was sure he had a good hold of her, he moved towards the bedroom dropping her to the mattress as he felt his knees hit the side of the bed.

"So McNally, what are we going to do next?" he asked her, waggling his eyebrows.

"Well, you could give me a massage. I am a bit sore after all that hard work," she grinned, tipping her head cockily. She sat up on the bed, taking off her shirt. She dropped face down on the bed, before Sam even had a chance to grab her.

"The massage oil is in the top drawer."

"You are relentless. You're not the only one who has been working hard," he said as he grabbed the bottle of oil from the dresser.

"Work your magic Swarek and I might return the favour," Andy smirked as she adjusted the pillows to rest her head on.

A few days after Andy moved in, they had a huge fight while on shift. They were called to a burglary. Upon arriving at the scene things had turned and the perp had taken both the tenant and her two-year-old son hostage. Andy and Oliver had been the first responders to arrive to the scene.

The minute Andy heard there was a child involved she stopped thinking clearly. While Oliver was calling for ETF back up she took off her utility belt and ran into the building determined to at least get the kid out alive. The minute Sam heard Oliver yell "McNally get your ass back here" over the radio he'd done a 180 and told Diaz to turn on the lights and sirens.

When Andy got out of the building Sam grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. He went into his TO role and blew up at her. As she was swallowing back the tears she freed her arm from him.

"I'm going to request another permanent partner Sam, you suffocate me," she yelled as she stormed off.

After Oliver and Andy had finished their paperwork at the barn she had gone home, without finding Sam. She knew, deep in her heart, that she had been nasty and that his reaction was one of worry. He loved her and as he had told her many times, losing her was his biggest fear.

She got home to a dark house. Sam wasn't home yet. Andy went straight to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and undressed waiting for the water to turn warm.

The slamming of the door shook the house, startling her. One thing was clear. He was still pissed off after today's events. She had made a stupid mistake and once again gotten in trouble. She let the water run over her body, choosing to stay in the shower, to get rid of the dirt she felt stuck to her body. To give him time to calm down.

She was just rinsing the shampoo from her hair when she was pushed against the shower wall. Her body responded directly to his touch. She could feel his erection as she pressed her hips into his. Her breath hitched as his lips closed over her erect nipple and pressed her up against the wall.

Running her fingers through his hair she pulled his face up aiming for his lips. The kissing was frantic, needy. His right hand ran down her body, causing her to bite his tongue as he pressed her swollen clit. She had trouble controlling her breathing, which made her feel light-headed.

"Take me Sam," she spoke against his lips as she grabbed his erection. She tried to guide him to her entrance, rubbing her finger over his tip; his body reacting to her touch. He shook his head as he pulled back and lowered his head to her breast again.

Knowing he'd make her lose control he bit down on her nipple and grinned as he looked up at her flushed 'fuck me' face.

"Don't ever do that again," he demanded huskily as he teasingly slipped his fingers inside her, his thumb rubbing her clit. "Promise you will never walk into a hostage situation without your gun ever again."

He curved his fingers against the spot he knew would set her off when she failed to answer. She moaned in response as she threw her head back against the wall, arching into his touch.

"Promise me," he repeated as he lifted her up against the wall. She wrapped her legs around him, causing her to spread wide open, pressing against him.

"Yemph,' she moaned into his mouth, not being able to handle the tension.

"What?" he asked as he pressed his tip against her.

"Yes Sir."

He entered her the second she spoke and jammed hard and deep. Frantically, the day's frustrations being released. A sharp sensation ran through her body with each thrust. He was showing her that he was still mad at her. Mad for not listening to him. Mad for putting herself in danger once again. Mad at himself for letting her.

Andy let him, enjoying his roughness; relishing the sharp feeling each time he drove into her. She enjoyed the feel of his arms sandwiching her between him and the wall, but she wanted more. She arched her back, causing him to hit her spot every time he pumped in; it sent a tingling sensation throughout her body and left room for her to play with her own breasts.

He noticed and lowered his head to her nipples. Sucking hard, biting, licking, teasing. Switching sides from time to time. She pressed her head against the top of his as she felt the muscles in her legs twitching. Knowing that she was on the verge of loosing control completely, she grabbed him tighter and dug her nails into his back.

She bit into his shoulder, whimpering as he pushed harder and harder, bringing both of them over the edge. Their bodies wet from the water falling down on them, making it harder to hold onto each other in the frenzy of the moment. She couldn't stop herself from crying out his name as she felt him release inside her.

"We are not done talking about this," he said as he put her down and walked away, leaving her in the shower, breathless and longing for more…

Andy heard the faint sound of car horn blaring and grabbed her bag.

"I'll see you tomorrow Sam."

"Come here," he replied as he pulled her in tight, "have fun. I'll see you tomorrow."

After a last kiss they parted and Andy left the house to go to Traci's for her last night as an unmarried woman. They had settled on a 'regular' girl's night. Andy had not felt the need for a wild party with male strippers, embarrassing assignments and dressing up. She just wanted dinner and movies with her best friend. Next to that she also wanted to stick to the tradition to spend the last night away from the groom.

"Sooo, how are the nerves?" Traci asked as she slid into the car.

"I'm fine, they are fine, it's all fine."

"Seriously Andy? You are rattling off like that and you want me to believe you are fine? Try again."

"Very nervous Trace! What if he changes his mind? What if he decides he does not want to marry me after all? What if… What if… Ugh," she slumped back into her seat.

"Hun, stop it. You have nothing to worry about. Tomorrow you will marry Sam Swarek," she looked at Andy fidgeting nervously with her nails "girl, you need a drink. And stop the nail-thing. You'll ruin them."


"You need a drink dude."

"No, I don't."

"Yes, you do."

"Trace, I don't want to have a hangover on my wedding day."

"But you are not getting married 'til the end of the afternoon, so you'll have the whole day to recover while we are getting beautified and pampered."

"What? Trace, no! You don't have to. Why did you book something like that?"

"I didn't, Sam did," she paused as they entered her driveway, giving Andy some time to recover from the surprise.

"I still can't drink though," Andy said as she got out of the car.

"Oh come on, don't be a party-pooper."

"No Trace, I really can't," Andy said giving Traci a very stern glare.

It took a while for Traci to catch on, but when she did she started squealing and nearly bounced to the front door. ".GOD!"

Traci unlocked the door and walked into the house, taking Andy's bag from her and pushed her towards the sofa. "Spill. Now. How long?"

"I don't know yet Trace. I 'm not even sure. I just know that I have missed my period."

"And you haven't tested yet?"

"No… I wanted to wait 'til tomorrow or even the day after. But I did bring tests though."

"We are doing a test tomorrow and then, if it is, we'll figure out a special way to tell Sam."

"Okay… So have you got anything virgin for me?"

"Nope, we'll have to go hit the grocery store before we can eat. Geez woman, couldn't you have given me a heads up?"

"Because I did not realise. In case you forgot, I have been a bit busy lately! You know, moving, playing house, planning… A wedding."

"You are forgiven! Let's go."

"Sam. Buddy? You ready?" Oliver asked, as he watched Sam adjusting his tie like he had been for the past few minutes as Sam, Jerry and Oliver waited in the foyer of the restaurant for the ladies to show up.

They had picked a tiny French restaurant just off Queen Street and rented the whole place for the wedding. The place was cosy enough and fit all their friends and family. It didn't take very long to agree upon a program and menu. For them it was perfect. Andy had wanted simple, so she got simple. It didn't matter to Sam. He just wanted to marry 'his' Rookie.

"Yeah, I'm ready. You think McNally's ready?"

"Sam, stop worrying about her not showing up. She will."

Just as Oliver finished his sentence they heard a noise coming from the entrance.

"Ah, there they are," Jerry said, stating the obvious.

Sam quickly peeked into the restaurant and noticed that all their friends and family had already been seated at their tables. They had asked permission for Frank to perform the ceremony and he was waiting by the small, makeshift, altar.

Traci walked into the foyer and approached Sam, grabbing him by the arms. "Change of plans Sam, she wants you to wait inside, by the altar," she said as she smiled at him. "All of you," Traci added when she noticed Oliver and Jerry still standing in the foyer.

She watched the men walking towards the front of the restaurant, before she motioned for Andy to come in. Andy walked into the restaurant, followed by Sarah whom she had asked to be her bridesmaid together with Traci. They had only known each other for a short time, but she wanted to include Sam's family in the wedding party somehow.

The minute Andy entered the restaurant all eyes were on her, but she only had eyes for Sam and his reaction. She noticed how he kept moving his eyes all over her body, as if he could not believe that she was wearing an actual wedding gown. Although the gown was simple, it fit her body perfectly, flowing softly around her with a short train.

When she reached the altar, she quickly searched for her father. He winked at her, mouthing "you're beautiful" and she saw tears forming in his eyes. Not wanting to cry, Andy quickly turned to face Sam and let out a deep sigh, softly whispering "hi." Sam took her hand in his and ran his other hand softly along her cheek as a barely audible "wow" escaped from his lips.

It was Frank clearing his throat that brought their attention back to the events of the day.

"Andy and Sam," Frank started off, "today you have invited your family, friends and colleagues to witness your choice to share your lives. You have asked me to marry the two of you. After I said yes, you told me you wanted nothing special. Just a simple, quick ceremony followed by dinner and fun.

Well, seeing as you are my two most rule-breaking officers, I felt the need to return the favour and… well break the rules you laid down for me and not keep the ceremony as simple as you wanted. After all, I learned from the best."

Laughter filled the room and Sam could not help but let out a little snigger as he saw Andy's cheeks turn red from embarrassment.

"Sam, I still remember your mood when you were assigned a Rookie and especially the one that had arrested you. But let's not remind you of that. I was still a TO back then and Andy, we really respected how you put up with him. But I also remember how all of us witnessed a friendship developing. At first we did not expect the two of you to be able to stick together the way you have.

It didn't take us as long as it took the two of you to realise you are meant for each other and luckily for us you did in the end. So here we are, admiring the woman who tamed our rogue favourite officer and wondering how he managed to capture her.

Sam and Andy, as you have requested I will keep this short. I would like to ask you to take each other's right hand and take a good look into each other's eyes; they are the way to the soul."

Andy couldn't help but let a little, nervous, giggle escape when she looked at Sam. His eyes were filled with love, admiration, pride and she thought she spotted a little lust too. He squeezed her hand and glanced at Frank, waiting for him to continue.

"Sam, please read us the vows you have written for Andy."

Sam put his left hand over Andy's right hand and took in a deep breath.

"McNally. Andy. You know I'm not a man of many words. But I have done my best because today is the day we take another step in our future together. When we started off as partners on the job I, for one, would have never thought we would end up being partners for life as well. But I would not want it any other way. I have faith in you, in us and in our future. Together we can take on the world."

Sam fidgeted a bit, he felt uncomfortable vocalising his feelings for Andy in front of all their friends, family and colleagues. He looked back at Andy who nodded at him in encouragement. He swallowed, deciding to cut his vows short at that moment. He would tell her later, in private.

"I love you Andy. Please accept this ring as a symbol of my never-ending love for you. Let this be the start of the rest of our lives together."

He slid the ring around Andy's finger and looked her in the eyes while he waited for her to answer.

"I do."

Frank cleared his throat. "Well Andy, seeing as Sam already took over the little part I was supposed to play in this, have you got any words you would like to share with Sam and us?"

Andy nodded as she focused her eyes back on Sam. As soon as she took his hands and felt his warmth she relaxed into his touch.

"Sam. When we first met I never thought we would ever grow to even tolerate each other. Thinking you would never forgive me for arresting you, I just thought you were another deadbeat, arrogant cop waiting to get out of the division as soon as possible.

It did not take me long to realise that perhaps, under that tough layer, you actually were a good guy. That you can't always judge a book by its cover and that first impressions are not always the right impression.

Although it took me too long to realise, you were not only my training officer on the force. You were and are my training officer in life as well. You are the person who taught me what real love is, who taught me that not everybody I love or care for will run away sooner or later. And the person who taught me that it is possible for somebody to love me, to care for me and to be there for me. I have discovered opening up to someone is not as frightful and dangerous as it seems.

Sam, I can't wait to embark on the journey of our life together. To see what else there is that you can teach me and perhaps teach you some things about life too. After today our lives become one. Will you please guide me on this journey?"

Andy could not control the tears any longer and felt a couple roll down her cheeks. She felt a familiar thumb wipe the tears away and his warm, husky voice calmed her.

"Yes Andy. I will guide you."

Sam still had his hand on her cheek and she leaned in to his touch as Frank quickly pronounced them husband and wife. The words were lost on them as Sam had already captured her lips before Frank finished saying the words.

After the official part of the wedding had been taken care of, food and drinks were served and the party got started. When desserts had been served, Oliver stood up and all the guests went silent.

"Andy and Sam, I think I speak for all of us when I say we are very relieved to see the two of you finally coming to your senses. We, I, can't think of any other couple who fit more together than the two of you. Ouch!"

Oliver's last comment earned him a poke in the ribs from Zoë. "Except perhaps for my wife and I," he quickly amended.

"Now I had a whole speech prepared, but I'm going to improvise a little as I have to point something out to you and your guests. Although you have proven to be able to focus on the job when working together, today you have proven that concentration is not always your forte."

Oliver paused for effect as everybody threw questioning looks his way and dug around in his jacket pocket. After a few seconds he fished something from it and held it up between his thumb and index finger.

"Sam, would you check your hands please?"

It was only then the happy couple and their guests realised that an important part of the ceremony had been forgotten.

"Yeah, I thought so. Andy, perhaps you really want to chain this man to you now. So uhm… here is the ring."

Everybody watched as Andy giggled nervously while slipping the ring on Sam's finger. They took the opportunity to kiss each other again.

"So, it's actually Nash's fault that I am standing here, speaking, against your wishes. But you know Nash, you don't tell her 'no'. When word of your plans got out it did not take her long to make sure that all of us chipped in to spoil you. And let me tell you," he said, glaring pointedly at Traci, "it is not easy to satisfy Nash. But apparently we did well, or she did well, and if you walk outside there will be a car waiting to take you away for a weekend of luxury. So, enjoy! Because my girls are eating peanut butter sandwiches for the next couple of weeks. It better be worth it."

The guests erupted in cheers as Andy and Sam got up from their chairs.

"Oh and don't worry guys, we'll make sure to enjoy the party," Oliver shouted out, lifting his glass.

"Aaaah, this is good!" Sam exclaimed as he slipped into the bath, behind Andy.

They had both been taken in surprise by the kindness of their guests and colleagues. Apparently, even people from HQ and Guns & Gangs had chipped in. After their protests that they hadn't even packed a bag, Traci had assured them that all was taken care of. Sam and Andy had been struck by awe when the car pulled up to The Hazelton and even more so as they had checked in. When they were shown to their room they were amazed by the sheer luxury. Their friends had taken care of everything.

Andy had dropped onto the bed, feeling drained after an emotional and very long day, when Sam had suggested a bath.

"I have something for you," she said as she turned around, grabbing something she had hidden next to the bath.

Sam looked at the little gift she pressed into his hands.

"What's this McNally? Because seeing as we are already naked, we lack the need for skimpy underwear and this can't be much more than that," he smirked.

"Would you just open it?" Andy said nervously.

Sam tore the wrapping paper away and held the tiny piece of fabric in his hands. His eyes grew large and he looked up at Andy with questioning eyes.

"Is this…"

"Yeah…" she answered before he could finish his question.

He put away the little gift and slipped his hands over her abdomen.

"Wow. How long?"

"A couple of weeks. Four, maybe five. I only tested today actually. I wanted to wait 'til tomorrow, to do it together, but you know Traci and her persuasion techniques. We'll know for sure after we go to the doctor's. Sooo…" she turned her head towards him, looking him in the eyes.

"I'm …" he said before he crashed his lips to hers. He kept one hand on her lower abdomen, rubbing over it lovingly. His other hand travelled over her body, lightly massaging her breast before he grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes. "Very happy."

Andy sighed as she leant back against him. "So am I Sam... This is perfect... You are prefect… We are perfect…"

"It's amazing, Sam. Gorgeous," Andy said as she slid her hand over the co-sleeper Sam had made. "I'm sure Tweedle Dee is going to love it."

Sam burst out laughing when Andy mentioned the new nickname she had come up with.

"Tweedle Dee? Seriously McNally?"

"Well, I can't keep calling the baby 'baby' or 'it', that's just too annoying. So yeah, Tweedle Dee it is. Unless you can come up with something better."

"I just don't understand why we can't just stick to 'Baby'," Sam said, but quickly corrected himself when he saw Andy roll her eyes. "Alright, Tweedle Dee it is."

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Andy said as she ran her hand over the headboard again. Sam never ceased to amaze her; his craftsmanship was outstanding and he had made almost all the furniture of the nursery.

"So how are we going to attach this thing to our bed?" she asked.

"You'll see. I'm not done yet little-miss-impatient," he said lovingly, kissing her forehead. Sam knew he was playing with fire. Andy had been quite hormonal and been picking fights with him over the tiniest things the past few days. He put it down to hormones and nerves.

The closer they got to the due date, the more nervous Andy seemed to get. Her worry stemmed from the fear of whether or not she would be a good mother. Sam could do nothing but let her rant and try and calm and assure her. Over the past couple of months he had learned that life with a pregnant Andy was like the worlds longest and most eventful rollercoaster ride.

"Don't be a jerk Sam. Just get it done," Andy huffed as she walked off. She went to the nursery and sat in the rocking chair. They had found the chair at a yard sale and Andy had fallen in love with it straight away. Sam had renovated it and painted it to suit the nursery. A smile crept upon her face as Andy reminisced about the past couple of months of her life. Sam, the wedding, the baby.

When Sam walked into the nursery an hour later he found Andy sitting on the floor going through all the tiny clothes that they had gathered over the past months. This was how he had found her more often than not, nowadays. He stood in the doorway, watching her for over ten minutes until she noticed him.

"You done?"

"Yeah, I'm done. Want to come and see if it's what you want?"

"Yes!" Andy exclaimed and she waddled towards the bedroom.

"I'm going to miss your waddle!" Sam called after her.

"Yeah, sure…" she stalled as she walked into the bedroom. "It's perfect Sam," she whispered.

The co-sleeper was attached to her side of the bed and Sam had put the matching dresser next to his side of the bed. All of a sudden Andy felt a sense of calm overcome her. She was ready; they were ready. She put her hands on her bump and whispered, "We are so ready for you Tweedle Dee."

"Just a couple more weeks McNally."

"Ugh, this," Andy said, gesturing at her body, "pregnancy thing is the worst thing ever for impatient people like me."

"Well, let's go have some fun and make time fly," Sam said, grinning suggestively.

He ran his hand over her baby bump and kissed her neck. As he ran his hands up, he pulled Andy's tank top along. He carefully caressed her breasts, as he knew they had become very sensitive during the pregnancy.

"Saaaam," Andy whined. Eight months along and sex was not her preferred activity anymore. She felt anything but attractive, more like a whale if she was being honest.

"Don't worry McNally. This is not sex; I just want to make love to my beautiful wife. You just lay back and enjoy."


Andy's panicked voice made Sam flip on the sirens to 1519 straight away.


"Yeah babe, I'm here. Talk to me."

"Get. Home. Now," Andy panted. It was clear to him she was in pain.

"I'm on my way McNally, hold on."

Sam turned towards Chris, his riding partner for the day.

"Call Best, tell him Andy is in labour and ask him to take me off the roster."

They made it to the house in record time and Sam ran up the stairs to their bedroom. He panicked slightly when Andy wasn't there, and then he heard a cry coming from the bathroom. Andy was standing in the shower, leaning against the wall as she let the water run over her back.

He took a towel from the towel rack and carefully pulled Andy out of the shower.

"Come on McNally, let's get you to the hospital. Want me to help you get dressed?"

Andy nodded in reply and Sam guided her towards the bed. He opened the wardrobe and took out some underwear, sweats and his favourite shirt for Andy to wear.

"Diaz, you still downstairs?"

"Yeah, yup, yes sir."

"Okay, you can escort us to St. Mike's before you return to the barn."

"Yes sir. Andy, you okay?"

It took Sam and Andy a while to get her dressed, as they had to pause every time a contraction came along.

"Oooh God Sam, this HURTS! Get me to the hospital. NOW!"

Sam grabbed the suitcase Andy had prepared to take to hospital and helped her down the stairs and to the car. Chris had already switched on the lights and was waiting for Sam to follow him to the hospital.

"The car seat Sam!"

He quickly ran back to the house to get the car seat.

The ride to the hospital was short, but felt like it took ages for Andy. Every bump in the road was painful and it was hard to relax during contractions while seated in the truck. Andy felt the need to stretch and she couldn't.

Chris had alerted the hospital, so a nurse was waiting with a wheelchair to take them straight to the delivery room. As soon as Andy had been hooked up to a variety of machines, to register the contractions and monitor the baby's heart rate, the obstetrician came to check if she was dilated yet.

"Mrs. Swarek, it seems that your body has done a lot of work already. You are five centimetres dilated. How long have you been having contractions for?" the obstetrician asked.

"About an hour and a half now, but I have been having cramps all day," Andy managed to say while breathing through another contraction.

The obstetrician nodded encouragingly; "Well looks like things won't be taking too long. I'll be back in and hour to check on you again."

After that, the nurse quickly explained to Sam and Andy how everything worked and told them to ring the bell if they needed anything. When they were alone, Sam took a good look around the room. He had never been very fond of hospitals, but somehow the excitement of becoming a father took his edginess away.

"Is there anything I can do for you McNally?" he asked as he rubbed her back. The fact that she was in pain, and he could do nothing about it, was eating him alive.

"Just keep… your hands where they AAAAAAAARE!" she yelled, as she tried to breath through another contraction. Sam helped her, coaching her along through the breathing pattern.

This went on for a little over an hour. The obstetrician came to check on Andy again and told her that she was making good progress and that she would be back in about two hours or sooner if needed.

As soon as the obstetrician left the room, Andy scooted over in the bed and asked Sam to come and lay next to her. At first Sam hesitated, which did not go unnoticed by Andy.

"Sam, it's okay. I want you here. No, I need you here. I need to feel you against me."

Sam climbed onto the bed and pulled Andy against him, wrapping his arms around her. He softly started to whisper in her ear.

"You are doing great McNally. I am so proud of you. I love you. I'm here, let's do this." He kept repeating those words over and over, in order to help and encourage her through each contraction.

Andy felt herself relax into Sam's touch and was grateful for every contraction he helped her through. Labour pain was hell. Nobody could have prepared her for this, but she hoped it would be worth it in the end. She was just realising how lucky she felt with Sam by her side when all of a sudden the contractions transformed into a whole different sensation.

Sam, who had nodded off, sat up straight in the bed at the cry Andy let out, and called for the nurse.

"McNally, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"I think Tweedle Dee wants out."

Andy could not keep herself from laughing at Sam's confused gaze.

"I need to push Sam, I want to push."

"Aaah, okay, I get it now."

As soon as the nurse came in she paged for the obstetrician who came to see them straight away.

"Well Mrs. Swarek, it seems that you are ready to push. I am going to break your membrane now. This might feel a bit weird and the water will run out."

After the membrane had been broken things sped up. It only took Andy a couple of pushes until their son was born. After the umbilical cord had been cut and the baby had been checked over, the nurse put him on Andy's chest.

"Try to get him to latch on dear, I'll just leave the three of you alone for a while. Call me if you need me."

Andy looked up at Sam and smiled.

"We did good Sam. I'm so happy." She tried to verbalise the overwhelming emotions she felt, but she just couldn't. Just as she decided to let it go she felt the first tear run down her cheek.

"Bloody hormones," she muttered, but Sam silenced her by pressing his lips on hers. Even being kissed by Sam felt different all of a sudden. She felt so complete with her two men.

"I think this was the toughest case we ever worked. Definitely the longest," Sam joked, showing of his dimples. "So, how about a name. Remember how I said it was your choice? I think you should pick now that you have met the little guy."

"You sure? Because I know we narrowed it down to two, but are you sure you don't want to have any say in this?"

"McNally… I like both names, so yeah. I'm sure."

"Okay," Andy said as she grabbed the baby's tiny hand, "Welcome to the world little man. Louis, we are your mom and dad and for the next couple of years we are going to love, cherish and care for you. From now on, you are our most prized possession."

Sam smiled as he took in the sight before him. His beautiful, lovely wife, and their gorgeous, handsome son lying in the hospital bed. Watching Andy nurse Louis for the first time was a breathtaking experience, and one he never wanted to forget. The warm feeling inside him took over and all of a sudden Sam Swarek was a crying man. He took his phone from his pocket and dialled his sister.

"Sarah? He's here and he's perfect," he sniffed.

"Yeah, I'm crying…. Apparently becoming a Father does that to you."

Andy could hear Sarah's squealing through the phone.

"Yes Sarah, you can come and visit us tomorrow. Tonight it's just going to be the three of us… Talk to you later!"

After the phone call to his sister Sam quickly texted Oliver and Traci, letting them know all went well. He also asked them to spread the word around the barn for them and told them that they could visit the next day; no more than two at the time, as Andy felt the need to take things slow to get used to their new family dynamics.

It was the first night home after they had been discharged from the hospital. Louis was doing great and Sam had just snuggled down next to Andy and their son when a soft, new, but very familiar, sound woke Andy from her dream. She turned over and watched her husband snoring softly. Extending her finger and softly poking him in the ribs she waited until he opened his eyes.

"Sam? Can you…"

"Yeah, sure. Just a sec…"

He grabbed the nursing pillow from the floor and watched as Andy took Louis in her arms and latched him on. They soon heard the swallowing sound telling them that Louis was drinking properly.

He draped his arm around Andy's shoulder and scooted closer to her. He softly took his son's hand is his free hand; "I am glad you have arrived Tweedle Dee, I don't know how much longer I would have been able to put up with your mom's impatience."

Andy's scowl was quickly replaced with a smile as felt Sam press his lips to her temple.

"Darn it McNally, this was worth the wait. YOU were worth the wait."

~~~The End~~~

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