This is a sequel to my story 'Time and Distance make the heart grow fonder" which picks up after Astreaus disappears in the season 4.5 finale. I highly recommend that you read that one first or some of the major plot points will not make sense. For those of you who don't want to read it or would just like a refresher I offer this brief synopsis. Astreaus was gone for 5 years but the crew thought it was only three months because they were caught in an alternate time stream. Jo was pregnant when the ship disappeared and now she and Zane are married with a now 5 year old and have another one on the way. Jack raised Jenna and Kevin while Allison was gone. Kevin went to MIT and now Allie and Jack are married. Zoe is now a doctor and married to Lucas. Everything else you should be able to figure out or please go back and read 'Time and Distance' it is much more exciting then that crappy motor mouth summary I just did. Plus I worked really hard on that story.

So back to this tale, we rejoin our favorite small town in early October 2017. And yes Jo is very pregnant with another baby Donovan.

It was award season in Eureka and no we are not talking about the Emmy's. We are talking about the Nobel Prize, the most highly coveted honor in the scientific community. Every year at the end of September everyone's nerves begun to fray, betting pools pop up and all thoughts turn to Sweden.

There were more Nobel Laureates per capita here then any place in the world. Jo Donovan knew she could throw a rock into a crowded rotunda at GD and more then likely she would hit one. And normally she just let October roll in with no thought of Nobel's or worries about reputations or careers. This year was different though and on the day of the announcements she found herself in Café Diem at the winner's party beaming at the newest member of this prestigious club.

"Today is an important day for the scientific community." Douglas Fargo said addressing the crowd of people. "Today is a day when one of our own becomes one of the elite, one of those acknowledged for greatness. And while I am extremely happy for him and know that he deserves the honor of a Nobel I must say I am completely jealous. Seriously though congratulation go to Zane Donovan for the first of what I am sure are many Nobel's to come." Fargo lifted his glass and the crowd joined him. "To Zane Donovan!" They exclaimed.

"Speech, Speech, speech." Jack Carter started chanting and others soon joined him.

Zane stood up from where he had been sitting next to Jo at the counter. His bright smile reached his eyes. "Thank you Fargo, I really couldn't have done this without you." The two friends shook hands. "Ok so this is not going to be any where near as nice as the speech I'm going to give in Stockholm but here goes. None of this would have been possible without pretty much everyone in this room. First I have to say thank you to my amazing wife Jo who has already given me one pretty awesome kid and any day now will give me another." He met Jo's eyes and she smiled brightly at him.

"Then I have to thank the entire Astreaus crew plus Dr. Allison Carter for being with me while stuck in the alternate time stream and for getting us home. Dr. Henry Deacon for his insight and guidance on this project and finally to Jack Carter who was the first to realize that the only possible explanation was alternate time stream theory."

"Does that mean that I get part of the prize money?" Jack asked and the room exploded in laughter.

"I'll get you a nice gift Sheriff." Zane agreed. "Anyway I just want to thank everyone for their support and I seriously shouldn't get all the credit for alternate time stream theory. A lot of you played an amazing role in my research, so thanks again." Applause erupted from the crowd and many people came forward to shake Zane's hand, to offer congratulations and to tell him he was much too humble and the he had done the majority of the work himself.

The ship had collected amazing information from deep space and the crew had split in amongst themselves, according to their specialties. Zane had been given everything on the time stream and he had offered to work with Henry of Fargo on it. Both declined knowing that while it was ground breaking Zane would be the one to best handle the research. And they had been right, with six months of their return Zane had three papers published and his theories were catching like wildfire through the scientific community.

Many more Noble's would come from the data collected by the crew. Zane just happened to be the first because once he set his mind to something he had to knock it out of the park.

Sitting on her stool Jo was beaming and also wishing they had sat a table so her chair would have a back on it. She had never been more proud of anyone as she was today. Zane who had never really been given a chance in this town before her, Zane who had been relegated to computer repair man and not the most promising particle physicist of the time deserved to be recognized for the brilliant man that he was. Baby Donovan began to kick furiously joining in the celebration and Emma sat next to her animatedly talking to Jenna about how she now got to go to Sweden over Christmas break. Life was good for the Donovan family.

"How are you feeling?" Allison asked as she sat on the stool next to Jo.

"Like someone is going to be a soccer player and wondering if she can actually bruise me from in there." Jo answered with a smile.

"You must be miserable and glad this will all be over soon." Allison sympathized.

Jo simply shook her head and smiled. "Nope, just grateful that this little muffin is still in the oven baking and not in a stasis gel bio pod. I'll get to hold her right after she's born and most importantly so will Zane."

"He still won't tell you what name he has picked out?"

"Nope he says that I got to name Emma so this ones his and I can be surprised. God I hope it's not something stupid." Jo laughed.

"For her sake I hope so too."

Far away but closer then you could ever imagine and man furiously typed on a keyboard. Cursing at the image on the screen. It was obvious from the scratchiness in his voice that he seldom spoke. The snowy image slowly came into focus and he redirected the view frantically searching Café Diem for his prize. Finally he spotted what he was looking for and zoomed in. Her face was still lovely, her smile bright, her eyes shining and she wore her hair down that night. He leaned forward and let his fingers brush against the screen.

"Jo" he whispered hoarsely, longing dripping from the word. At long last he had found her. His heart felt as though it stopped; now he had to get to her and bring her home with him.