I followed Shepard back into the Normandy. Most of the crew was up in the mess area where food was being served. I caught another glance at people around me.

Garrus was standing on the opposite end of the line, his tray wasn't that full and he was picky and choosy about what he was putting on it. From what I had heard Turians had a strange complex DNA structure or something. I did not really get the standard science and biology class details but I understood enough to know that Turians and Humans were pretty much allergic to each other's choice of foods; and in many cases, each other.

A Krogan sat across from a human with what looked like a battle scar over his eye. Grunt, a tank bred Krogan who was currently the only Krogan in existence who was not subject to the Genophage: another biology lesson I didn't get but it apparently limited the amount of Krogan born. The human was Zaeed; a merc for hire who just happened to have founded a mercenary group called the Blue Suns. I had talked with him a bit earlier at lunch today. He had a lot of mercenary stories, and he knew how to tell them well. He was doing that right now with Grunt listening, commenting on how weak his opponents were.

Miranda and Jacob sat together on opposite ends of the table. The two of them seemed like an odd duo that would work together. An operative for a kooky organization that favored the expansion of Humans and a soldier who now worked for the same organization.

The other crew members weren't around. Tali was probably off on her own, quarians having hard times without their helmets and stuff so she probably had a special place on the ship to eat. Geth were machines so Legion was out and I hadn't seen Thane or Katsumi in a while. Both seemed to be loners so that made sense a little.

I grabbed my own tray and let the cook pile whatever was cooking onto it.

It looked like some sort of weird blueish-grey soup, some sort of gumbo thing from an Asari recipie (I noted that Garrus had double of this), some weird bread looking thing (Garrus didn't even look at it.) and a glass of some weird juice that tasted like fruit punch mixed with lemonade and orange juice- not sure if I liked it or not (Garrus again didn't consider this either).

I sat down by myself at a lone table. While I was part of the crew I wasn't part of the crew. I felt like I had to prove myself to them before I would be accepted which was okay I guess. I was a complete stranger Shepard just brought on at random.

I sped through my meal somewhat, I wasn't really up for alien food, and got up leaving the tray on the table where it would be gathered later. I decided to take my own personal tour of the ship. Miranda gave me one before but I wanted to see how well I remembered things. I knew the observatory was on the deck below so I decided to head there.

I pushed the door lock open and paused and mentally beat my head against a mental wall as Samara paused in her biotic-meditation-practice-thing. "Is something wrong Dresden?" she asked. I started backing up to walk out. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I forgot Samara was staying in this room.

"No sorry. I forgot that you were staying here." She looked up at me. "If you want to watch the void you are more than welcome to stay." She said. I nodded. I remembered Liara's biotic demonstration and I had heard from Garrus, who seemed to be the only person who would talk to me without me speaking first, how Samara killed a bunch of merc troops. I decided the moment I heard that to stay on her good side. So I walked in and moved to the window out of the way and leaned against the cold glass.

I cast a glance at her every so often. After about the sixth time she looked up at me. "Is there something wrong?" she asked. I shrugged.

"I don't know really. You just remind me of someone. I'm trying to figure out who."

She tilted her head to the side I couldn't tell if she was confused, flattered, insulted or what.

"Just the whole 'harbinger of justice' thing makes me remember someone; I'm trying to figure out who."

"Harbinger of justice? That is a term for Justicar that I hadn't heard before."

"I tend to say weird stuff at times. Most people just ignore me when I do. Unless it's important weird stuff. Then people pay attention."

"How will I know which to do?" she asked

"You'll know when it happens. Trust me. I'll stop bugging you though. Let you get back to your meditations." Samara nodded her head and returned to doing the weird biotic thing.

I walked out and moved down the hallway and went to the engineering area. I was kind of bored and I really didn't feel like lounging back in my room.

I walked down the stairs aimlessly.

"Hey. You're Dresden aren't you?"

I turned, a woman, probably no older than Molly is, with a buzz cut weird design in her hair and tattoos on her body. I hadn't seen her before but I recognized her from her description. Jack, Subject Zero. One of the most powerful biotics in the galaxy. Probably the most powerful human biotic.

I nodded at her. "Yea that's me. You're Jack. Right?"

She nodded.

"What are you doing down here?" I shrugged. "Walking around aimlessly for lack of better things to do. If I'm bugging you then I'll head off." Jack shrugged and rolled onto her back.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Bored as well. I don't really care if you stay or go. Most people just walk by."

I walked over to her and sat down across from her. She turned her head to me. "What?"

"You obviously wanted to talk to someone, or at least talk to me. Why else would you have called me?" She rolled back. "I just heard that we took on some guy named Dresden. Wanted to know if that was you since I never saw you before."

"I see. Mind if I ask where you got the haircut?"

She looked at me like I was an idiot. I probably was for asking.

"Joined a cult. Dropped it. Kept the haircut."

I nodded. I could hear the bite in her voice so I didn't press on about the cult.

She rolled over on her side away from me. "I really don't want to talk to people right now. And I'm tired. So get lost." She rolled over and I saw something in her eyes. "Okay?"

I smiled and nodded. "Okay Jack. Good night." I said getting up and putting the blanket I was sitting on over her. 'What the hell"

I looked over and shrugged. "I'm a chauvinistic pig who likes to take care of all the women around me and make sure that they are okay. At least that's what I've been told. I'll leave you alone Jack."

"Do that again and I'll send you through the wall and into the next century."

I nodded. "Yes ma'am."

I saw something as she looked down at me and rolled over. I think I hit something.

"I think you hit something."

I turned on hearing Shepard's voice behind me.

"What? Bad thing to do?" He waved me up. "Jack isn't an easy person to talk to and she tends to be cynical about everything. She's been hurt a lot. Especially as a kid so be careful how you act around her."

I nodded. "I know how it is. People hurt and abuse you. You think you can't count on anyone. So when the decent people come by you want to slam them into oblivion because you think they are idiots."

Shepard nodded. "Pretty much. You hit the nail on the head"

"I grew up kinda somewhat the same way." I nodded as I followed him. "You search me out or were you wandering around?"

"I was looking for you I needed to talk to you about…"

He stopped mid sentence as the Normandy faded in and out. "What's going on?" Shepard asked. The crew paused mid step.

I moved and we stood back to back uncertain. "First impressions is that reality is destablizng."

"I thought we were supposed to stop that from happening."

"We are."

"So why is reality messing up?"

"I don't know. Wizards don't mess with Time. It's against the Laws." I said

We spun as we saw the stars around us. Suddenly the Normandy disappeared and we were floating on space.

Scratch that

We were FALLING down into space.

I really didn't have time to scream before I felt a gut wrenching sensation like I was being pulled several different ways. Then suddenly one got stronger and pulled us towards it.

Then I screamed.