Divorces and Comforting Moments

This is my version of what happened when Maeve and Sam's parents split up in "Letters From The Hart",even though I haven't read it yet. Kind of sad, so prepare yourself! I do not own

Beacon Street Girls. In this version, Sam thinks everything in his family is his fault and bags on himself, so Maeve comforts him.I hope you like it!

It was the one thing that no kid wanted to hear from their parents. And now,it was time for the Kaplan-Taylor kids to witness it, and it would change their lives forever. The dreaded… divorce. Carol and

Ross Kaplan had called their kids into the living room with frowns sprinkling their image. Sam had been nervous, thinking that, maybe, his grandma was in the hospital or something bad like that.

But it wasn't.

Ross had started, "Kids, you probably have heard me and your mother fighting lately. And I know you've hoped that it would get better, that we would stop, but it hasn't been that way for a while."

Carol had continued, near-tears,"So, kids, we've decided to split up." Maeve looked upset, but Sam looked just about clueless, and he was the smart kid. He said, "What does that mean?" Carol

explained, "Sam, it means that…we're getting a divorce." Sam finally knew what that meant, and he was now ready to run into his room, jump on his bed, and cry the night was upset,but nobody

knew exactly why until now.

Maeve looked to her left, and Sam turned away. Maeve said, "Sam, are you okay?" Sam said, "I'm fine." Maeve, who obviously didn't believe Sam, edged to the side of her brother, and Carol looked

curious as well. Sam said, tired of everyone looking at him, "Just stop, all right! Just stop! I know exactly why you guys are getting a divorce, and I'm not happy about it!" Ross said, "You do?"

Sam said, "Yeah. It's because of me. It's all me, and I can't stand it!"Carol wanted to say something, but Sam was literally going insane. Tears ran from his face, and Maeve looked a bit scared. She said

quietly, "Sam, it's not your fault. If anything, it's mine." Sam said, "No, it's mine. I just pressure you guys so much, which makes you fight. Just admit that it's all my fault and we'll be done with it!" He got

up from the couch and ran to his room, everybody silent and worried about Sam.

Maeve looked at her parents when she heard Sam's door slam and nearly shake the second floor. Carol said, "Maeve, are you alright?" Maeve said, "No. You guys make Sam think everything is his

fault, all his fault, but it's not. I'm not trying to be rude, but, Mom, Dad, your fighting has basically ruined this family, and it's not me or Sam's fault. I'm gonna go talk to him, and you guys just do

whatever." The redhead got up off the couch and headed upstairs.

Sam was in his room, sulking, when Maeve walked in to the room. Sam said, facing the wall, "Don't you know how to knock?" Maeve said, "Sorry. Hey, what happened downstairs?" Sam said, "It was

really nothing. I just got upset because, I feel like everything's my fault lately. Mom and Dad fighting, their divorce, just everything. My fault." Maeve said, sitting down on the edge of Sam's bed, "Sam,

nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, is your fault. Listen, we may fight a lot, and I mean a lot, like almost 24/7, but I would never blame you for ruining our parents' relationship." Sam said, "You really

wouldn't?" Maeve said, "Of course not. And, just because Mom and Dad are splitting up, that doesn't mean we have to, as siblings." Sam said, "You know, you're right. I'm sorry if I ever blamed anything

on you." Maeve said, "It's fine." They hugged, and from that minute, everyone was closer, divorce or not.

Okay, I hope you liked it! If I had more knowledge, I would add more, but I don't want to copy the book. Please review.