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(Thanks to Ultra Rodimus for allowing me to use Titanium again! Enjoy!)

"Are you sure you are comfortable Axe?" Dai Atlas fretted, his heavy weight shifting from pede to pede as if he were a much lighter mech.

"You ask me that one more time and I'm going to throw you off the balcony in your recharge!" the black and gold mech in question snarled back, shaking a fist at his navy blue plated mate from where he was reclining on the couch reading the latest news pad, resting the digital equipment on his slightly swollen abdominal plating where the pair's sparkling was beginning to build its protoform. "Primus, you're acting like I'm going to deactivate at any moment! I'm only having a sparkling!"

"You're also recovering from getting stabbed." Dai Atlas huffed back, crossing his arms across his chest plates and attempting to glare assertively at his bonded. "I have a right to be worried."

Axe rolled his optics, turning back to the text on his pad, content to ignore the fretting carrier hen that Dai Atlas had suddenly turned into; and over a little scratch no less, seriously, the blade had barely reached the protoform beneath his armour for Primus' sake! "Are you quite finished?" he enquired blandly as his mate went about the place straightening bits and pieces of furniture in their apartment, the black mech warily keeping an azure optic on Atlas less the Triple Changer suddenly try to herd him towards the berth again for 'Proper Medic Prescribed Rest'.

His mate's cheek plate still looked a little dented from the right hook he had received in return for that little gem of advice. "Look, just go see Titanium upstairs and tell him that I'm finally carrying or something. Just stop… straightening the furniture; you're freaking me out."

"But who's going to look after you?" the tri-horned mech asked straightening a portrait of Cybertron from space, cringing when he received a less than friendly glare from his mate.

"Do you want a matching dent in your other cheek plate?" Axe threatened, making an exaggerated shooing motion as he found an interesting article, "If I can fend you off from trying to lock me in the berth room where it is 'safe', I can certainly handle any other annoying critter than intrudes and no, you can't lock the front door."

The mostly blue mech visibly deflated, the idea coming to his processor just as Axe shot it out of the sky. "I hate it when you think of everything."

"That's life, love." Axe shrugged, rolling shoulder joints in their sockets, giving a small hiss as the flexi-seal covering his wound stretched with a small sting. "Now, get going. Give Titan my regards and tell him to get a bonded already, I swear, he'll be using a Zimmer support frame by the time he gets it into his helm to look for a mate."

"Yes, Dear." Dai Atlas sighed, rolling his optics sarcastically, turning on his heel to leave his carrying mate to his own devices.

===Two Floors Up===

"And you just… left him down there?" Titanium asked, a shade of disapproval colouring his voice as he handed Dai Atlas a cube of energon.

"Do you see the dent in my face?! He can handle himself." his once-student snapped moodily back, "Axe says to get off your aft and get a mate. And he says hi."

"Are you sure it was a good Idea to let your mate to Carry?" Titanium pondered aloud curiously, "I mean, as cute as the end product will be, it seems our favourite mellow grounder has already had a few temper tantrums. You really should get that dent looked at by the way, I think you might have fractured the jaw joint."

"I told you it wasn't my fault!" Dai Atlas growled, prodding experimentally at his jaw, testing for weak points, his wings twitching in annoyance.

"Of course, forgive my stupidity!" Titanium exclaimed, the epitome of sarcasm, achieving an impressive General class glare that could have peeled the paint off his plating had Dai Atlas' optics had any heat ray ability. "And I'm quite enjoying bachelorhood at the moment thank you; tell Axe he'll have to find another mech to pester about a playmate for the little sparklet."

"You can tell him that," Dai Atlas grouched, "I've already earned my punishment today." He explained, taking a swig of his energon, hissing when he felt a fractured gear grind in his jaw joint and finally snap, locking his mouth shut, "Frag it!" he half mumble-shouted through his clenched denta as his old mentor broke down laughing at him.

After several breems of waving his servos around like a distressed cyber-chicken and gesturing to his mouth, he finally managed to slur-scream at the older mech still snickering in the corner, "Titanium, stop laughing and comm. the fragging medic!"