Magical Year

So here's the thing. I'm a sucker for writing one shots, probably because I have commitment issues and can't deal with updating anything long term. For now. The second TPPP aired I had about ten million one shot ideas, stuff I think might have happened. All will be Kurt and Blaine and their relationship with each other and people around them. It'll all be canon stuff. I just write too many one shots and putting all the S3 ones in one place seems to make sense.

Enjoy :)

Chapter 1: Every minute of every day

"IwantToChangeSchools." The sentence came out pretty garbled, and Blaine's parents frowned at their only son. He groaned inwardly, had wanted to be confident but was failing miserably. If it had just been his mother that would have been fine, but Blaine's father never failed to make him feel hopelessly inferior at all times.

"What was that, Blaine?" His father leaned forward in his chair and eyed his son up and down.

"I said I want to transfer schools." Blaine replied, his heart beating hard and fast in his chest.

"But sweetheart, why?" His mother looked puzzled, but her facial expression quickly changed to worried. "Are you being bullied again?" He swore out of the corner of his eye he saw his father roll his own eyes, and he clenched his fists.

"No, no. Everyone at Dalton has always been very good to me." Blaine hurriedly answered, staring down at the floor. He finally raised his gaze to his mother, who looked confused, and then his father, who looked mildly angry.

"Then why, Blaine? You've already moved schools once and I don't want you to continue this game of musical chairs school wise, it'll affect your grades." Derek Anderson huffed as he said all this, and Blaine had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. His father hadn't even been that supportive of his transfer to Dalton, it was his mother who insisted when she walked into Blaine's room one day without knocking and discovered him shirtless and covered in bruises.

And here lay the problem. Blaine couldn't explain his main reason for transferring because neither of his parents knew the main reason.

The main reason who had perfect hair and eyes the shade of the sea and the most wonderful voice Blaine had ever heard. Blaine was head over heels in love with Kurt and he'd known the second they'd had the conversation at the Lima Bean two days ago that he'd be transferring. Not being with Kurt when he'd transferred back from Dalton to McKinley already killed him, and one look at Kurt's face when he asked Blaine for something meant there was no deliberating to be done.

He realised he still hadn't answered his parents. For a second he wished, wished so hard he could tell them about Kurt. He wanted to tell them so badly it actually hurt in his chest, wanted to share with them that all his fears about never finding someone to love were unfounded. But he couldn't. He could probably tell his mom, but she'd tell his dad.

Blaine shivered. His dad had made it clear from the first moment Blaine had come out that he was a huge disappointment in every single way possible, and he had made it even more clear that what he referred to as 'Blaine's lifestyle choice' sickened and disgusted him.

"I...Dalton has been a great school for me, but honestly? McKinley High has a great record too, not to mention an outstanding arts programme. Their glee club went to nationals last year, and they're the shoo in to win this year. Those sorts of programmes...when you have those sort of credits getting into college is so much easier." Blaine recited what he'd thought up slowly and carefully.

"What about your tuition fees?" His mother frowned at her son, but he could see she was interested.

"I spoke to the finance officer at Dalton. She said if you pull out in the first week you get 95% tuition back, and there's a space at McKinley, I already checked, and..." Blaine trailed off, his voice shaking slightly. He had his mother on board, he knew that. He looked to his father, hope shining in his eyes.

" know if we agree to this and you get into any sort of trouble at this school with bullies we can't move you again." Blaine nodded, swallowing hard.

"I know, D-dad." He cursed himself for stammering with his own father, but Derek softened ever so slightly at this.

"If it's what you want." He ended gruffly. "Though I still stand by Dalton being a better school. You make sure to keep your grades up, Blaine or there'll be hell to pay." Blaine nodded fiercely.

Blaine would do anything to make this work, more importantly to make it work with Kurt. He'd known from the second they'd started dating, from the moment they kissed, that he was changed in some way, in a way he couldn't describe. It was like he'd do anything to make Kurt happy, because if he didn't, there was no way he'd even have a chance at being happy himself.

Once in his room, Blaine picked up his phone to call Kurt, but at the last minute decided against it. He'd surprise Kurt at school! It would be worth it just to see the look on his face when Blaine turned up there, sans blazer.

So the following day, after several calls and a quick transferring of paperwork, Blaine was sitting in his car in the McKinley car park.

His heart was hammering, he was scared stiff and his hands were trembling. He hadn't been this frightened in a long time. He remembered public school, he remembered the taunts, he remembered being locked in the janitors closet, he remembered the shoves, and the beatings. He remembered having nobody to turn to, no one on his side. He remembered full well what it was like to be a nobody. Now he was possibly going somewhere he was going to be treated badly again.

But he couldn't regret the decision, not for a single second. Not when Kurt was somewhere in that school, and certainly not when he realised how much time he'd be able to spend with him from now on.

He glanced down at his outfit, hoping it would be ok. Blaine's dress sense had used to be pretty flamboyant – nothing on Kurt – but he'd always loved bright colours with simple trousers and nice shoes. He'd picked red skinny jeans rolled up (his mom always told him that gave the illusion of height) black loafers, a black shirt with a bow tie and a pair of yellow rimmed sunglasses tucked in his pocket. When he'd started being bullied he'd shied away from that, choosing to wear jeans and dark colours, because he felt he already stuck out enough as a target being gay and short.

But since he'd been with Kurt he'd begun to find himself again, the Blaine who he thought had been permanently beaten down by the bullying. He'd begun to wear bright colours again, was happy to hold Kurt's hand in public. He knew it'd be a while before he was all the way there, but he was getting better. Kurt was making him better.

Which was funny, really, because Kurt had told Blaine on more than one occasion that he'd helped him a great deal, had saved him. Blaine had wanted to cry, because the truth was Kurt was ten times braver than he could ever even hope to be, and he could bet he'd helped Blaine so much more.

Taking a deep breath, Blaine stepped out of his car and walked purposefully towards the school. He wandered down the hallways for several minutes before he saw him.

Kurt looked so beautiful. His hair was perfect, his arms were soft, the skin was pale and lush, and his clothes looked amazing as usual. He was holding onto his locker, not spotting Blaine as he stared happily at whatever he'd stuck on the door (Blaine was guessing it was probably a picture of Patty LuPone or Lady GaGa or something.)

Blaine took another deep breath and closed the gap between him and Kurt.

There was no going back, this was forever.