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17: What Pluto did

It shocked everyone that day, it left some people questioning their sexualities and others just asking questions; they started to cast blame on whoever raised the two parties involved it made a certain red haired maid faint from blood loss and another maid angry; it gave the Phantomhive butler some rather smutty ideas and a Trancy Butler some Evil ones; it coursed the only Lady to blush furiously; and the cook to hide the gardeners eyes; it made the Stalker Red haired reaper giggle and Alois Trancy just stare; For what they saw that day; and what Pluto did will never be uttered and kept under wraps.

18: The Secret revealed

Little did everyone know that the incident that they swore not to speak of had been seen by the local gossip reporter; so in the morning news paper that had been delivered to the Phantomhive estate was an Article stating that the Lord Ciel Phantomhive liked to do naughty things with his servants whilst they were wearing the Lord Trancy's signature short shorts.

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