(Thundercats 2011)

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Chapter 1 - Angst

Tygra paced back and forth in his chambers. He couldn't believe that King Claudus placed so much faith and responsibility in Lion-O! The cub hardly took any of his princely duties seriously. The King constantly praised Tygra, stating many times how much he wished Lion-O could be more like him and how Tygra would have made such an impressive ruler.

If only bloodlines weren't the sole criteria excluding him from the royal procession. With me as her King, Tygra mused, Thundera would be successful and free from worries, instead of thrown at the whims of an irresponsible cub who puts his own desires ahead of his people!

He stopped his pacing to stare out the window overlooking the vast, beautiful Thunderian landscape. The crops were nearing readiness for the harvest, and a great one it would be.

It seemed however that the kingdom was facing an uncertain future. With the lizards growing ever bolder over the years, it was so important for Thundera to have a wise and responsible King. And Lion-O is NOT it, he fumed.

The more he thought on it, the more Tygra's ire increased. I can't believe I have to miss my chance to show my ability and potential to make room for that fool! His hands clenched into fists as his brow furrowed with anger and frustration.

Tygra loved Lion-O dearly, but always felt bitterness at being disregarded as a candidate for leadership, especially considering his accomplishments. He found himself awash with regret, seeing his chance for greatness slipping through his fingers only to land beneath Lion-O's feet. If only...

His ears twitched as he sensed a presence. "Is everything alright?" Tygra turned his head slightly from the window to see Cheetara entering, a look of concern on her beautiful face. Her scent filled his nostrils, and he found himself forgetting some of his frustrations for the moment.

"I hope I'm not intruding," she said. "I just noticed you leave the dining hall. You seem troubled." Tygra had seen the looks that Lion-O kept casting towards the female. He was sure she had noticed, but he had no idea if she could even engage in mating rituals with her position as one of Jaga's clerics.

So far, it seemed she only shared a close friendship with Lion-O. But if she could be with a prince... Tygra's brow wrinkled all over again to think that even in this, Lion-O would be undeservedly lucky.

Tygra's interest in Cheetara was no secret. He often flirted with her, and had praised her beauty, wisdom, and prowess in combat on many occasions. Despite this, she seemed indifferent to his advances, laughing them off or casting her eyes away awkwardly.

Other males (save Lion-O) had accepted that he had unofficially staked his claim on the cheetah, and would aggressively defend that right should they intrude.

With his reputation, Tygra had no worries. If only she felt the same. "Of course you are not intruding," He said in honesty. "I just needed a nice, quiet place to think. My patience with Lion-O's disregard of his responsibilities is just not as great tonight. I mean, to be so tardy to a banquet arranged for him?"

He threw up his hands incredulously. "What could he have possibly been doing? And then, to come in so disheveled and nonchalant about the whole thing, not even apologizing for his behavior?"

He turned back to look out the window. "I just couldn't deal with it. So here I am. I'm just brooding. You don't have to comfort me, Cheetara. I'll be back shortly, when I'm fit to be seen. Go back and enjoy the banquet..." His face darkened. "...and Lion-O."

He nearly jumped when he felt Cheetara's hands on his broad, striped shoulders. "I came here because I wanted to see you, Tygra." She slowly brought her hands from his shoulders down his back to his waist, caressing him.

"I have seen your frustration, and understand it. Lion-O is not yet ready to be king, and with his behavior we have no idea if he ever will be. You however are here now and able to serve Thundera and her people, yet you are powerless to do naught but wait for the cub to become the lion our kingdom desperately needs him to be. I have heard Claudus' praise of you and your intellect, and how he wishes so much that Lion-O could be more like you. If only you were his son in truth."

Although it would be a pity to lose these beautiful stripes, she thought. "I think you would make an outstanding king."

Tygra's eyes widened to hear such praise from her lips. "You really feel that way? But I thought you and Lion-O..."

"-Are just friends," Cheetara countered, applying more pressure with her fingers along his waist and laying her face against his back.

He felt tingles begin in his spine. "I genuinely care for Lion-O, and I know that he has potential if he only took it all seriously. But I advise him and keep him company when he needs a friend."

She raked her claws up his back, tantalizing him. "And that is all." Tygra turned his body around in her hands to look at her face. "Why are you really here, Cheetara?"

He searched her tangerine eyes. "You know that I desire you and have for a long time. Of this, I have given you no doubt. But you did not seem to return my interest. Forgive me if this seems..." he glanced at her hands, still touching his waist, her lovely body closely pressed to his and back into her eyes "...odd to me."

Cheetara lifted the edges of her lips as she gazed up into Tygra's handsome face. "Just because I haven't thrown myself into your arms as other females have," He saw her eyes narrow at this.

"...does not mean I don't return your feelings, Tygra. A Cleric has to have discretion. If I did not truly care for you, I would not be here. I think you are impressive, courageous, handsome, and strong, someone worthy to be the ruler of Thundera. I just hate to see you so upset. I came to offer you my support and ear if you need it."

She paused. "Try to look on the bright side." At Tygra's astonished look, she continued. "A king's responsibilities often make it hard for him to nurture friendships or any other kinds of relationships for that matter. So, in this respect I must be honest."

Still looking into his large, rust-colored eyes, Cheetara moved her hands up to flatten them against his muscular chest and said in a voice just above a whisper, "I can't help but feel relieved that Lion-O will be the one to shoulder those responsibilities..." her eyes were half-lidded as she focused on his mouth. "...and not you."

Tygra was speechless, held enthralled by her eyes, hands, and body, and so was still as she stood on her toes to place a small, tentative kiss on his lips. He was not so for long however, and began to kiss her in earnest, slanting his mouth across hers.

Cheetara slid her hands up his chest to his thick neck as Tygra brought one of his hands down to her hips, the other climbing up her back to cradle the back of her neck.

As he deepened the kiss, she felt her knees start to weaken. His tongue laved her lips, asking for entrance. She complied, and Tygra swirled his tongue inside her mouth, mating it with hers.

Intoxicated by the taste of her, he bent forward, hunching his back as his arms wrapped around Cheetara's lower back. As he straightened he lifted her off her feet, moving his hands to her rear, his mouth never leaving hers. Cheetara fitted her legs up over his hips as he held her tightly against him.

Mad with lust, Tygra began walking toward his bed, stopping by the door on the way to ensure it was bolted properly. Cheetara purred against his mouth, encouraging him as her arms tightened around him.

As Tygra lowered her to the ground, the back of her legs touched the bed, and he finally ended the kiss to set her down. He maintained his hold on her, grasping her arms possessively in each of his large hands.

Their breaths were coming fast, and he could see things were quickly getting out of control. With one last peck to her mouth, his eyes never leaving hers, he began to remove the formal wear he had chosen for tonight's banquet.

His hands moved agonizingly slow over the buttons of his tunic, and he struggled to maintain his restraint.

Though he wanted to rip the cloth off and be done with it, he relented and closed his eyes to breathe for a moment. He did not want to frighten Cheetara with his eagerness for her.

He had waited so long for this, and would be damned if he ruined it now. But the reciprocated hunger he saw in her eyes was definitely not helping...

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