Chapter 1

The Beginning and Old Memories

Kiba finally got his school information to the all boys' boarding school that he will be attending in a few days. Kiba gave out a sigh knowing that summer time has run out.

"This school year is going to be different. Never thought that mom would send me to a boarding school."

Kiba opened the big envelope to find a packet of papers and a single letter. He skimmed down the packet on information he wanted to know. He found his class schedule. 'Seems okay' He glanced over the campus map. 'Shit how do you read this thing?' As he flipped the page he found the information about his dorm room. 'I wonder who's going to be my roommate' But once he found the name to be Shino Aburame…

"Out of all people why did it have to be him?"

Flash Back

Throughout their childhood Kiba and Shino never really got along. Shino was shy and didn't talk much, while Kiba said whatever was on his mind and was outgoing. They were so opposite from one another that they never really became friends. It was like that though grade school and middle school was not much better. They always seem to get paired up in class projects and activities and every time they would argue over the smallest things. Then one time in P.E. a fight broke out between them.

"Geez, you think you're better than everyone else don't you? You never listen to any of my ideas." Kiba shouted

"It's not like you listen to anything that I have to say either. You're a stubborn idiot who hates not getting his way of things." Shino said in his usual calm tone but it was loud enough for everyone to hear.

Kiba saw nothing but red and punched Shino in the left eye. Causing Shino's shades to shatter and a fragment had vertically cut him on the eyelid. Despite this Shino punched back hitting Kiba square in the nose. Kiba went to the nurse. Shino went to the hospital. Both were suspended for 2 days with homework sent home to them. They avoided each other ever since.

End of Flash Back

"And now I have to share a dorm room with him throughout my high school year. 4 years of practically living with him? This sucks! There's got to be a way out of the crap!"

Phone Call

"What is it?"

"Shikamaru you gotta help me. Is there any way to switch dorm partners?"

"Why, did you get a crappy roommate or something?"

"Yeah, and it Shino. Can you help me?"

"I guess that makes sense. You two never were the best of friends, though I'm not sure how much help I can give you. You can ask around to see if someone will trade with you. You can also try to get your parents to call the school to see if they can work something out, but 9 ½ times out of 10 that never really works."

"So you're saying I'm pretty much screwed?"

"More or less."

"Damn it, thanks anyway Shikamaru."

"Whatever, see you at school."

"Yeah see ya."

Kiba hung up the phone in defeat.

He picked up the packet to find something in a paragraph that stood out.

'No pets allowed. No exceptions!'

"What!?They're saying that I can't take you with me Akamaru!"

Akamaru whined with a sad puppy face.

"Well, we'll see about that buddy."

"Arf!"Akamaru agreed trusting his master.

Well there's the 1st chapter. I know it not much, but this story is still in progress. I promise there will be some great yaoi sense in later chapter, so keep reading and reviewing. Later! ^_^