In response to my Dad's call, I gracefully (not) fell of my bed.

"Ai, Papi! What the hell?" I exclaimed, sitting up and rubbing my head.

"Hey, what'd I say about calling me that, Florida?" he asked. "It makes me feel as old as China, or Japan!"

"Okay, lemme rephrase that. America! What! The! HELL?"

America grinned, and I noticed the other South states waking up. Yes, all 4 regions have separate bedrooms. We may have like, 12 in each room, but it's better than all 5o in one! Speaking of which, I noticed a few of the other states were peaking in the door… perverts…

"Don't you remember?" America asked. "It's a World Conference today!"

Everyone listening in cheered. World Conferences were always epic (since Prussia banned anyone else but him saying 'awesome')! Picture this: North Italy jumping around and cooking pasta, Switzerland threatening to beat some of the nations with his peace prize, little Liechtenstein trying to calm him down, Hungary chasing countries with her frying pan, Prussia declaring his 'awesomeness', China offering some people her (A/N: yeah, I know China is a guy. But I kinda support Russia/China, and that's because I thought China was a girl…SO, he's gonna be a girl for this. XP) Chinese candies, Canada talking to Kumajiro (and messing up his name) as he tries to muster up enough courage to yell at Dad to notice him, Britain trying to find the kitchen (thank God it always moves), Russia running away from Belarus as she screams "MARRY ME," Austria playing Piano, Romano tossing his deadly tomatoes, Japan trying unsuccessfully to calm everyone down, France being pervy, The Baltic States staying far away from Russia, Greece sleeping, and America eating McDonalds while saying 'heroic' stuff. Add in us, the 50 US states (otherwise known as the fifty Kids of America), and it's just plain insanity, until Germany yells and takes hold of the Conference.

Obviously, we love it.

Grabbing my sun blanket (What can I say? I'm the Sunshine State) and setting it on my bed, I glance at America, a question popping into my head. "When and where?"
"In 40 minutes, in Switzerland, as usual," he replied. Of course, Switzy's the neutral one, so we'd hang out there.

California, however, shrieked. "WHAT? That's not enough time for me to get ready!" she yelled, causing Texas to sigh.

"If y'all had gotten up early, like me, you'd be ready by now," he said in that Southern drawl that girls swoon over.

"Shut it, Tex!" California shouted. "I wasn't talking to you!"

"Be nice, Callie," Delaware said, ever the cool, calm, and collected one. After all, he was the first state. Naturally, he has the most experience with us. Besides America, of course.

But California just scoffed and slammed the door to the bathroom. Thank God we had, like 8 of 'em, because that state takes FOREVER in there!

Making a mad dash to one, I quickly shut and locked the door. 'Yes!' I mentally cheered. I was never the first one in! I flinched when someone (probably one of the Dakota twins) apparently ran into the door, cursing. Shaking my head, I felt my deep brown locks brush against the bottom of my shoulder blades. Personally, I hate brown, so I died in a few streaks of green, blue, and aqua into my hair. Leaning close to the mirror, I grimmiced. I saw a Hispanic girl looking back at me with eyes that shade of so-dark-brown-its-practically-black-colored irises. Putting in my contacts (yay, nearsightedness!), I allowed the girl to smile as the contacts made her eyes seem blood red. Slipping on the loose, floral tank top and short, light blue jeans I had often seen tourists wear when they come to Florida, I pulled my hair back into a ponytail. Running out of the bathroom before I could get squashed (hey, I'm only 27th oldest. 23 younger siblings does NOT do you good in the height department), I went out into the backyard.

"Ally!" I called, grinning as I saw the dark green alligator come wobbling up. I sat in the grass, running my hand along the spine. I had done some research, and found out "Allie" is a boy. So, we rename it Ally, like the Allied Nations from World War II. I laughed when Ally started purring.

"Wuzup?" I heard America say, squatting next to me.

"Feeding Allie," I replied. "Hey, Papi? Er, America?"

"Yes, Sol?"

In my mind, I grimaced. Sol Jones, my human name. It might've been a good Hispanic name, but the last name, it's just weird…

"C-can we bring Ally to the World Conference? I know he's an animal, but Greece gets to bring his cats, Prussia brings Gilbird, and Canada has Kumajiro!"

"…Who's Canada?"


"I can't believe you, Dad!" Oi, New Jersey was complaining AGAIN. "Why'd you let Sunny bring an ALLIGATOR?"

"Well, she brought up a good point," America began, not taking his eyes off the European road. "Greece, Canada, and Prussia get to bring their pets."

"But their pets aren't alligators!" Philidelphia whined.

"Hey, Kumajiro is a polar bear," Georgia pointed out.

"Teddy bear is more like it," Maine shot back.

"Plus—" North Carolina began, but was cut off by her older brother, South Carolina.

"—Ally is tame," he said.

Oh, yeah, did I mention? Each region sticks together, and sticks up for each other.

We were riding in a bus to the World Conference, a bus dubbed 'The Hero's Bus'. See, if only a few of us were going, we'd be in 'The Hero's Minivan'. But, all 50 states were going. Hence the Bus.

"Papi, stop the Bus!" I shouted over the ruckus, seeing something outside. We were currently in Germany.

America slammed on his breaks, causing the older 25 states to curse, and the younger 25 to scream as we were jolted to a stop.

"What the hell, Florida?" was what I mainly heard from the other states as I got up and walked to the front of the bus. Gradually, they stopped, so I could only assume Ally was following. Good boy!

"Why did you want to stop, Florida?" America calmly asked me, rearranging his glasses.

"I-I saw something, or someone outside," I said.

"W-what did you see?" the soft voice of Minnesota asked tentively.

"It…it was a man. No, a nation," I told everyone. "But, none I've ever seen before. Yet, he seems familiar. Although, I'm sure I've never met him before…"
It was quiet for a moment, before I heard "Aw~! Sounds like our little ray of sunshine is in love~!" California swooned.

I shook my head firmly. "I am not," I replied flatly. "C'mon, guys. You know Papi would shoot down any guy who so much as looks at one of his daughters."

"Damn right," America replied. "Unless he was gay. But, since it's a nation, we should probably pick him up," he reasoned, opening the door. "As a hero family, we'll do it!"

Rolling my eyes like the rest of the states, I stepped out of the Bus. Looking around, I found the nation.

"Hey, you! Random nation in Germany!" New York shouted, before he was shushed by Massachussetts. Then, Mystery Nation turned around.

"HOLY SIMILAR!" I exclaimed, falling ungracefully on my butt, and hearing basically the same sounds in the Bus.

We had a good reason, too. The nation was about Veneziano, or North Italy's age. He wore a black hat, almost like a pirate hat, and a balck cape. It was his face, though, that made us shout. He looked more like Germany than Germany's brother, Prussia. Screw that, he could be Germany's twin! I kid you not, the same blond hair, blue eyes, fair skin, everything! Yet, it was obvious it wasn't Germany. This nation had less…gruff-ness, so to speak. And, the strangest thing was that he didn't exactly have the aura of a nation. It was almost like how Prussia's aura was one of a nation's, yet faint since his land was no more. But, this man…it was like he was an empire, as big as the Roman Empire! But, again, it was so faint…

I could see in his eyes that he thought of himself as a failure. That he made an important promise to a special someone long ago and broke it. A past love, maybe? But it was obvious he still held feelings for her; his eyes were full of unshed tears. He must've been thinking about her…

Who WAS this nation?