A/N: I do not own any of these characters, well not the good ones anyway, the villainous Red Shoes lady maybe but not Lucius or Silke. They belong to the wonderful Jackie Andrews.

Lucius ran down the back of the restaurant and slipped into the shadow of a bin, damn, he thought to himself, that's these jeans ruined as well!

He froze as he heard footsteps behind him at the entrance to the back street, "Come out, come out wherever you are," a smooth voice sang, this cow was playing with him now! Those red high heels that had left a nice bruise on Lucius' face began clicking towards him.

Lucius glanced to his right, in the direction of the red shoes, he splayed his hand slightly and froze the puddle of greasy water as his stalker stepped on it, and with a shriek the woman slipped and fell on her backside, giving Lucius his chance. As soon as she fell he was out of there, sprinting towards the entrance as fast as his legs could take him.

The woman, he hadn't caught her name, shrieked again and a wall of fire suddenly burst up in front of Lucius, blocking his escape route, his only escape route he realised as he turned back to face the woman.

She laughed, "Well, Jack," she still believed he really was called Jack Frost, which was a bonus. At least he couldn't be traced by that name, "This really has been fun, but now it's time for us to part. I'll leave you a little something to remember me by shall I?" Slowly she got to her feet and sashayed her way over to him. There was no point in running; it was obvious there was no way of escaping, so Lucius stayed still as a… snowman?

Lucius watched closely as the woman brushed a hand across his chest, and created a fireball as her hand left contact. "So, little ice boy. Why have you been following me?" she asked, her voice dripping with venom.

"I was asked to by a client," Lucius said, his voice sounding a lot calmer than he felt.

The woman nodded, "You can go back to your client, and tell them to stay the hell away from me!" she brought the fire so close to Lucius' face that he could feel the heat dance across his skin, threatening to cause him some serious pain!

Suddenly the woman yelped and staggered back, and the intense heat died away, leaving Lucius feeling suddenly very cold again. "If you value that pretty little face of yours," a familiar voice growled from behind him, "I suggest you get lost, now!"

The woman looked horrified and her hand shot up to her face, she was staring behind Lucius and nodded like a bobble head. She grabbed her smouldering shoe, which had gone from red to ash grey, and ran from the back street. It wasn't until the woman's lopsided footsteps had died away that the voice spoke again, "Lucius, I warned you not to take that case alone," Silke sighed.

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