Tales of a Mary Sue

A/N: If the Mary Sue in this story sounds surprisingly like your character, then maybe you should get another character. The soul purpose of this story is to make fun of all Mary Sues. I am not meaning to point out any Mary Sue specifically

Disclaimer: (like so many other Mary Sue stories.) I do not own PJO but I do own Miranda who is like the best character everrrr so like enjoy!

Miranda is your average Mary Sue. It isn't her fault, it never is, that is just how she was created.

With perfect teeth, gorgeous hair, a great since of humor, and killer fighting skills Miranda was easily a daughter of *insert your favorite god/goddess here.* She was everything you wish you could be. No, actually she is everything the author wished she could be. Named after the author herself, Miranda is just a better, demigod version of the person who created her. Forced to live her life being loved by all the OOC main characters (who actually like spending time with her more than the do the other main characters.) Miranda is often chosen to go on quests with people like Nico, Percy, Annabeth, Silena (who came back from the dead once Miranda come to Camp Half Blood! Haven't you heard?), and many other of the books most beloved Campers.

Don't get me wrong, our favorite Mary Sue still has a hard life. Forced to choose between the three most popular guys at camp, Miranda still isn't sure whether she should pick Nico, Connor, or continue trying to break up Percy and Annabeth (Who she's best friends with.) Miranda lives a life full of drama, but everyone still loves her. Who wouldn't? Now, as we continue through this wonderful journey through the easy going life of our favorite Mary Sue, we will discover many wonderful things like how to feel terrible about yourself after reading a story with such a perfect character, how to feel a little bit sick after reading about such a terrible Mary Sue, how to scream at all of your favorite main characters for acting way to OOC, and the true meaning of friendship!

WARNING: By the end of this story, not only will you hate Miranda, you will hate every Mary Sue ever written, and the authors who wrote about them. Enjoy!

A/N: How'd you like it? It was just the main plot of most Mary Sue stories in a nutshell, and over exaggerated (kinda… not really…) I might turn this into an actually story, depending on what you guys think, but for now it's just something cute I wrote 'cause I was bored. :D