This all belongs to me but Rick Riordan inspired a lot of the ideas.

Full Summary:

Eshe wakes up one morning to find her parents missing, which is usually not a big deal because they are at work. Is this time the same or is a different case? This is an adventure where three American teenage girls of Egyptian descent go on a journey to find something. Something that is precious to all three of them. Have fun reading and please R&R.


This diary belongs to Eshe Neferka. If this diary is in your possession there is a reason for it. This diary is one full of my adventures with my two best friends Jamila Neferefre and Zahra Tefnakht; but it also full of family secrets that may involve you. So stop ease dropping and searching, just reading my diary. There will be a certain situations that will or already has happened to you. I went through this situation and am telling you that you are in for a traveling filled adventure.

You will need to bring:

~Your 2 closest best friends

~A flashlight

~Lots of batteries

~Clothes for every kind of weather

~Swim suit

~A beach towel and at least one bathroom towel

~Hygiene things (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, shampoo, ECT.)

~Shoes for all kinds of weather

~A journal

~Lots of money


~Sun glasses


~Whatever else you think you need for a long traveling trip

Hopes this helps your okht,

Eshe Nerferka