Kenny McCormick had no life.

Honestly. His family had never cared for him, so he didn't have a place to live. He was skinny, due to malnutrition, and no one ever talked to him at school. He was labeled as the dirty, orange-parka'd kid that carried his books in his arms. Nothing more, sometimes less.

In other words, he was waiting to die.

Kenny strolled the chilly streets of South Park, to get back to his "home". He was kicked out of his house at the young age of 9, since that's when he discovered his true sexuality. Kenny was bisexual, and his strict Catholic parents wanted nothing to do with him. Ever since, he drifted along, practically praying for a savior.

That night, as many others, he didn't find someone.

Kenny was in the alleyway near the edge of town that was pretty much his home now. There was a canopy to cover his head, something he made for himself when he was just 11. A few tattered blankets were underneath, but they could never fight the cold he felt daily. Either way, he still covered his body with the torn rags, and fell into yet another dreamless sleep.

The next morning, drips of rain woke the 15 year old, at too early of a liking. Kenny pulled one of the blankets over his face to prevent more water from beating down. A raging storm was through his small town, and nowhere was dry, except for inside walls. Kenny sighed as he stood, knowing he was just going to have to tough this one out too. Surprisingly, this wasn't the worse he's endured. There had been many a snow storm where he was thoroughly convinced he would freeze to death.

Kenny walked the long walk to his high school, appropriately named South Park High School. By the time he got there, the first bus had pulled up, dropping off about 40 kids or so. He sighed, as he saw they all had warm, fluffy jackets and umbrellas. He only had his old orange parka, which was nice, but he would kill for a new one. One preferably that actually fought the cold.

He was thrilled to walk inside for the warmth, but it soon decreased as kids started pushing past him, making rude remarks as they did so. A single tear escaped Kenny's eye, but none others did, since he told himself to man up. He went on with his school day, just trying to go unnoticed. Thankfully, it worked. Sadly, he still had no friends. All Kenny wanted was the happy balance, the one that all the other kids seemed to have. Instead, he had wet rags to return "home" to.

Kenny got out of the building to reveal a beautiful day. The sun poured out of the crystal blue sky and most of the water was already soaked up. A few marshmallow clouds were floating along the sky, as if there was never a storm. He smiled, and went home to hang his rags and hopefully score some cash so he could get a meal.

As he walked back to his alleyway, two guys came up to him, and Kenny instantly flinched with fear. It was none other than Stan Marsh and Eric Cartman; the two biggest douches in all of Colorado. Both of them were seniors, and they loved nothing more than torturing sophomores. They picked on Kenny any chance they got, and now, they had one.

"Oh look! It's Kenny!" Eric exclaimed, his nasally voice echoing down the street. He picked Kenny up from his collar and Kenny immediately started to squirm, trying to get free. All his books fell to the ground, scattering beneath his hanging feet. Kenny's mind was clouded with none other than pure and complete fear. These two have had quite a history with the sophomore, and he knew it could go from bad to worse in an instant.

"Please guys, please!" Kenny begged, his eyes shone with tears that threatened to fall. Both boys laughed in response to his begs, as Stan promptly punched his stomach. Some of the tears fell from Kenny's eyes with the contact, which make the guys smile. After a few more punches and the occasional kick, Eric finally let him go. Kenny fell to the cement with a thud, as he tried to regain his breathing pattern. Eric and Stan ran off in hysterics as Kenny tried crawling back to the alleyway.

After what felt like hours, Kenny finally picked himself off of the blacktop. The few books and papers he had were reorganized in a matter of seconds. He finally reached his destination, just before the sun was about to set. He put him books down, and went to ring the extra moisture from the rags from earlier that day. All of them were freezing and damp. Kenny sighed as he found a place to hang them, and started thinking.

"Of all people, why me? Why am I the one with the bruises? The one with the old orange parka? The one"The last word got more tears to appear in his eyes. He could still live like this, but he just wanted someone with him. Maybe then he'd have a reason to live.

As he hung up his last blanket, someone tapped his shoulder. Kenny jumped in the air, and the mystery person backed up a little.

"Oh man, sorry dude," he spoke. Kenny turned around to see a teenager standing there. He had on a green hat that covered his ears, and green mittens to match. His jacket was orange and his pants were a navy blue. Kenny's breath was taken away in an instant.

"It's okay," Kenny said, still breath taken. "Uh, can I help you?"

"I was just wondering if you needed help or something. You're all alone in an alley, after all," the green hatted teen explained. "And I'm Kyle, by the way."

"I'm Kenny," he said, outstretching his hand. Kyle shook it, and Kenny was instantly distracted from the heart of his hand. Kyle seemed to noticed and lightly chuckled.

"Cold?" he asked. Kenny blushed, and shook his head yes. "Well then, why don't you just go home, instead of this dark alley?" Kyle questioned.

Kenny's cheeks flamed more from embarrassment as he explain that this was his home. Kyle's face fell and his heart shattered quite a bit at hearing the news.

"Then come with me," Kyle offered. "We have a guest room."

Kenny's ears perked up at the offer. He accepted the offer, then went to retrieve his books. He didn't know it yet, but he was accepting a brand new life.