A/N For #lietomelives. Because it does and always will! Sorry it's a bit angsty. Sort of came out of nowhere, as these things usually do. Also, quite short. But I am trying to reach my target of 100 Lie to Me fics before my FFnet anniversary this weekend, and they can't all be epically long ;-)

Disclaimer: As usual.

We All Fall Down

One day, skirting around the edges of the word neither dares to mention won't be enough anymore. Temptation will devour them, and they'll take it all – take everything they've been thinking about and dreaming about since before they were even free to do so. But there's a difference between taking it all and having it all, and truth and confessions and love and passion can't guarantee happiness, or eternity, or stability. As beautiful and inspiring as a house of cards is, it is also precarious, and destined to fall.

The question is, how much time will pass, between the breakthrough and the breakdown?

And the question even bigger than that is, can there be a way to rebuild a house of cards once it has fallen? Can there be a way forward, after everything has fallen apart? And will you be one of the few who are brave enough to try?