A/N: This is a continuation of 'A New Reign'. Be warned before you start reading this, it is possible that I will not finish it. Basically I need some time off from 'Fabrications in Truth', and I thought a plot where I had a powerful Harry that I didn't need to explain how he got his power that high to begin with might be a good place to start, so I'm starting a sequel. Read 'A New Reign' first or this will make no sense!

Chapter 1

Severus was walking back and forth, or more accurately, pacing frantically. Harry was coming back today, via the port-key that Snape had sent to him with the latest update on Teddy and Alden. Teddy, who was now 2 years and 5 months old, but acting, speaking, and walking like a 3 year and 7-9 month old, was watching his papa pace around the room with a curious fascination. Over the last few weeks, the toddler had noticed the man becoming more and more worrisome and irritable. Alden, who was now 13 soon to be 14, was nervous as he had ever been. "Do you think he'll have changed?" The young boy asked.

"Most definitely. He's spent almost a year with a clan of werewolves and though we've been able to visit him three times thus far, it was only for a day at a time, so there really is no telling what kind of personality changes to expect or physical changes for that matter, especially since we'd last seen him over 5 months ago." Snape worried.

"But he's still Harry. Right?"

"From what I could tell in his last letter, yes."

"Daddy?" Teddy cooed, his attention focused at the door. "Daddy? DADDY!"

"Is Harry back yet?" Dudley called, running in to the sitting room looking around frantically. "I heard Teddy calling."

"I think Teddy's just anxious." Alden commented.

Dudley wrinkled his nose. "Draco and Charlie need to hur-"

"Need to what?" Draco asked, stepping from the floo within the room.

"Being a bit impatient are we?" Charlie asked with a smirk. "Where's Ron and the twins?"

"They're upstairs having Luna teach them how to properly bathe a baby." Dudley said with a grin of his own.

"Oh, how is Lillian by the way?" Draco asked.

"She's wonderful. Little darling's just absolutely adorable. Luna says if she's not a squib we should be expecting her first bout of accidental magic any day now." Dudley explained proudly.

"How old is she again?" Charlie inquired, flopping down on the couch.

"Be careful." Snape snapped, continuing to pace.

"Just over 2 months." Luna said in an airy voice. She came into the room with Lillian wrapped in a pink blanket and sat in the rocking chair that Snape had put in for her. Really, the man was incredibly nice, though you'd never guess it the way he talked and how he acted in public. He just didn't want to admit that he was really a good guy. Tall, dark, and broody seemed to fit him better.

Fred and George came out into the living room dripping wet with matching scowls on their faces. Charlie's hand flew to his mouth as he tried to stifle his laughter, and Dudley chuckled lightly as he pointed his wand at the two, drying them off. "That baby is a menace." Ron stated following his brothers, wiping his hair down with a towel.

"She's a terror." Fred added.

"An absolute horror!" George echoed.

Luna simply grinned. "I told you bathing a fussy baby was hard work."

"Now I know why mum always did the hard stuff and only had us kids change diapers." Fred mused.

"Speaking of Molly, where is she?" Draco wondered aloud.

"Can't make it until 4, she and dad have a meeting at the Ministry." George informed them.

"What about Bill?" Alden asked. Ever since Bill and Fluer had separated, Bill had been hard to reach and Fluer had been... well... vindictive to say the least.

"No one was able to get hold of him." Ron told the young boy.

"Daddy?" Teddy squealed, clapping his hands together. Just then, the front door to the Manor opened, and shut, then the door to the sitting room did the same. All eyes fixed on the figure entering. "Hermy not daddy." Teddy huffed, crossing his arms.

Hermione smiled sheepishly. "Sorry for the false alarm." She said.

A collective sigh went around the room. "It's fine." Charlie said with a scooch, moving closer to the arm of the couch and dragging Draco along with him so Hermione could sit down. "Where's Mr. Wonderful?" He asked.

Hermione frowned. "He won't be coming. In fact, he won't be coming to anything I do ever again."

"You finally came to your senses and left the bastard?" Ron asked.

The young woman gave a weak smile and tried to wipe the sadness from her face. "Yeah."

Ron's own face darkened. "'Mione, what did he do?" He demanded.

She shook her head. "I'd rather not get into that right now."

Ron knelt down on the floor and took her hand into his. "Listen, I know we might not be going out anymore, but I still care for you. Always have and always will. I will always look out for you. When I told you that I didn't like him at the beginning of your relationship, it wasn't jealousy speaking, it was his attitude. He came off just like someone else I used to know, and I didn't like it. I was worried Hermione. I was worried he was going to hurt you, hit you."

The young woman simply lowered her head while her hands trembled in his.

"He did, didn't he." Ron demanded.

She nodded very lightly, and let out a small yelp when she felt four pairs of arms go around her. Ron, Draco, Charlie, and Alden had wrapped her into a hug, as they were the closest. "We're going to make him pay." The twins called out together.

"You may have the honor of ripping his bits off." Fred offered with a bow.

"And you, dear brother, may enjoy the fun of transfiguring him into various objects to be kicked around, as per your specialty." George added, extending a hand to shake Fred's.

Hermione let out a sound that could have been a laugh or a cry, and her smiling mouth but sad eyes didn't help determine which it was. "Merlin I love you guys. Every single one of you." She said with a squeeze on Ron's hand.

"We love you too Hermione." Several of those present voiced out.

"If you even talk about going back to him, I shall be forced to keep you here locked in the bedroom you've all but claimed against your will." Snape informed her with a very serious look.

"Daddy!" Teddy squealed again, tilting his head as if he'd heard something. The group turned their attention to the toddler as he shakily stood and wobbled off to look at the door to the hallway. "Daddy daddy!"

Snape raised an eyebrow, a movement that was mimicked by several others, and watched as the boy apparently squealed at nothing. Their attention was drawn in the opposite direction by the sound of a snapping noise coming from the next room. "Daddy!" Teddy called again, drawing the group's attention back.

"Raaaaar!" Came an amused voice as a figure softly tackled a squealing and giggling Teddy then scooping him up quickly. The sudden noise and movement startled almost everyone, aside from Luna and Lillian.

"Harry!" "Potter!" "Har!" Voices chorused as the young man grinned alongside the laughing, squirming child.

"Merlin you've got big." He said, then glanced up and around the room at everyone. His eyes lit up when he saw all who had come. They all looked around in silence while everyone seemed to try and compose themselves.

Luna was the first to break the proverbial spell. "Harry, meet your niece." She said with a smile.

"You still think of me as a brother?" He asked the blonde woman while eying the baby in her arms.

"Absolutely. Plus, niece sounds better than second cousin. If Minerva can call Alden her nephew, then you can call Lillian your niece." She replied.

Harry's eyes shot up and he squeezed Teddy a tiny bit. "Lillian?"

"Named after Aunt Lily." Dudley told his cousin. "Her portrait loved the idea."

Harry sniffed a bit and gave the baby a good look, resting Teddy on his hip and using one hand to pull back the pink blanket. "She's beautiful." He whispered. Glancing up and looking around he gave a small hug to Luna, then to Dudley and made his way to Alden. "You've gotten bigger too." He said with a large grin.

"I'm almost 14 now." Alden said for lack of knowing what to say in these types of situations.

"Yes I know. You're growing up well from what Sev's letters have been saying." Harry beamed, wrapping the youth into a hug. "I loved the practice dummy you sent me by the way." He said with a chuckle. "Where ever did you get the idea?"

Alden laughed himself. "Mrs. Molly said I should give you something that I made myself, and Draco and Severus told me stories about how much you hated Minister Fudge."

"Well it was absolutely wonderful." Harry said, releasing the teen, who took Teddy with him. The young man shared hugs and pleasantries with the twins, Ron, Hermione, Draco, and Charlie as well before coming up on Severus. "Hello love."

"Hello." The older wizard replied with a scratchy voice.

"God I've missed you." Harry told the man, followed by a swallow of air and a shaky bottom lip that found its way into his teeth.

"I've missed you too." Severus replied, trying to slow his breathing and not show how he was actually shaking.

"Oh screw this." Harry said suddenly, throwing his arms around Severus' neck and engaging in a deep kiss.

Some 'awww-s' and giggles went around the room and Dudley smirked, shaking his head. "Not even home five minutes and there he goes, shoving his tongue down the man's throat again."

Harry and Severus broke apart slightly while the latter chuckled and the former outright laughed. Harry sniffed a bit again. "I've missed all of you so much." He said, turning his head to face the rest.

"Well you'll get to say that again later. At 4 Molly and Arthur are coming by, Percy at 5, Minerva at 6, and at noon tomorrow Minister Shacklebolt said he would be making a personal visit to welcome you back here at the Manor." Snape filled him in.

"What about Bill and Fluer?" Harry asked.

"Separated." The twins chorused.

"No one can find Bill-" George started.

"-and Fluer's being a big old b-word." Fred finished.

Alden rolled his eyes. "I keep telling them I hear worse than that every day in school, but they still censor themselves around me."

Harry chuckled a bit. "I think it's more to keep Teddy from repeating it, considering his language skills are moving right along."

"Teddy r'peat all da langage!" The toddler informed everyone, much to their amusement. "Whatsa b word?"

"Oh god." Harry laughed. "Ask me again in about 10 years."

"Okie." Teddy agreed, playing with his fingers.

"What time is it?" Harry asked.

"Almost 2:30." Hermione replied, checking her watch.

"Alright, I think I'm going to go take a shower before Molly and Arthur get here, then I'll fill you all in on what happened over dinner." Harry told them.

(¯`·. Hp/Ss .·´¯)

"So then, Macoval had me sleep on a giant leaf. An actual. Giant. Leaf." Harry told the group, who were listening intently.

"Was it comfortable?" Alden asked.

"Not in the least!" Harry told him. "Especially considering he'd had me transfigure it out of a rock beforehand."

Minerva chuckled. "That would make for quite some discomfort."

"You're telling me. I haven't slept on a proper bed in over 10 months!" The young man complained.

"Well not to worry, you'll be sleeping on one tonight." Severus assured him.

Litsy swung her little legs from the chair she was sitting in and grinned. The house elves had been invited to dine with everyone at the dinner table, and they were absolutely thrilled, especially considering they hadn't seen Harry in so long. "Did Master Harry cook a lot there?" She asked.

"Yes, in fact I did." He replied with a grin of his own.

"Good." The small elf said with satisfaction. "Now maybe Master Harry will let Litsy do her job."

Several of the group chuckled and Sloffy scolded the other elf teasingly. "What happened after the leaf?" Hermione asked.

"Well, the next bit they had me doing was stealth training. I had to learn to walk around with bells tied to my ankles, wrists, and neck, without ringing a single one of them. It was supposed to last about 2 weeks, but it wound up taking 3. Luckily the blade training only took one week instead of the 2 it was supposed to, so everything went back on track."

"So that's how you got in here with no one noticing." Draco mused.

"Teddy noticed." Harry informed them with a nod to the toddler, who was playing in his mashed potatoes. Harry's finger went to his nose and up the ridge of it before he scowled at his hand.

"What was that about?" Dudley asked.

"Oh, it's habit. I wore glasses for so many years that I keep trying to push them up, but no one realizes that's what I'm doing because I don't wear them anymore. I'm wondering how long I'll keep doing that before my hand realizes that there's nothing there to push." Harry told them.

"Alright, after the blade training." Molly prompted, getting them back on track.

"Right. Then, Tamara had me act as a midwife for the new mothers in the clan once March came around." He told them. "I tell you, there's nothing scarier than watching a female werewolf during her transformation giving birth to a baby werewolf, and watching that baby transform as it came out of her."

"Oh that's so not dinner conversation!" Alden cried out, holding a spoon filled with soup halfway up to his mouth.

"Generally speaking, there's nothing more frightening than a mother in labor deary." Molly told him.

"You can say that again." Dudley said. "Luna was absolutely scary when she was having Lillian."

The airy blonde smiled and looked down to the baby she had cradled in her arms, then back to her husband. "But you stayed with me even when I shot hexes at you."

"Bet you were glad I made you study so hard on those shielding spells." Hermione said to Dudley.

"Yes Ma'am I was." He told her, then turned his attention back to Harry. "What happened after the midwiving?"

"Well, they taught me how to track via sound and sight. Mostly it was Macoval and Jericho trying to figure out how to make my magic make my sight and hearing better, but I did learn some interesting techniques that don't require them on how to track a person's magical signature." Harry said with a bit of pride. "Then Perecles started sleep training."

"They trained you to sleep?" George asked incredulously.

Harry laughed a bit. "No no, not at all. They trained me to be aware of my surroundings, even in sleep. Basically, they would sneak up on me while I slept and pin me down until I learned to tackle them before they got to me while not appearing to awaken until the very last second. That actually started around December, but didn't start getting anywhere until April. Around mid-April I was deprived of sleep, and I learned how to fall asleep within 3 minutes of 'being allowed'. So basically, I can now make myself sleep and wake up whenever I so choose. Oh and I don't toss and turn at snoring anymore. I had to learn to block it out because nearly half the clan were very loud snorers and every single house had at least one person who snored, so I couldn't escape it."

"I don't like hearing that they deprived you of anything." Snape said, glaring at his steak.

Harry slipped a hand to the man's leg and smiled. "I know you don't, but it was for the better. Plus they took extra good care of me after they would deprive me of something. To make up for it. Tamara felt awful every time something like that happened and would stuff me with sweets for nearly a week afterward."

"Daddy?" Teddy called, his potato covered hands pausing mid-wiggle.

"Yes Teddy?" Harry asked.

"Lane." The toddler told him, much to everyone's confusion.

"What's a lane?" George wondered.

"Don't suppose he means a lane like an aisle, does he?" Ron asked.

"Shh." Harry stated with his finger pressed to his lips as he tilted his head to the side. The group watched as he listened to the silence and a smile spread on his face. "Yes Teddy, very good." He congratulated.

"What in the world are you on about?" Draco asked.

"Lorraine." Harry informed them, bringing a dinner roll to his mouth and smiling as he bit into it.

"Lane." Teddy repeated.

The group exchanged confused glances, then a knocking came to the Manor door. Lorraine's voice called out as she opened the door. "Is Harry back yet?"

"Good lord woman, you are incredibly late." Snape said as she made her way into the dining room.

"Yes I know, but you know how it is with Roger, he can't seem to live an hour without me." She said while dismissively waving a hand and taking a seat next to Percy. "How'dya do love." She said, extending a hand.

"Well, and yourself?" Percy asked politely giving her hand a shake.

"Pretty decent. Right then, I'll get filled in on what I missed later, continue on." She said with a grin.

Harry chuckled at the woman. She had been coming over quite a lot during his time away and he was glad she had, else Severus might have gone bonkers while he was on vacation. "Well, then once May rolled around we started working on using my left hand for things. They actually wound up wrapping my right hand in fabric and tying it to my torso so I couldn't use it. Thanks to that though, I can now use my left hand to cast spells, use objects, and generally exist as well as my right. However the writing is still completely illegible with that hand."

"Give us a demonstration please." Alden asked, his eyes sparkling.

Harry flicked his right hand in a sharp movement causing the hidden wand to slide out and grabbed it with his fingers before it could fall to the floor, grabbed it with his left hand, and gave a thoughtful look. He pointed the wand at the floral centerpiece and glanced to Severus. "That's not a priceless heirloom or an ancient magical artifact, is it?" He asked.

"Not at all, have at it." The older wizard replied.

Harry nodded. "What shall I turn it in to?"

"A stuffed bear!" "A bath boat." "A toy car." "A chicken!" Several voices called out.

Ron glanced at Luna who was grinning madly. "A chicken?" He asked her.

"Oh yes." She replied. "A chicken from a bouquet of flowers would be marvelous."

"Yeah, but it's on the table, it would freak out and cause a mess." Charlie told her.

"You're right. Not a chicken then." She amended, shifting Lillian slightly who was peering around at everyone curiously.

Harry grinned. "A stuffed bear it is." He said, giving a swift flick of his wand as a pink nearly liquid stream of light burst forth from it and engulfed the centerpiece, transfiguring it into two adorable, soft, squishy stuffed bears, one blue and one pink. He levitated them both and set the pink one down in front of Luna for Lillian and sat the other down in front of Teddy, quickly casting a charm to keep them both clean, and following with a small scourgify to clean Teddy up from his mashed potato mess.

"I would definitely say your left-handed wand wielding has improved a great deal." Snape commented while the corner of his mouth quirked up.

"Indeed." Harry, Alden, and Minerva commented simultaneously, causing the three of them plus Severus to chuckle in amusement.

"Actually, I barely need my wand anymore. I only use it because it's faster, and for spells I've never done before to get the hang of them." Harry told then.

"Jealous!" Ron cried out with a scandalized look.

Harry grinned. "I can try to teach you later if you want. Over the Christmas holidays or something when I have a break from teaching." He said, to most everyone's astonishment. He gave a pointed look to Minerva. "That is, if the Defense post is open this year."

The woman smiled as brightly as Severus had said she would if he offered. "Of course it is Harry, the last DADA professor was a hack-job. You were the absolute best we've had in half a century. We will gladly welcome you back, as long as you promise not to run off again."

"Then consider it done. I don't think I could survive another year without my family, and that goes for all of you here. Even you Lorraine." Harry told them.

"YES, no more Mr. Dedworth!" Alden cried out happily.