CARS: Gone From You

SUMMERY: Amy is a troubled teenager who runs away from her past. She arrives in a far off town where she learns to make friends and live like a teenager. McQueen is suspecting that Amy could be his long lost niece since she looks so much like his sister. When her dad finds her, will she cope living with her dad again? Secrets will be revealed…COUPLES: SalQueen, FloMone, and ChickXKim (OC)

PIXAR owns Cars I own Kim and Amy. ASK ME IF YOU WANT TO USE THEM!

Very quiet mornings meant something was wrong. Others put it down to people sleeping in. For one girl, she enjoyed peace and loneliness. She literally had just crashed into town and was starving hungry. This made her think of home. Her mum made THE best Sunday roast EVER! Oh how she missed home. She looked like her Mum when she was 14. Her long brown hair flowing past her shoulders, piercing blue eyes were her most attractive features. But she could never go back to that place. She hated it. Amy pulled her legs up so she could rest her arms on them. A few tears escaped her eyes and landed on her black hoodie. Amy's head became consumed with thoughts of her family. Suddenly a burst of sound made Amy jump out of her thoughts.


"RESPECT THE CLASSICS MAN! IT'S HENDRIX!" the other voice yelled back but this time it was an old mellow voice.

"SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU! I'VE GOT A FRYING PAN AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!" a southern female voice replied. So much for peace Amy thought.

She grabbed her bag and jumped down off the small roof she was on (it was only 2ft off the ground -_-'). Amy began to walk to a small house. The door opened and Amy dodged around the other side. She didn't like people to find her sometimes. It was all a game that started when she was 5. The houses were painted orange and had a pointy chimney. What the heck? Why are they styled in the form of a caution cone? Amy wondered. A man wandered out in a red No.95 racing outfit. A lady –wife maybe? - Followed out with a small child at her hip – his child? Amy examined as the man kissed the lady on the cheek and ruffled the little girl's hair. The man walked off down the path to a red car waiting. Amy's heart sank. This was like her family when she was a toddler; happy family. Then her dad turned against her and…Amy began to cry. She began to walk off but stepped on a twig. The lady heard this and turned around. She saw Amy on a heap on the floor crying.

"Are you okay?" she asked. Stupid question much the lady thought. She placed the toddler on the floor beside her and sat beside Amy. "What's your name?" Amy looked up from the floor.

"A-Amy; Amy," stuttered the shy teenager.

"That's nice, I'm Sally Carrera. Weird surname I know," smiled Sally. She picked up the toddler. "This is Izzy. Me and my boyfriend call her Dizzy because she spends so much time spinning around for some weird reason." Amy chuckled through a few tears.

"Is she your daughter? How old is she?" Amy asked.

"Eighteen months. And no, she's my sister's. Her husband and she are on holiday in Mexico. Honeymoon," Sally answered. "How old are you and do you know anyone here?"

"I'm 14 and I ran away because of my Dad which I really don't want to talk about!" Amy replied. Izzy crawled into Amy's lap. Amy and Sally smiled in Awe.

"Oh. Well you can always stay at the Cozy Cone. We have a few reservations free for a few nights," Sally suggested. "We can always talk to your family through the lobby phone if you want to."

"Thanks. Okay then." Amy looked at Izzy who was crawling on her and tugging at her hair. A thought crossed Amy's mind. She smiled a little but fought back tears.

"Let me get dressed and I could give you a tour of the town."

"Sure I'd like that." Maybe this town isn't so bad after all.

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