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"I say let them keep fighting." Julia said sarcastically.

"Enough Julia." I said turning to her with a frown. "Everyone needs to get along. I can't force you two to get along. But until I see you two getting along then I won't be talking to you two. Got it? Good." I said sitting back down by Rin.

I knew the silent treatment may not do a whole lot for Bruiser but I knew Crow wouldn't be able to stand it. We had another demon to deal with plus this unusual cold. I refuse to have to worry about those two getting along as well. I fell back on the floor staring up at the ceiling. Sakura where are you when I need you.

End of Flashback.

Crow's P.O.V.

"Rin have you seen Seto?" I asked walking down the stairs.
"Huh?" Rin said looking up from where she was feeding Lin. "She isn't upstairs?"
"No I looked everywhere." I replied walking up to her. "She isn't there."
"I haven't seen her." Rin replied. "The only ones I've seen this morning is you and Bruiser."
"You're sure?" I pressed. "She couldn't have gone far, this hotel isn't that big."
"She's not on the roof?" Rin asked standing up and cradling a sleeping Lin in her arms.
"No the door's frozen shut." I replied shaking his head. "She couldn't have opened the door. Even I have trouble opening the frozen doors."
"Ask Bruiser." Rin suggested shrugging. "He might know."
"Fine." I said. He may not like talking to Bruiser but he was worried about Seto so he's swallow his pride just this once. He walked into the kitchen and saw Bruiser sitting at the table sitting reading a book.
"What do you want robot?" he said without looking up.
"Have you seen Seto." I asked not hesitating.
"Seto?" Bruiser looked up. "No she isn't still sleeping?"
"No she's usually up by 6." I replied. "I wanted to talk to her but when I checked her room she wasn't in there. She isn't anywhere upstairs and Rin didn't see her come down."
"You think I did something to her?" Bruiser growled.
"It actually never crossed my mind." I said narrowing my eyes. "Rin suggested that I ask you."
"Oh..." Bruiser said looking at the book. "No I haven't seen her. Do you think she might be in trouble."
"If she went outside and got lost..." I paused then shrugged. "Yes. Yes I do think she's in trouble. Especially if she went outside."
"What aren't you saying?" Bruiser asked.
"..." I paused looking down. "Listen don't mention this to the others they don't need to know right now. I don't know how you knew about the Skin Demon but it wasn't the only one. There's another one. Seto had a run in with it. We don't know anything about this one but it's pretty ticked that we killed it's friend and it's targeting Seto. I don't know if it's the reason we can't find her but I really don't want to take the chance."
"Great." Bruiser said standing up. "Seto's missing and we've got another demon to kill. Alright robot I'll help you but don't make me regret it. I'm only helping so I can find her. I don't care what happens to you but I won't let another human die if I can help it."

Seto's P.O.V.

"Huh?" I asked opening my eyes. "Where am I?" I was lying completely chained to an ice covered floor in a very dark room.

"So you're finally awake." a voice snarled from the darkness. "I thought I might have already killed you. You humans are such weak beings."

"Who are you?" I yelled struggling to move with the chains on me. I couldn't tell where the voice was coming from, it sounded like it was coming from everywhere.

"Forgot me so soon human?" the voice growled. "How pathetic. And here I thought I had gotten the message across clearly enough."

"You're from before." I gasped struggling even harder to get free. "From the roof."

"Very good." the monster laughed. "Now now stop struggling. You won't be free till I set you free."

"Let me go monster!" I screamed trying desperately to get free. My heart was pounding none stop in my throat and my breath was coming out in frozen gasps.
"How stupid you are." the voice said dropping a few octaves. "I'm not a monster. I'm a demon though. But a stupid human like you wouldn't understand the difference."

"No I understand the difference." I whispered stopping my movements to catch my breath. Adrenaline was rushing through my body my body causing me to shake more than what the cold was doing. "You're just like the Skin Demon."

"Silence!" the Demon bellowed. The chains turned blue from ice and burned through my clothing to my skin. I let out a scream. It hurt so bad, it felt like my skin was being burned off.

"Stop! Stop it!" I cried, tears running down my face.

"I will." the Demon snarled. "After I find out what I need to know."

Crow's P.O.V.

Seto wasn't anywhere in the hotel. She wasn't outside on the grounds either.

"Where could she have gone?" Bruiser asked walking up next to me. "I mean it's too cold for her to go very far."

"I don't know how far she would make it." I replied. She did have that weird power so maybe she could last out here longer than most humans could. At least that's what I'm counting on.

"What?" Bruiser asked looking at me with raised eyebrows.

"Nothing." I replied rolling my eyes. "She'll make it, no doubt about it."

"Well I'm glad you're so confident about it." Bruiser said. "You sure are keeping a lot of stuff hidden from me."

"That's because it's not my place to tell you." I interrupted trying not to start another fight with him. Until Seto is back safely I'll get along with anyone. "When Seto is ready for you to know she'll tell you. I however can't, she asked me not to say anything till she knew more."

"Pretty loyal aren't you?" Bruiser said smirking. "But then again it's probably programmed into you."

"Bruiser enough." Ren said walking up to us with the others. Well, other than Miku and Lin, both of who had no idea what was going on. "Seto made it clear last night that she didn't want anymore arguing from either one of you so stop."

"Yes ma'am." Bruiser said immediately.

"I wasn't arguing." I said looking straight ahead. "I was ignoring."

"Crow." Ren said glaring at me. "You guys still haven't found Seto?"
"No." Bruiser replied immediately. "But we'll continue to look. Like I said in this cold she couldn't have gone very far."

"She's in town." I said immediately after he finished his sentence. "I can tell."

"How do you know that?" Emilio asked walking up to us, he was shaking from the cold. "That's pretty far away."

"I've been around her for so long I can feel where her energy is coming from." I looked over at Bruiser and glared. "It's a robot thing. Anyways Emilio help Anita get ready I'm pretty sure Seto is going to need her medical attention and you should be of some use since you used to live in the hospital."

"Alright." Emilio said following Anita as she ran inside.

"Julia, Ren you guys keep the kids occupied till we get back and Seto's all fixed up if she's hurt. It'll just scare them. And Julia don't argue just do it."

Julia looked taken back but didn't argue as Ren grabbed her and pulled her back to the hotel. Ren looked back over her shoulder as she walked. "You better hurry up and bring her back Crow. And then we want an explanation as to what's going on cause you know something. And I know you know something so don't try lying."

I sighed. "Should have known it wouldn't take long for her to catch on." She closed the door and I turned to Bruiser. "Come on we gotta hurry up and find her."

"You're sure she is in town?" Bruiser asked following me as I began walking away from the hotel.

"Listen," I said keeping my voice neutral. "I'm not asking you to like me but I am asking you to trust me. I would never let anything happen to Seto if I could help it. I would die for her without hesitating."

"That means nothing to me." Bruiser said looking away. "Lets just hurry up and find her. We won't have much time."

"Yeah I know that thank you I said that not to long ago." I muttered. There was no point in talking to this guy nothing I could ever say or do would ever prove to him that I cared about Seto. I really would die to save her, I wouldn't even have to think about it.

Man I wish I knew then just how close I would come to that.

Me: Alright this chapter is done and I have a cliffhanger for the next chapter. Yay! Man Crow what are you getting yourself into but that's so cute that you would die for Seto. Bruiser don't be a bully you two should totally get along you'd make the best of friends no doubt.