Another installment in the "Robin Torture Series".

C'mon, you knew something was going to come up. Need to keep up with my humor, no?

Anyway, I shall also put no offense to male ballerinas in this humorous tale of torture.


Disclaimer: I do not own the Teen Titans. They belong to DC Comics and WB.

Robin walked into the local grocery store, in search of food that wasn't blue and fuzzy. Now usually all of the Titans go together on this journey, but Robin took it upon himself to do it alone to give his friends a rest…or more so they made him do it as punishment. He liked to see it his own way. There had been a new criminal in town and Robin was beginning to obsess again. This was part of his intervention, he supposed. He pulled out the list.

Grocery list:

Milk (soy and skim)


Ground chuck (and veggie burgers in frozen section!)

Hot dogs

Apple cider(tis the season of fall)

Donuts (you pick the variety) (NO JELLY)






Frosted Flakes

Raisin Bran (ew?) (deal with it)

Frozen pizza, cheese and deluxe

Green beans (like BB)


Mint frosting



"Everything But The…" ice cream (three containers)


Starfire's making G'anglefug

He chuckled and shook his head. "I could just read this thing for entertainment." He continued along, searching up and down the aisles, grabbing whatever items came up. He was more than thankful that he didn't have to go down the personal hygiene aisle in search of tampons. He can just imagine how that'd go.

"Oh my God, it's Robin! He-why's he picking out tampons?"

"I knew he was a transvestite…"

He shook his head at the thought. People don't give him enough credit sometimes; I mean, who cares if he wears tights? Male ballerinas wear tights.

He cleared his throat and made his way down the chips/nuts aisle, deciding to pick out some almonds and cashews. He rubbed his chin as he kept a hand on the cart beside him, studying the different brands.

An employee was walking past him, and stopped with an obviously fake smile. "Can I help you with anything, sir?"

Robin glanced over at him and then shook his head. "Nah, I'm just looking at nuts."

The guy gave him a weird look and began to walk away, making Robin's eyebrow raise. He stood there for a moment until he heard the girls next to him. "See? I told you he was gay…"

He then realized his fatal mistake. "Damnit. Whatever happened to me bringing Starfire everywhere with me again…"

God, he is such an easy target.

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