Watching you die.

Lucy pov

I knew the moment the knife plunged into me i was going to die. I was beaten and bruised but i was still hanging on. My killer was gone. I lay in the cold dirt surrounded by leaves. I watched as the birds flew by. Why was dying so slow, was someone ever going to find me? I hope Nicholas would be okay without me, find someone new and that solange would find another new best friend,maybe Hunter. I clutched onto my stomach wound. I could feel the blood slowly pour out. I felt woozy. It felt like i was spinning the opposite way from the forest. I heard footsteps I saw a womans silhouette. "Malco call an ambulance!" she shouted at the other shadow. "theres no recepion" he called back. "find Nicholas" i murmured. "don't worry we'll get help, you'll survive" the woman was crying probably because when most people go out for a walk round the local forest they don't find people dying. "go find the nearest house and use their house phone" she shouted at him. I could hear his footsteps running away.

it wasn't long till we got an ambulance. The paramedics placed me on the stretcher. The paramedic stated my wounds to the other one and thanked the couple who found me. Everything started to get fuzzy, colours started to blend and fade away.

Nicholas pov

"we have to go!" Mom shouted.

I stood in the hallway confused."whats going on" a tear slid down her face.

She put her hand on my shoulder.

"Lucy is in hospital" I stood their stunned "really" she nodded wiping away the tear.

"lets go" Lucy was in hospital. I just wasn't sinking in that she was hurt and that she was in pain.

Lucy looked dead. She wasn't dead only unconscious but the doctors said it wasn't looking good. We all walked in and i mean everyone , the doctor tutted and said "theres to many of you i'm going to have to ask you to stand outside" My mom, me and solange stayed.

Solange was in tears. "what if she dies.." she whimpered.

I looked at her and took her hand "no she isn't she is strong." i said.

I looked over to lucy. She was hooked up to many machines. I could see her breathing slowly. she was bandaged. I sighed I wanted to hurt whoever done this.

Lucy pov

I could hear them . I could hear someone pacing the room. If only they knew i could hear them. Doctors say it can happen. I wanted to wake up. I wanted to wake up and go home with the Drakes, sit near the fireplace with nicholas or watch Solange do pottery out back, i would play fight with quinn and tell Logan what to wear tomorrow. I would give anything to go home. Solange was crying, i could hear movement in the background shuffling towards my lifeless body. "please lucy wake up" nicholas said softly. He wanted to break out in tears i could tell from the tone in his voice. What felt worse was that i couldn't hold his hand and tell him that everythings going to be okay because i know everythings not.