Fillmore stared in horror at Sarge, trying to find words to express his shock. "You want me to be on Lightning's pit crew at the World Grand Prix, man?" he asked slowly, "You know I can't do that~flying around the world is such a waste of fuel."

Standing stiffly at attention, Sarge glared at his friend. "The plane is going to fly whether you come along or not, hippie. You might as well come."

"But at least I won't be supporting the use of non-renewable resources if I stay here," said Fillmore.

Sarge snorted in annoyance. "Plus you'll get to chat with organic sludge drinkers from around the world if you come. How can you resist an offer like that?"

Fillmore sighed. It would be fun to talk with his fellow alternative fuel inventors...

Noticing that his friend seemed interested, Sarge began thinking up more reasons. "McQueen needs someone to refill his gas tank, you'll love Italy, sushi tastes better in Japan, I'm sure the Allinol scientists would love to hear about your revolting concoctions..." he trailed off as he noticed the look on Fillmore's face. Was the crazy hippie smirking at him?

"I think there's a reason you aren't mentioning, man," Fillmore said, amused.

"I don't know what you're talking about," snapped Sarge.

"You me a lot, don't you?" asked Fillmore.

Sarge's face turned a bit red but he didn't say anything.

Fillmore smiled. "All right, I'll come."

Then the old van wandered off to see how much 'organic sludge' he could bring on the trip, leaving a certain army jeep to wonder whether there was any truth to what Fillmore seemed to think Sarge's feelings were. After much thought, Sarge decided that Fillmore was delusional. That must be it, right? He drove off to Flo's gas station, muttering about crazy hippies.


In Cars 2, Fillmore actually volunteered to come immediately. However, I thought a scene with Sarge trying to convince Fillmore to come to the WGP would be a bit more believable. Plus I just felt like writing it.

I hope you enjoyed the story!