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Gabriel has a gift for the boys, will they like it or want to return it for a refund?

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The boys lay on the ground, wounded and hurt. Frikkin' pack of were wolves! The file said 2, 3 at most. The file had been wrong. The boys sat next to each, a blood trail leading to Dean, Sammy had dragged himself to his brother's side. Blood filled their lungs slowly, a really small hole letting it through.

They passed out from the blood loss and didn't see Gabriel standing over them, looking thoughtful.

Gabriel let his mind wander for a moment, freezing time for bit, putting the dying boys into stasis. He had plans for them. Yet, he felt him mind wandering a little to what he had decided, or rather what his Father had decided. Either way, he was going to have to do something.


Gabriel had been doing his usual 'punish the wrong doer with yet another 'possibly fatal but yet comically ironic punishment' thing because he was bored, per usual. It all had been going great until HE showed up.

Damien Walters was a mean little man. He had been putting on a good front. Honest businessman and pillar of the community…or so it appeared. The truth was he liked to humiliate people, for no reason. He managed to degrade anyone that was not as rich as him or as high in position in the company. He had coerced every secretary of his into sleeping with him and made sure they said nothing or he would release videos of them having sex. Yes, Damien liked to tape their sessions without their knowledge, just in case they got the idea to snitch on him.

Gabriel had found the guy and knew what he was doing and decided Damien would be his new favorite diversion from his boredom. Gabriel promptly turned the guy into a woman and put him into a mailroom position. He then erased all memory of his former existence and he now was a low wage, very sexually harassed woman. In short, Damian Walters was miserable and getting his 'Just Desserts'…just the way the Trickster part of Gabriel liked it.

There was suddenly a person beside him, a very powerful person, and Gabriel knew of only one being in all of Existence who felt that way.

"Father." Gabriel said unhappily, the guy was going to make him turn it back. Man! "I'm not going to kill him this time, I'm just teaching him a lesson…please don't make me stop…"

"Keep it. It is a suitable punishment for him." God said smiling. This was actually rather amusing to watch. "Got some chocolate for me, son?"

Gabriel smiled and gave him a bar, knowing his Father had a thing for chocolate. Something the others didn't know. "So, Dad, what's up? Not back to Heaven yet, I see."

"No, not ready to go back yet." God said, making the guy's boobs bigger, his waist trimmer, then made his legs and his ass a little shapelier now.

"You know that will only make the harassment worse for the poor guy." Gabriel laughed, finding it even more hilarious now!

"Yes. That was the point." God said then sighed. "Son, it's time to stop doing this."

Gabriel looked surprised and confused now.

"What do I need to stop again?" Gabriel wasn't sure if he meant tormenting the guy or something else. His Father could be cryptic when he was like this. Gabriel didn't understand cryptic and God knew it, so God sighed again and went on to explain.

"The Trickster thing, the powers. Sure you came by them from me at first but then you also absorbed powers from a Trickster god and those need to go." God explained serious, making the guy's dress skimpier now, both beings giggling a little.

"How? I can't just poof them away." Gabriel said, knowing he would have to do it. "They have to go somewhere…where exactly do you recommend I put them?!"

"No, that not what I meant. You're right that they have to go somewhere…as long as they aren't in you anymore…you have to give them to some other worthy person or persons instead. That way they continue and you don't have them anymore." God said smiling. The guy just got his ass grabbed by the boss…again. He chuckled and nibbled on his chocolate.

"Wow, that won't be hard to do." Gabriel wracked his brain for successors to the power but drew a blank.

"I could think of one or two worthy souls to give them to." God hinted, rolling his eyes at his son's bout of dimwittedness and reflected that sometimes his son was a little dense.

Gabriel sat thinking hard trying figure out who might be worthy to give them to and got an idea. "My choice, right?" He saw his Father nod. "If I give them to two people, would that break the powers or something?"

"Nope, both would have equal powers. Would however have to be soul-mates, two souls forming one joined soul or otherwise they will be stretched too far." God added, relieved that his son was finally getting it. He'd had these powers long enough; it was time to pass them on.

"How soon do I have to do it?" Gabriel asked, thinking of his future successors and smiling now. The guy was bawling in a stall now, crying how unfair his life was. It was a nice change for the guy. Gabriel considered making it permanent for him now.

"Tomorrow, by midnight." God stood and turned to his son, "And, yes, you have to change him back. Just let him remember it like it was a dream, a repeating one sometimes; that should help him be a better person. So he remembers how it feels to be on the receiving end of the harassment and will pause before he does it again."

Then God disappeared from sight. Gabriel groaned and turned the guy back, repaired the timeline, but made him remember everything as if it had been a dream, a really persistent one he couldn't shake or forget instantly. The guy was now thinking he was going crazy, possibly having a nervous breakdown from too much work. Gabriel laughed, sometimes his Father's sense of justice was more twisted than Gabriel's own.

Gabriel headed to his successors and was surprised to find them the way he did.


Gabriel watched as the Werewolf tossed the boys around and the other pack members came out of the trees. He used his Archangel powers to kill the ones coming out of the woods, 12 against two was bad odds and incredibly unsporting of them. Besides he liked the Winchesters and didn't want them to die that way.

By the time he killed all the werewolves, the boys were bleeding against a tree and sitting together. He sensed they knew they were dying and had wanted to be together at the end, like the soul-mates they were.

They were the perfect candidates for this.


Gabriel took a hand and put it on each one, healing them first, then pouring the Trickster powers he had absorbed into them, making them effectively immortal and powerful in one touch. Both men stared up at him in surprise as they glowed softly and then were themselves again.

"What the Hell did you just do, Gabriel?!" Dean growled and Sam looked like he was trying to calm his brother down but was curious, too.

"It's a long story." Gabriel said smiling, popping a Hershey kiss into his mouth, tossing them one. He knew that they were suddenly craving sweets, lots and lots of them. They also fell buzzy, like they were full of nervous energy and very bored…and needing to do something about it quickly. More kisses appearing in their hands at the thought and they popped more in their mouths, amazed and worried now.

"Make it shorter." Dean ordered and Gabriel tried to do what he asked. He explained about his Father's visit and his orders to get rid of his Trickster powers. The only way to do it was to give them to someone else, or two someone's in this case.

The boys were shocked, and , if he wasn't mistaken, ready to laugh in disbelief even though it was true and they knew it.

"You were dying when I got here to give them to you. So I healed you and passed them on to you. You both are Trickster gods now. Enjoy!" Gabriel smirked and they looked resigned to their fates, a little bit.

"So we're stuck this way, immortal petty prank pulling gods?" Sam asked confused still.

"Wait, we're what you used to be? Pranking petty gods?" Dean seemed to like his powers now, Sam was not surprised. "I could do so much with that kind of juice. Imagine the prank wars we can pull on each other, Sammy, imagine it!"

"I got them, too, Dean, don't get too far ahead of yourself." Sam warned, Dean had a way of getting out of hand with his sense of humor, although the man-whore, prank playing, just desserts thing was perfect for him. He needed Sam to keep him from going too far though, like he usually did.

"Be somewhat moderate, boys, the universe doesn't like us to go change too much about reality. Keep it small and contained and you should be fine." Gabriel instructed. Sam was right. The guy may seem like a stick in the mud at times when it came to humor but he would keep Dean from going too far.

"Have to go, Boys." Gabriel said chuckling then vanished on sight.

"Well, Dean, Bobby isn't going to believe this." Sam said palming his face in despair. Bobby was going to laugh his butt off at them. He might shit pink kittens first though…once he witnessed their powers, of course.

"Let's go find out." Dean said running to the car, grinning widely, already accepting his new role.

An hour later, they were at Bobby's telling him the news. First he was apprehensive then once he accepted it, he was amused.

The boys played with their powers. Sam kept making Bobby's whiskey turn into root beer and Dean kept causing the cans of beer to be filled with whiskey then drinking them all. Whiskey bottles were now filled with beer. Dean kept creating topless waitresses to serve him sweets, after he filled the table in the kitchen with them. Sam tried to fight the urge but eventually dug in, too. Sam kept poofing away the topless waitresses and putting tops on them. Dean gave them plunging v-necks, tightly fitting V-necks. Sam made their skirts a little longer. Dean made them barely cover their butts then gave them g-strings for underwear. Sam made them bikini underwear.

They eventually settle on not as tight or as revealing v-necks with a little longer skirt, without the g-strings; no underwear at all actually. Sam groaned and downed a piece of chocolate silk pie. It was better than nothing. Dean then took the waitresses upstairs for a private party of his own and Bobby ran out of the house for a few hours, groaning. Sam stayed and created a sensibly dressed waitress who fed him cherries dipped in chocolate. Sam figured he'd try the waitress thing for a moment and decided it had merit. He made a bowl of strawberries appear now, and whipped cream. Another one appeared to feed him that dish. Sam grinned widely and eyed them very appreciatively, dimples showing, and indulged his new overwhelming appetite.

Bobby returned several hours later to find them gone but their car still there; and breathed a sigh of relief. Those boys were going to wreak havoc with those new powers, they sure were.


In the meantime, they found a casino and played around with the place. They kept switching people's hands as soon as they had a losing hand and making the house lose instead, almost every time. Pretty soon they were laughing so hard they were crying.

Then they went to Gabriel and put him in a remake of when they were stuck in TV land for a while and kept him there like he did them. He could have poofed out of it but found himself enjoying it, so he let it play out. Then had a few drinks with him and laughed about it. Reflecting he had really enjoyed it, even if they hadn't…spoilsports.

They turned werewolves into little kittens.

They turned ghouls into chorus dancers.

They turned vampires into flies then swatted them.

They turned witches into several different things then got rid of them.

They were now hunters with Trickster powers.

They were going to enjoy being Trickster gods.


The boys have changed now, a lot. Gabriel is clearly happy with his choice.

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