Chapter 14: Kim's choice

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Kim had read the article. Amy and Beth were still not up. She heard the doorbell go. She was in the Cozy Cone Sally had promised them. Kim was in her fluffy purple dressing gown and silk night-gown. She opened the front door. There stood Sally in her blue trackie bottoms and blue tank. Her brown hair had been tossed into a pony-tail.

"Hey Sally. What's up?" Kim yawned.

"Well, we figured you like the town and were all wondering if you want to live here?" Sally offered. Kim thought.

"I'm not sure since I still want to live at my own home. But then again, I want to rent it out," Kim replied. "I know the girls love the town and there is a nearby school…"

"So why don't you enrol them into the schools. Me and Stickers could look after them," Sally continued. "Besides, Amy has shown me some great dresses for the wedding! She could help with the wedding!"

"Hmmmm…I'll think about it. I'm still renting out the house though! See ya later Sally," Kim finished. She shut the door with a click.


Later that day, Kim had brought Sally, Stickers, Amy and Beth to Flo's Café.

"I know you two love the town very much and we have been staying here for over a week now," began Kim. "I know you hated home since there was no-one to play with, no school, no local kids…"

"And…?" Amy asked.

"And I figured you like it here so much better. Me and Sally were talking about if you would like to stay here…" Amy and Beth's faces lit up. "Which is why me and Sally have worked out you two girls can stay here in your own Cozy cone and go to school here and live here alone. I'll rent out home and visit every now and again. Would you like that?"

"YES MUM!" Beth yelled. She hugged Kim and thanked her. Amy did the same.

Amy had learnt a lot the past few weeks. Like who she was loved by, she will be loved forever and the power of family and how to let go.

The end


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