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Summary: In which Echizen searches for the perfect gift. Crack and fluff at the same time. I think. Okay, mainly fluff. Fine. It's all fluff.

Atobe Keigo: The hardest person in the world to shop for. What sort of gift do you get for someone who has everything? As Echizen scoured the mall, he realized that once again, there was no way he would find that perfect gift. They had been dating for three years now, and not once had he gotten anything satisfactory. Mada mada dane...

Feeling reminiscent, he took his phone out from his pocket, and looked through the pictures that he and Atobe had taken together over the years. There were a lot of different ones, all of them displaying different sides to both people, depicting how they had changed over the years.

At this time, his phone decided to conveniently ring. "Ryoma, I expect the perfect gift this year," said Atobe's drawling voice.

"Monkey King, do you realize how hard it is to buy something for you? The man who has everything, what more could you want?"

"Get creative; I don't want any more gift cards to crappy, plebeian stores." With that, Echizen hung up on the diva, more irritated than he had been before. Feeling dejected, he continued his pointless wandering of the mall, until he passed a photography store. You want creative? I'll give you creative.

Feeling pleased with himself as he exited the shop, he went to go meet up with Atobe, gift in hand.

"Big cheques are not gifts either, Ryoma." Atobe laughed, although genuinely curious. "I sincerely hope that you got me something I can cherish."

"Hmph. Be awed by my prowess, Monkey King. " As Echizen said this, he revealed what he had gotten: It was a framed portrait of Atobe playing tennis, his emotions free and unrestrained, giving more life to the arrogant Ice King.

"Ryoma...it's...I don't know what to say." For once, Atobe was out of words. He pulled the younger man into a tight hug to try and convey his feelings of gratitude.

"Just shut up and kiss me, Monkey King." As they came together, Echizen whispered softly in Atobe's ear, "Happy birthday, Keigo. I love you."


"Ne, Monkey King, can we please leave now?"

"But Ryoma, look at this! I just realized that the picture captures ore-sama's magnificence perfectly. The way the light falls on my face, the graceful way ore-sama moves through the court...perfection."

What did I do...?