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(Crack, Dai Atlas really needs a customs department for New Crystal City, either that or he needs to check what Wing brings home every time he returns from his jaunts to the surface... Axe is amused. In my head Dai Atlas is Wing's creator. Enjoy!)

Dai Atlas heaved a frustrated sigh, leaning back in his Grand Council seat bringing a servo up to rub at his ruby optics in aggravation, muttering choice curses at the collected young knights of the Circle, all five of them sporting grime and a colourful purple sticky substance, splattered liberally all over their frames.

"What's the damage this time?" Axe asked, his brilliant azure optics twinkling as he strode into the Council chamber at the behest of Dai Atlas, who had given him a brief download of the events that had taken place that cycle while he had been out scouting some underground tunnels.

"Wing decided to bring back a plant from the surface when he went out on one of his unauthorised jaunts." Dai Atlas said lowly, glaring at his creation that was having the decency to look sheepish, his friends that had gathered around him nudging him with snickers of amusement. "The said desert plant then decided to unearth itself from its vase and run amok in the citadel, we have no casualties other than a thoroughly chewed table in the Rec-Room and the five messy immature mechlings you see before you, who saw fit to prod it with their swords when it had a negative reaction to the energon somebody threw at it."

Axe gave a bark of laughter as he walked past the oddly fresh smelling group of knights covered in alien plant innards, jogging up the steps to slouch in his chair by his ancient friend. "Verdict?" he asked gleefully as the group groaned from below them, Wing ducking his head in a wince.

"Once they have cleaned up the Rec-Room and washed, they can clean the armoury. Walls and all." Dai Atlas said with a sigh shaking his helm, waving the group away with a calm sweep of his servo. "Wing. Stay where you are."

The compact jet grimaced, his ornately folded wings drooping slightly as his friends left him standing at the centre of the circular council chamber, the other knights patting Wing's shoulders in sympathy as they wandered off to do their designated punishment, a few of them grabbing some of the goo off their frames and tossing it at each other.

The Leader of the Circle of Light sighed heavily as the door to the chambers hissed shut, "Wing, we've talked about this…"

"But Sire…" Wing interrupted, his gold optics flared passionately "I swear I didn't know it was capable of walking around. I thought it was a normal desert flower. I would never intentionally put this city in danger."

The much larger mech looked down upon his offspring with tired garnet optics. "I am well aware you have the best intentions, but can you please stop bringing back anything and everything you find on the surface? The image captures you have milling around I'm fine with, actual life forms I draw the line at. I trust you remember what happened the last time you and your little group of friends tried to integrate that organic bird creature into our culture?"

The purple covered jet cringed. He had secretly hoped his Sire wouldn't have brought up the last incident that had mutated in the darkness of the underground city's night, the cute little ball of fluff shedding its adorable disguise, moulting into a giant flying terror that had nearly bitten off Dai Atlas' helm. The creature had eventually met its end on Dai Atlas' Great Sword, the giant blade carving the organic cleanly in half with a lightning bolt of energy. Wing and his friends had been on clean up detail for nearly a vorn as punishment under the watchful gaze of an amused Axe…

"I'm sorry Sire." Wing said looking miserable in his grimy state, a far cry from the brilliant white and red flashed mech that would proudly walk among them.

Deciding to pity his creation, Dai Atlas shook his helm, "Very well Wing, just note that this is the last time I want to hear of anything you take back from the surface. Now go and see to your punishment like your fellows."

"Yes, sir." The compact jet said crisply swiftly exiting the room, his wings perked at the relatively light punishment as Axe chuckled when Dai Atlas sunk back into his chair with a grumble covering his optics with a servo.

"Aww, you two are so alike it's scary."

"Don't you start." The Leader of the underground city snapped, a ruby optic flaring through slightly parted fingers.

"All I'm saying is father like son." Axe shrugged with a broad grin, "I seem to remember you and me doing something similar back in our youngling days. Or should I delete the memory file labelled 'Dai Atlas Vs Mutant Plant from the Labs'?"

"It's not just the plants and creatures, Axe." Dai Atlas said scrubbing his faceplate with his servo, "It's the unauthorised trips, the shut off communication link... And yes, delete that file before I get the medics to do it."

"Come on Atlas." Axe chuckled thumping his friend on the shoulder, "Stop being such a coddling femme, Wing's a grown mech now, he's learned his lesson, he won't do it again."

==Several Orns Later===

"He won't do it again huh?" Dai Atlas growled as the Council began to gather, Axe slotting into his chair with a wince.

"Ah. I was hoping you would forget that statement…" Axe mumbled in reply fiddling with a note taking stylus.

"This goes far beyond native plants and lifeforms." Dai Atlas snarled to himself, his optics glowing a fierce ruby. "He brought back an outsider. He brought back… a Decepticon!"