Endemic: (adj.) Belonging exclusively or confined to a particular place.

"Don't you think it's weird how the Troubles only seem to exist here in Haven?"

Nathan pauses in the middle of the brief he's writing and glances across the office at his partner. Audrey is staring at him, her expression curious while she chews at the end of her pen. He doesn't bother asking why she's doing paperwork in his office instead of hers, mostly because he doesn't actually want her to leave. He returns her gaze for a moment before he says, "What do you mean?"

"The Troubles," Audrey repeats flatly. "They don't really happen anywhere else. Just here. It's like Haven is it's own little world, separate from everything else."

"People do move in and out of Haven," Nathan points out. "A lot, actually. I did."

"But then you came back," Audrey says. "It seems like they all do. Like Marion Caldwell, her family moved out of Haven after the Troubles last time, and then she ended up right back here again. Or Vanessa, she came back too. And Ezra and Tobias. It's always for different reasons, but they all come. There's something weird about it. Whenever the Troubles start up again, all of the Afflicted people seem to come right back into town." She hesitates and adds, "Like me. Or Lucy, or whoever I am."

Nathan frowns, because he's not fond of this line of speculation. He doesn't care who or what she might have been before. She's Audrey Parker, his best friend and partner, now, and that's all that matters to him. "Might be coincidence," he says unconcernedly and shrugs. From the sofa Audrey rolls her eyes sceptically. "Or maybe it happens that way because it's supposed to," he continues. "The Troubles aren't meant for the whole world, just for Haven. So that's where they happen. That's why we keep coming back - all of us. Because we're meant to be here."

Audrey gnaws on the back of her pen again for a few moment's, her gaze thoughtful, and then that playful blue stare flicks up to his face. "Wow, Wuornos, that was deep," she teases.

"It happens occasionally," Nathan responds casually. He signs the bottom of his paper with a flourish and adds, "But it always takes a lot out of me."

"Lemme guess," Audrey cuts in drolly, "that means you need to replenish yourself with pancakes, right?"

"I was going to say beer," Nathan says, standing up and tucking away his files. "But I like your idea more." He grabs his jacket from the hook by the door and glances back at her, still sitting on his sofa. "You coming?"

"Yeah, I guess I'm kinda hungry," Audrey agrees with a smirk. She hip-checks him on the way out the door, they banter lightly about the radio station in the truck, and then they're settled into a booth at the local diner with a plate of pancakes in front of each of them. Their hands brush when Nathan passes her the syrup, and as he feels a shock of electricity shoot up his arm from the contact he realizes maybe he was right earlier; this is exactly where they're meant to be.