Tales of a Mary Sue

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Hello again! It's me, here to tell you the conclusion of our beautiful story. I will start off this final chapter by expressing my sympathy for this poor, poor creature. Let us have a recap: In the beginning of this story we introduced Miranda, the poor girl with a tragic past. Never once did she ask to be a Mary-Sue. In her dreams she was a nice, normal OC with un-brainwashed friends. Alas some poor Author thought she was doing the world a favor with her wonderful story, creating a character that everyone couldn't help but love. See, this Author created a Mary-Sue doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Annabeth and Grover led this beautiful Mary-Sue to camp half blood where she began plotting to take over the world.

So now here we are. Miranda is about to take over the world along with several unknown villains from different random books (we won't go into details, after all, this is no crossover) and brainwashed our favorite characters. Miranda Katerina Sparkly-Fisher Maria Mary Sue Delgotto Farrariana Issa-Bella Hyphen –In-Random –Places Starr shall take it from here.

Narrated by Miranda Katerina Sparkly-Fisher Maria Mary Sue Delgotto Farrariana Issa-Bella Hyphen –In-Random –Places Starr:

The morning was beautiful. The birds were chirping, harpies were randomly singing, and I was going to take over the world! I finally finished my plan and now I was ready to put it into action. I quickly got up and left the *insert favorite god/goddess here* cabin and headed for breakfast, everyone had eaten without me, but I didn't mind. I had a world to conquer. I quickly found Annabeth and told her my "breaking news."

"ANNABETH! Thank gods I found you, I need to tell you about the demi-god dream I had. It was bad, really bad, and now I need to go on a quest! What should I do?" I said in very convincing lie. "Uhh" She replied "I think you should meet my friend Rachel. She's the camp oracle, and she could give you a prophesy for the quest!" We quickly gathered a huge crowd and headed to find Rachel.

"Guys, guys." Clarrise said in an annoyed voice. "You're brains must be messed up. I'm telling you there is something wrong with that chick. I bet she's making it up. You can't base a huge quest on a dream she probably didn't even have! I mean, I bet if I ran over and sudd—" Thankfully Percy interrupted her. "Look Clarrise, that's great and all, but we need to hurry if we want to get to Rachel on time!" *sigh* I love my adoring followers and blind worshipers. Finally we made it to the oracles cave, and she came out and said hi.

"I'm not getting anything, I don't really have a prophesy for you." She said, and fear crept into my mind. If I couldn't get this to work my entire plan would crumble around me. I needed to go on this quest so that I could lead most of the cannon characters into their deaths! If that didn't work, I would have to start over from square one. "See, I told you this was a phony," Clarrise said, but right after she said that I heard Rachel say "I guess I could make one up for you. That might work, I mean, you're really pretty and seem like the kind of hero who deserves a good quest." Ha. I had her wrapped around my finger too!

"WHAT?" Clarrise screeched. "That's not legal is it?" Of course no one paid attention to her, and Rachel started my prophesy.

3 Half-Bloods shall go on a quest.

"Only 3?" I said. "Well," Replied Rachel, "That's the sacred amount."

"Who cares." I replied. " I want an 8 person quest. 8 is my fave number, like, ever."

"Ooookay then."

8 Half-Bloods shall go on a quest.

All shall drift apart as they travel…

"What rhymes with quest?" Asked Rachel. The Apollo cabin was the first to jump in with tons of rhymes.

"Vest, West, Test, Guessed, Jest, Nest, Request, Zest, Pest, Rest…"

Then she continued.

8 Half-Bloods shall go on a quest

And drift apart as they travel west.

They will succeed, as you might have guessed,

And meet the cowboy with a golden vest.

"There." Rachel said. "How was that?"

"Good," I replied. "But can it have another stanza?"


They shall travel to fulfill his request,

And run into the floryflowers nest.

After they fight against the ugly pests,

All but one shall return to pass the test.

"There. That was my first made up on the spot prophesy. Thanks Apollo dudes! Couldn't have done it without your rhymes." Rachel finished. "It was rather good." I replied, the gears already turning in my head as I wondered how I could manage to kill everyone if "all but one shall return." Maybe I could convince Rachel to change her prophesy to "only one shall return." Oh well, I'll figure it out later.

"That's cool and all." Began Travis, "but what's a floryflower?"

"How am I supposed to know!" Laughed Rachel. "I needed something to fit in with the Nest line, and floryflowers were the first thing to come into my head." Well, this was my first impression of Rachel and she seemed a little… I don't know… weird? "So who do you want to come with you on your quest?" She asked. "Well I have to take my boyfriend with me. So I guess that makes Me, Nico, Percy, Connor, and Travis. Oh, plus Selena and Annabeth because they are like, my BFFLs! Oh and Grover, because he's a centaur, and centaurs are cool." I said. "I'm a satyr." Grover cut in. "Oh, well he's a satyr, and satyr are cool." I said defiantly. Who cares what mythical creature he was, and who cares if he saved me from the monsters, he was just another step in my world domination!

"Look, this quest is completely suicidal. You made up the freaking prophesy, and you have 8 people going! The most ancient of laws says 3, and only 3 should go." Clarrise cut in. She always tries to ruin everything for me. However before I could counter her argument a random girl popped in out of the blue and started yelling.

"Look, Miranda. I'm an OC and my name is Alice. What you're doing here ISN'T okay. You give a bad name to all of us. Just because of Mary Sues like you, us OCs have a really bad name in the fanfiction world. No one ever reads my story anymore just because they see 'OC' and leave. I'm here to tell you that you can still turn around. Just because you have a tragic past and a funny name doesn't mean you can't be a good person, and walk away from your bad, ugly personality." She said in a rant. I had never been more offended in my life. However, she continued. "You're evil. Plain evil. No one likes you, they just like who you made yourself out to be. No, scratch that. You just brainwashed them into liking you! It's a really pathetic trick to say the least. Don't go on this quest, any of you! I'm here to protect you. The author of this story, Awesomegirl13 created me to try and straighten you out. You've gone down the wrong path, now turn around! Please, for the sanity of the readers." I had enough. I needed to strike back.

"There is NOTHING wrong with me. How dare you insult me! They don't love me because I brainwashed them, they love me because I'm pretty and smart. I'm smarter than Athena herself, and prettier than Aphrodite! And don't you DARE say it was a petty trick. I had them eating out of the palm of my hand, they love me. I'm a better trickster than even Hermes. I bet I'm better than all the gods and goddesses. All of them! They're pathetic really, all of them. If they have any power at all they would've stopped me by now. I'm still here though. Why? Because they are weak. I serve a greater master. A strong villain! Stronger than all of the—"

Third Person Narration:

And that was the end of Miranda Katerina Sparkly-Fisher Maria Mary Sue Delgotto Farrariana Issa-Bella Hyphen –In-Random –Places Starr. Killed by the Olympians she most hated. Her spell was broken on her victims, and they were back to themselves. She died alone, for she had no true friends. One could only wonder though, what would have happened if her Author hadn't been so young and inexperienced? What could have happened if this story had a beta? I'll tell you what would have happened, this story would have more reviews, the character would actually be liked, and all of these readers would have a few of their braincells back. The moral of the story? Don't create a Mary Sue. Get a beta. Please. Even if you do create a Mary Sue for lack of experience, recognize it's a Mary Sue and don't go all "my charker is epicness, like you shud luv her." No one likes that, and no one likes Miranda's.

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