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!~3rd Person POV~?

"Mr. Rodriguez?"

Ricardo Rodriguez looked up from his clenched hands at the nurse. He jumped up and ran to her. "Is she alright? Girl? Boy?" he asked in a nervous Spanish accent.

The nurse laughed. "Your wife is just fine, Mr. Rodriguez. And so are the 3 healthy baby girls."

"T-triplets?" Ricardo exclaimed, eyes bulging.

"Come with me."

"Aren't they precious?" asked Ricardo's wife, Marianne, looking at the three timy bodies in her arms.

"They're amazing, honey. They're perfect," Ricardo whispered, giving his whife a kiss.

"Sir? Ma'am?" asked the nurse, holding a pen. "What are the names?"

The couple looked at the first and youngest, a pale girl with jet black fuzz on the top of her head. "This one is Rhiannon," Ricardo said with a smile.

"Rhiannon…Rodriguez…" the nurse muttered, writing it on a piece of paper. "And her?"

She was pointing at the 2nd youngest, a petite little girl with tufts of bright blond hair who wiggled, as if she knew the nuse was talking about her.

"Ciel," Marianne replied, her voice laced with a French accent.

"C-i-e-l…" the nurse muttered.

The last baby, the eldest, squealed and bit the pink blanket she was wrapped in. She was obviously Hispanic, and had tufts of brown hair.

The nurse chuckled. "She sure has a sunny personality."

Ricardo and Marianne looked at each other. "Sol," they said simultaneously.

"Sol Rodriguez," the nurse said. "Born on December 21, 1989 at 6:42."

The newly named Sol giggled and revealed her ruby red eyes to the world for the first time.


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