Really short, shorts about shorts

Hey Lolli here to say that i don't own Kuroshitsuji but i do own a pair of short shorts so i am not hateing them

1: Laundry Day

It was laundry day and the Trancy household's servants were systematically doing the washing one room at a time; the only one who seemed to have any problems with the washing was Claude, since he had unknowingly shrunken Alois's 20 pairs of short shorts and was now trying to figure out how he could unshrink them without Alois finding out that he shrunk them. As he walked to his masters room to collect the tiny shorts he heard a scream 'CLAUDE' as Claude heard this instead of walking at a steady pace he ran. When he got to his destination he found his master on the ground his shorts halfway up his legs and tears going down his face 'Claude "sniff" I'm fat I can't fit in my short shorts now "sniff" now I'm going to have to wear what Phantomhive is wearing' finishing off with one last whimper Claude finally opened his mouth to speak 'Your Majesty, you haven't gotten fat your shorts shrunk in the wash, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to wear longer shorts any way' this earned him a glare from Alois and was sent to by him twice as many Short Shorts as Alois had owned to begin with.

2: Tea Party

It was 6:30 in the morning when Claude woke Alois up and handed him his mail for the day along with his Tea and Toast; as he was going through his mail he noticed an invitation from the Phantomhive manor; no doubt this was a product of Ciel's Fiancé and not from Ciel himself; 'Claude, get me my Event Shorts' said the Blond as he continued to sip his tea, Claude sweat dropped as he went through his masters wardrobe in hopes he would actually be able to find a proper pair of pants or shorts that went below the knee and win the bet he had with Sebastian; unfortunately there wasn't a pair of pants or longer shorts in the whole entire wardrobe, just really tiny and inappropriate shorts; as he went through the rest of Alois's clothing he heard a voice behind him, it was Alois 'My Event shorts are the ones with the lace on them' he said with a very amused voice and all Claude could do was groan in annoyance.

At the tea part Claude went up to Sebastian and gave him his pocket watch and sighed "you do realize what this makes your master right?' Sebastian asked and Claude gave him a very wicked glare and answered 'Yes but I don't think he realizes this yet'. Oh how wrong Claude was.

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