Somewhere on ancient facility something stirred. Its reactor flared before a steady hum filled its heart. Power flowed through its battle scared body as systems came online and a being older than the man awoke.

It remembered fighting. It was born fighting. Its mother was a furnace, its father a STC and their child was a god. It looked inside its cockpit and what it saw flooded its being with something strange. Sadness. It had never felt that. A figure was sitting on the command throne. She seemed young and her youthful features seemed peaceful. She did not breathe. She must breathe. She was him and he was her. He had been with her for ten thousand years.

Ancient systems were forced to work and a statis field covered her body preserving her for as long as he lived. He smiled within as he looked at her. Arms the size of skyscrapers moved and forced what used to be a mountain out of its way. Its eyes began to glow. The weapons on it shoulders began a high pitched whine.

The Warlord titian Astrum Mortis ripped free of its rocky prison and it set its sights on the sky as a massive arch towered above it.

I had been dragged from its home, its princeps was dead and now it would seek its revenge.

So what do you think? Yes he's on a halo. Its after the great war. If anybody is interested he is armed with two twin volcano cannons on his shoulders, a Gatling blaster on his left and a Quake cannon on his right not to mention the assortment of defence weapons a warlord has.